Rohrer Considering Senate Run

Sam Rohrer has confirmed that he is considering a challenge to incumbent and not-as-pro-life-as-he-likes-to-claim Democrat Senator Bob Casey Jr.

Rohrer told PoliticsPa.Com on Sept. 9 that “family circumstances have already been taken care of” and that the ground support is there.

He said the major issue preventing him from making the declaration official is fundraising. A senate run would be expected to cost $20 million.

Rohrer, a Republican, had represented the 128th District in the Pennsylvania House from 1993 to 2010 and was the respected Republican chairman of the House Finance Committee. He refrained from seeking re-election last year to concentrate on an insurgent gubernatorial run in the Pennsylvania primary. He lost to Tom Corbett, who would be the general election winner, and who is someone to whom he has never warmed.

He was named state director of Americans for Prosperity last February.

Ugly Rich Is John Kerry

Ugly Rich Is John Kerry — John Kerry can trace his roots to John Winthrop and has a net worth of $239 million. His wife, Teresa, is worth a cool billion which she inherited from her first husband, H. John Heinz 3rd.

Pajamas Media notes that they did not pay a penny in taxes on the $4.8 million they earned last year from investments in municipal bonds.

Kerry, of course, is the progressive-leftist Democrat senator from Massachusetts who was the Democrat candidate for president in 2004 and was the darling of progressive leftists everywhere.

Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House until she skillfully lost the post to the Republicans last year. She is worth $58 million. She and her husband, John, own beaucoup real estate in the San Francisco Bay area and a vineyard in Saint Helena. She too is a progressive leftist.

John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV, a Democrat senator from West Virginia, is worth $200 million. He is the great grandson of robber baron John D. Rockefeller. He is a progressive leftist.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, who have each held the title “richest man in the world”, are progressive leftists and give to progressive leftists causes.

Hey all you progressive-leftist, let’s-look-out-for-the-little-guy types out there: did it ever occur to you that you are getting rolled?

Oh, and Barack Obama? His net worth is estimated at $10.1 million. Pretty good for a guy whose non-political career was that of a community organizer.


Ugly Rich Is John Kerry

A Report From Wilkes Barre

Unheralded Tropical Storm Lee has brought the worst flooding to Northeast Pennsylvania since Hurricane Agnes of 1972. There have been four reported deaths as of this morning, Sept. 9.

Father James Hayer of St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church in Wilkes Barre reported this at 6:09 a.m.

The Susquehanna River has flooded, cresting at almost 39 feet a few hours ago. It was expected to crest at 40.7 feet, which was a deep concern because the levee system maximum height is 41 feet.

We are only 2 blocks from the river, but everything here by the church (695 N. Main St.) is ok so far because we are on high ground. So far, 65,000 people have been evacuated from the Wyoming valley.  The river crested this morning at 1AM and has begun to recede, but is still flowing very fast.

If the levee holds within the next 12 hours, the water should slow down and recede even further – so we are thankful, but holding our breath. Unfortunately, many communities not protected by the dike system are now underwater.

Our biggest concern near the church is becoming landlocked and/or losing power. Deacon Ed and I went to bless the river yesterday morning after liturgy and, within 10 minutes, the dry grass was covered. 40 minutes later, that road was closed. The water levels rose very quickly yesterday, exacerbating the problem for many people.

Thanks for your prayers and concern.

Marcellus Shale Protesters = Lobbyists For Mideast Oil Barons

 Marcellus Shale Protesters = Lobbyists For Mideast Oil Barons

By Chris Freind



And there they were, in all their glory, basking in the attention gained from protesting Marcellus Shale drilling. Sure, those who were angrily denouncing the gas industry during the Marcellus Shale Coalition Conference in Philadelphia got the attention of the local media. But by far, their biggest cheering section, the folks who were happily paying the closest attention, weren’t even in Pennsylvania.

They’re in the Middle East.

The leaders of those oil nations could not
be more thrilled to have such a passionate cadre of protesters, who do
everything in their power to ensure the United States remains bent over
the foreign oil barrel. As an added bonus, American petro dollars are
used to fund extremist anti-American programs in those very same Middle
Eastern nations, resulting in a new generation of well-funded

About the only thing missing is the Middle
Eastern oil barons not paying the protesters to be their registered
lobbyists, because that’s exactly what they are.

* * *
We are witnessing the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of
mankind as America needlessly sends trillions to China and the Middle
East. The standard of living in those countries continues to rise, as
does their global power, while the United States slowly devolves into a
second-world nation with—at least for now—a first-world military.

And here’s the part no one wants to admit
but is unequivocally true: It will never again be the way it was, and
the American way of life simply cannot improve until the people remove
their heads from their derrieres and demand that we utilize our own
domestic energy resources. Absent that, the demise is unstoppable.

A look at any port tells the story: Tankers
and freighters come to America fully laden, but leave U.S. shores
virtually empty. And the reason is simple. We make nothing. No nation
can survive, let alone prosper, if it abandons its manufacturing base.
But that is exactly what we did.

Of course, we will never be able to compete
with the lowest labor costs in the world. So the only way to offset that
is to have the lowest energy costs in the world. And more than any
nation on Earth, America can do that. How? By utilizing the greatest
concentration of energy resources on the planet—a level that dwarfs that
of any other nation.

There are vast—almost immeasurable—yet
untapped oil reserves off both coasts and in the Gulf of Mexico, in
Alaska (especially in the ANWR), under the Rocky Mountains, and in the
Bakken Formation in North Dakota. And that’s just for starters.

America has also been blessed with an
overabundance of natural gas, including the Marcellus Shale, which just
happens to be the second-largest gas deposit in the world. Ironically,
many of the gas protesters who describe themselves as
“environmentalists” (whatever that means) are opposing the cleanest fuel

Natural gas produces virtually no emissions,
which not only is good for the environment, but its low price and
limitless supply are lessening use of more emission–producing fossil
fuels. It’s a no-brainer. And since it is less than half the price of
gasoline, the wider utilization of natural gas can power the economy in
an unprecedented way. As companies like UPS have realized, lower fuel
costs give them a competitive edge, and that means greater commerce and
more jobs.

And speaking of jobs, take a look at just
one glowing example right here in Pennsylvania of how natural gas can
get the economy moving again. Procter & Gamble has a substantial
manufacturing plant in the state, and as with any such facility, energy
costs are always one of the priciest budget items.

Upon discovering natural gas under that
plant, the company invested in several gas wells on the property—money
that was quickly recouped since their energy bill is now dramatically
less. Businesses in that situation can now take the millions in savings
and expand operations, hire more workers at good salaries, and keep
manufacturing doors open in America.

But that’s just the beginning. It’s all the
ancillary effects that result from gas that can jumpstart the economy:
Homes are built and bought (driving down foreclosures), restaurants
thrive, many small businesses no longer face closure, and untold new
businesses spring to life. Estimates are that 100,000 jobs have already
been created because of Pennsylvania’s (fledgling) gas industry, and
billions in tax revenue have filled municipal and state coffers.

And that is but a mere preview of what’s to come.

Yet the protesters would rather kill all
that off, content to keep the status quo of $4 gasoline, rising
inflation and a stagnant economy. Oh, and one more thing: Their actions
jeopardize the safety of every American by keeping the nation in a state
of begging, totally reliant on foreign oil. To say our national
security is weakened would be a gross understatement.

Here’s the bottom line. Two plus two always
equals four, whether or not one chooses to believe that. Likewise, black
gold and natural gas are the lifeblood of every economy, and that
unequivocally will not change for scores of decades, if ever. Those
countries with petroleum resources thrive, while those reliant on rival
nations for their energy needs are always at a substantial disadvantage.
It is survival of the fittest, and no amount of fairy-tale fluff will
change that fact.

The most ignorant aspect of Shale protesters
is that they only harp on the “horrors” of natural gas and oil (most of
which are easily debunked myths, but that’s another column), yet offer
no alternatives—at least none grounded in the real world. If they ever
do, they will be taken seriously. But until then, they will be laughed
off as extremists trying to achieve a relevance that is simply

Solar? Wind? Hydro? Love them all. And we
should continue to utilize them so long as they are cost efficient. But
they do not make even the smallest dent in meeting America’s energy
needs. Attempts to argue the contrary are folly.

Nuclear is a different ballgame, and we
should be doubling our plants, but in the wake of Japan’s (avoidable)
crisis, combined with zero political leadership from either party in
Washington, that’s a pipe dream.

Which brings us back to gas. If not gas and
oil, then what? More reliance from hostile foreign nations while our
global competitors gain yet another foothold on America? That’s not a
solution. It’s a death sentence.

Natural gas, and the industry itself, are
not perfect, but they are most certainly the best option we have to keep
our communities safe and prosperous, and our people’s dignity intact.
Criticism for the sake of criticism—with no viable solutions—is simply

Of course, so is cooking one’s meal with
propane stoves while protesting a natural gas conference—as some
hypocritical protesters actually did. And that says it all.

It’s high time the United States of America
stops using Chinese as its official language and asking permission from
Middle Eastern oil barons.

So come up with something better and get your fracking facts straight, or go pass gas somewhere else.


Dom Giordano Hecht Of An Announcer

Dom Giordano Hecht Of An Announcer — Congratulations to Dom Giordano of WPHT 1210AM for winning the Ben Hecht Award for Outstanding Journalism, which is presented by The Philadelphia District of the Zionist Organization of America, a
non-profit group that concentrates on education, advocacy and outreach
on behalf of Israel and a strong and mutually beneficial U.S.-Israel

Hecht is best known for his screenplays which include Scarface (the original); Notorious and, most iconically, The Front Page and His Gal Friday.

Before becoming the toast of Hollywood Hecht made his fame as a Hildy-Johnson-type Chicago journalist.

Hecht, who was Jewish, was a notable supporter of Israel during the nation’s birth pangs.


Dom Giordano Hecht Of An Announcer

Dom Giordano Hecht Of An Announcer

Blame Democrats For Sunoco Closings

Sunoco announced, Sept. 6, that it will be closing its refineries in Philadelphia and Marcus Hook next July if it can’t find a buyer for them. Blame Democrats For Sunoco Closings

Sunoco CEO and Chairman Lynn Elsenhans said the refineries have lost $772 million since 2009, which not coincidentally is the first year of the Zerobama Administration.

It will be unfair to pin all the blame on President Zero, however. First year Congressman Pat Meehan, a Republican, has been practically screaming that this was going to happen since he took office, Jan. 3, while his Democrat predecessor Joe Sestak; and Democrat Chaka Fattah, whose 2nd District includes the Philadelphia plant; and Democrat Bob Brady, whose 1st District borders both facilities and includes many of the workers, have been silent partners in Obama’s plan to wreak economic ruin when they were not loudly marching in lockstep with it.

So blame the Democrats and remember to shake the hand of Meehan, who has still not surrendered on saving the plants.

By the way, the massive new unemployment that will result from the closings — the Marcus Hook plant has about 600 workers while the facility in southwest Philly has about 800 — may not even be biggest problem. What does one do with 2,200 idle acres of tanks, towers and hazardous waste?

The Philadelphia plant is 1,400 acres while the Delaware County facility weighs in at 788.

And let’s not forget how the loss of the property tax revenue is going to affect Marcus Hook Borough, the  Chichester School District and the City of Philadelphia.

And for those of you who do claim to care about the environment, do you really think it better that our oil be refined in Nigeria and Venezuela rather than Pennsylvania?

The Marcus Hook plant is where NASCAR racing fuel is produced.

Blame Democrats For Sunoco Closings

Reality Check For Labor Unions

Oh the guilt. For all us unlucky folks who aren’t part of organized labor, how can we not feel at least a little conscience-smitten? After all, we are taking full advantage of that end-of-summer holiday honoring “the working class,” a.k.a. “labor.”

And nowadays, if your goal is to join a union, you would indeed be “lucky” to achieve that, since only 12 percent of the workforce is now unionized, and when you factor out the public sector workers, that number plummets to seven percent. Far from the heyday when nearly 40 percent of the nation’s workforce belonged to the union.

It would seem, then, that for the nine out of 10 Americans who aren’t considered “working people”—which must mean they don’t work—every day is a holiday. So taking advantage of Labor Day just seems like another way to put the screws to the unions.

But what else is new? Public sector unions have seen their pay scales, benefits and pensions under constant attack recently from dastardly Republicans trying to stave off bankruptcy. The nerve!

Think about it. For some teachers’ unions, that might mean giving up paying … absolutely nothing toward their healthcare, such as those in the Neshaminy district, where their Rolls-Royce plan, courtesy of taxpayers, costs $27,000, per teacher, per year. How could any taxpayer or elected official be in favor of making teachers pay five or, God forbid, 10 percent of that cost? Disregard the fact that for most in the private sector, contributing 10 percent toward guaranteed healthcare in a virtually guaranteed job would be a dream, since they pay far more—if they have any coverage at all.

Far “worse,” some Republicans, in an effort to get their states back in the black, have made it possible for public sector union members to negotiate with their prospective employer individually, with free market-type incentives allowing for a fair offer—fair for the employee, and fair for the “employer” (the taxpayer).

An offer would be made—salary, healthcare, benefits—and the individual could choose to accept or decline it, just as it’s done in the free market. Accountability and efficiencies would increase, and unmotivated, bureaucratic sloths would be eliminated in favor of those willing to be good stewards of taxpayer money.

Sound simple and fair enough? It is, and it’s called the elimination of collective bargaining, but union leaders have demonized all who support such a plan, instead fighting to continue a system that is completely broke.

And when it comes to retirement issues, voracious union opposition rears its head at any attempt to replace costly and antiquated pension plans—which are draining government coffers at an exponential rate—with 401k retirement plans for new public sector employees.

So why all the “unfairness” toward the public sector unions?

Because they are such an inviting target, and it’s just … fun to attack them! Or so many union leaders would have you believe. But the reality is entirely different.

Truth be told, it’s not the GOP that is putting the screws to the unions. They just happen to be the ones cleaning up the mess, especially in states like Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin. (Noticeably absent is Pennsylvania, where it’s Business As Usual.)

For decades, unions have been reaping the rewards of promises that were ultimately empty and could not possibly be kept. But those Ponzi scheme “pay-me-later” deals, made between corrupt union bosses and gutless politicians (from both parties) only interested in self-preservation, have now finally come due. It’s time to pay the piper, and kicking the can down the road just isn’t an option anymore. That “strategy” is a dead end.

Math doesn’t lie. There is simply not enough money to continue paying such high wages and, in many cases, extremely lavish benefits and pensions.

* * *

The way the system was originally intended, joining the public sector was a trade-off: You wouldn’t make as much money as someone in private industry, but you would receive a healthy pension and job security. But all that changed, in large part because millions in union dues (taxpayer money, no less) were allocated to defeat any politician who dared cross the unions.

Now, many public sector union workers make more than those in the private sector, and their pensions are so extravagant that Wall Street-ers blush with envy.

But with the economy in shambles (and no, we are not headed into “another recession”; we never got out of the first one), tax revenue is down and the pension obligations are simply unaffordable. The current system is unsustainable, and no argument can be made to the contrary.

Is it right? Don’t public sector union members deserve what they were promised?

Not to be callous with people’s livelihoods, but those questions are irrelevant. If there is not enough money, there is not enough money. Unlike the feds, states and municipalities can’t print cash, so governments have to cut back and reform everything, including the big-ticket items like labor costs.

If they don’t, the alternative is far worse: bankruptcy. And yes, municipalities can and are declaring. From Rhode Island to Alabama, the message is simple: Agree to cuts, or risk losing everything.

Obviously, it’s not fair. The rank-and-file union member who worked hard his whole career was promised an unattainable bill of goods by now long-gone hacks who don’t have to answer for their irresponsibility. But as Jack Kennedy once said, anyone who believes in fairness in this world is seriously misinformed.

And before we hear the clamor that unions are being singled out and targeted, look at the private sector, which has experienced even greater losses. Pensions there have been battered too, with some retirees receiving just pennies on the dollar. And private industry job losses are hemorrhaging at a much higher rate than those in the public unions. That’s not fair, either, but it’s reality. Deal with it.

So what now?

Instead of engaging in a full assault against politicians trying to clean up the mess left by their predecessors—fighting for monies that just aren’t there—union leaders would do well to realize that the rules of the game have changed, and they are never going back to what they were.

Tone down the hype, stop the personal attacks, and come into the real world. The new reality is that reforms of the public sector unions are imminent, and not because of political will or the (mistaken) perception that Republicans are anti-Labor, but because there is simply not enough money to fulfill those long-ago promises. There are no other options.

Failure to agree to common sense reforms will only result in a protracted battle that the unions cannot win, virtually guaranteeing an (unnecessary) level of pain and suffering to rank-and-file union members.

Union bosses would do well to remember that their job is to represent the best interests of their members, and it would behoove union members to hold their leaders accountable—something they have not done particularly well over the years. On three big issues that mattered to the rank and file—defeat of NAFTA, defeat of Most Favored Trading status for China, and stemming job-killing and wage-depressing illegal immigration—the union leaders have batted zero.

Only common sense and a genuine willingness to work together for fair solutions will resolve the difficult situation facing public unions, states and taxpayers.

While that will never be a perfect “union,” anything less will result in a Labor Day—with no Labor.

Jimmy Hoffa Jr.’s Threats And Irony

Jimmy Hoffa Jr. issued a cry for war against the Tea Party movement during his warm-up act for  President Barack Obama’s Labor
Day speech in Detroit.

“President Obama, this is your army,” said Hoffa, who has followed his father to head the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.  “We are ready to march. Let’s
take these sons of bitches out and take America back to where America we

Well, “let’s take these sons of bitches out” is not exactly what Russell A. Bufalino of Kingston, Pa. told one-time Darby-Colwyn High School student Frank Sheeran in 1975.

But it’s close.

Sheeran never could say for certain what became of Hoffa Sr.’s body although he was confident it did not end up in the Meadowlands.

Charles Brandt describes in I Heard You Paint Houses how Sheeran, besides shooting Hoffa Sr., takes a good deal of credit for getting Vice President Joe Biden into the U.S. Senate in 1972. 

That’s irony.

“I Heard You Paint Houses” is in the works to become a major motion pictured directed by Martin Scorese and starring Robert DeNiro.

The book ends with Sheeran making confession at Saint Dorothy’s Church described by Brandt as being in Springfield albeit is just over the border in the Drexel Hill section of Upper Darby.

Pa GOP Tea Party Trouble

Pa GOP Tea Party Trouble — Pennsylvania’s Republican establishment has a Tea Party problem.

As indicated in an earlier post, establishment fav Steve Welch is not warming the hearts of those whose votes he needs.

Now, Paula Stiles of the Chester County Patriots is sounding the call for the common folk to attend the General Republican Meeting of the State Committee, which is 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Sept. 17, at Harrisburg Hilton, 1 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg.

“We are asking constituents from every county in Pennsylvania to attend. . . and personally experience the disdain that PA GOP leadership has for their fellow Republicans,” she says. “Please understand, the”leadership” is not elected.”

She says she already has at least one van-full of those attending this rather inconveniently scheduled event.

She asks that those planning to attend to RSVP at


Pa GOP Tea Party Trouble


Pa GOP Tea Party Trouble



Guzzardi Says Say No To Welch

Guzzardi Says Say No To Welch — Montco Tea Party activist Bob Guzzardi has come out swinging against businessman Steve Welch as a GOP candidate to take on Little Bobby Casey in the 2012 Senate race.

“Steve Welch is a businessman, not a constitutional limited government advocate, (and is) supported by the business-as-usual establishment insiders getting rich from government,” said Guzzardi, who further described him as a “self-funding establishment insider suck up.”

So how do you really feel about him, Bob?

Guzzardi notes that Welch has not been seen at any Tea Party events but has been seen courting the GOP chairman of the counties surrounding Philadelphia.

“Only leftists and liberals equate ‘businessman’ with ‘free market conservative,'” says Guzzardi.

Better-vetted names have been floated as potential challengers to Little Bobby including Bucks County war hero and news commentator David Christian  and, my favorite, former state rep Sam Rohrer.

We certainly don’t need any more I-think-I’m-smarter-than-you types in government.


Guzzardi Says Say No To Welch