Net Advertising To Surpass Print In ’12

Marketing analyst is saying that internet advertising spending for the first time will be greater than that for advertising spending in print media this year.

eMarketer predicts that spending for on-line ads will grow 23.3 percent to $39.5 billion while spending in magazines will shrink 6.1 percent to $36 billion.

The climate is changing and only the small reptiles will survive.

One thing that would be of benefit to the taxpayer and would have long happened but for the logic of corruption inherent in the use of tax money would be the end of requirements for governments to take out public notices in print media. These notices are for things like meeting schedules, bids sought and especially sheriff sales.

The requirement for these notices cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. Newspapers, it should be noted, reserve their highest rates for this mandated advertising.

Allowing these things to be published and stored on the web — and yes, there should be a mandate to do this — would be far cheaper and more efficient. The notices would be searchable and publicly archivable, which would mean significantly more open government.

In fact a bill is pending in Harrisburg, HB 633, that would allow for web publishing of public notices. The newspapers, unsurprisingly, are very much against it, and it has been languishing in the House’s Local Government Committee since Feb. 14.

Internet Addicting As Cocaine

Internet Addicting As Cocaine — Chinese researchers have found indications that internet addiction produces similar changes to the brain as addiction to alcohol and cocaine

Scientists at the Shanghai Mental Health Center scanned the brains of 17 adolescents diagnosed   with “internet addiction disorder” who had been referred to the, and compared the results with scans from 16 of their peers.

They found impairment of white matter fibers in the brain connecting regions involved in emotional processing, attention, decision making and cognitive control, which were similar to that for alcoholics and cocaine addicts.

It is estimated that between 5 and 10 percent of internet users — mostly gamers — are addicted.

How does one know if one is an addict? One example used was if one spends 14 hours playing games nightly online, and find oneself unable to quit despite the damage it may be doing in one’s life, then one is an addict.

Internet Addicting As Cocaine BillLawrenceOnline Pope Says Redistribute Wealth

Internet Addicting As Cocaine

Sam Rohrer Asks Gleason To Hear The People

Sam Rohrer Asks Gleason To Hear The People — Reader PhilM asks if we had received the letter from prospective GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Sam Rohrer regarding his request to sign an on-line petition to state Republican Party Chairman Robert Gleason that party leaders refrain from making an endorsement in the primary race.

The answer is yes and here it is:

(And yes, I signed the petition)

Dear Friends,

My entire career I have fought for openness and reform, and in this Senate race, that will not change.

That’s why I have stated my view today that the Pennsylvania Republican Party should not make a formal endorsement before the Primary. We have launched a petition at, asking Chairman Gleason to keep the Primary process open and fair. Will you join me and sign the petition?

A top-down endorsement process is counter-productive to defeating Sen. Casey and winning Pennsylvania for our eventual Republican nominee for President. Let me explain: after endorsing, the Pennsylvania GOP sends out a letter to all the County Chairman, and here’s what they tell them:

1. Only candidates endorsed by the PA GOP should be recognized and/or allowed to speak at official events such as county dinners, endorsement meetings, candidate forums, etc. Endorsed candidates and staff should be able to attend gatherings as complimentary guests.

2. County Chairs, county party staff, and county party members should NOT be circulating petitions for statewide candidates who have been endorsed by the PA GOP.

3. County Chairs, county party staff, and county party members should only be distributing materials for candidates that have been endorsed by the PA GOP.

4. County Chairs should decline any promotion materials from non-endorsed candidates.

These kinds of pressure tactics are not worthy of the Republican Party. This kind of thing will only serve to alienate the members of the Tea Party, sow division within our ranks, and make it harder to ultimately elect a Republican U.S. Senator.

We’ve got nothing to be afraid of from having a fair, unbiased Republican Primary in April. In fact, it will strengthen our Party and allow us to bring new people in to the process. If you agree, please go to, and sign the petition.

When you’re done, if you could forward it to your family and friends, and share it on your Facebook and Twitter pages, I’d be ever so grateful.

You have my word that in this campaign, I will always stand up for grassroots conservatives, even when sometimes it makes folks uncomfortable. And as your nominee, I will speak the truth to Sen. Casey and President Obama.

Thanks for your support!


Sam Rohrer

Chris Dodd Up To Now?

Chris Dodd Up To Now? — Remember Chris Dodd, the Democrat senator whose 30-year reign of “representing” Connecticut while wreaking havoc on the the American economy ended amid scandal a year ago?

He’s the caring liberal who gave us Dodd-Frank, the AIG bailout and the sub-prime mortgage crisis, all the while getting filthy richer.

So what’s he up to now? He’s heading the Motion Picture Association of America, the group that is trying to destroy the internet with SOPA and PIPA.


Chris Dodd Up To Now?

Yesterday And Newt

Mitt Romney is the same ol’ type of Republican that has collaborated on getting us in the mess in which we find ourselves.

Rick Santorum is annoyingly passive-aggressive and smarmy.

Ron Paul doesn’t seem to understand that giving asylum to a man who murdered 3,000 Americans is an act of war. At least he doesn’t seem to be able to articulate it.

So that leaves us with Newt Gingrich who really does seem to get what is wrong with this country. If we demand a saint we are going to get Obama again and Obama is no saint.

Here is the link to his ex-wife Marianne’s interview which aired Jan. 19 on ABC’s  Nightline.

Newt stayed with Marianne for 19 years. Maybe he is a saint.

Our Reason for Being

The Roar

Our Reason for Being

Our Constitution was written to eliminate all the squabbling and bickering which The Articles of Confederation induced.  In doing so, our Founding Fathers based their creation upon one written word, “unalienable,” which  Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence acknowledged.  In doing so, our Founders created our “unalienable” basis for American government which no other government in the history of man even contemplated.

To further support the term unalienable, which meant “that may not be transferred,” Jefferson prefaced it with its elevation ,”that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”  This one stipulation was and continues to be one giant step for mankind. No where and never before had a government recognized, much less based the freedom of its people upon a higher authority than the government being created or formed.

And it is to this distinction that we proudly call ourselves “American.”  People all around the world, when hearing that identity stand in awe since they realize, and in some cases realize more than the average American, what a special privilege the claim of American insures.

Returning to the Constitution, it was evident that government had to be refined since under the Articles, States were in a constant struggle for competition and were jealously guarding while greedily intruding where ever possible on the other.  Under that structure open warfare would eventually take place.

So those assembled in Philadelphia were assigned the task to finely tweak the Articles.  However, instead of minor adjustments, our Founders constructed a completely new system for governing.   This I might add is the danger from what modern revisionists assert with their renewed call for another Constitutional Convention.  They see, better than the average layman, the wide breathe of possibilities presented by the criteria of “past practice.”  Simply put, our Constitution would no longer exist.   But, that is another topic.

Along with uniting our struggling, jealous and ofter accusing States, this creation presented a united front to foreigners with designs.  It also provided a federal maintenance service through its stated  Constitutional duties.  Present and future States would be “united” and “protected” under the government.  I might add that the duty to “protect” has fallen by the wayside under the present administration.

What I am leading up to is just how far our current government has stretched its Constitutional authority.  When understanding that our Constitution demanded that ours was to be a “limited” government, we must re-evaluate our public leniency.  Today’s version is out of compliance to the extent that it now dares any attempt at reform.  Like it or not, our debt soars for the simple reason that government is into everything.

I am reminded about a Congressional event in which the spending of the people’s money was in question.  To paraphrase from The Life of Colonel David Crockett (1884), it seems that the House of Representatives pondered the question of whether to appropriate a monetary reward to a widow of a deceased military officer.  All present were in favor when Congressman Crockett arose to speak.  The end result was that all reversed their original positions and agreed with Crockett.

In essence, the future hero of the Alamo thought it appropriate to individually donate as a charity but Congress did not have the right to divert public funds, no matter how well intentioned the reason might be.  Also, it was not their money!  Crockett believed that government pays off debts for services rendered and that payment wasn’t due to the deceased at the time of his demise since he was serving, and thus paid, till the day of his demise.

I wonder what those former Congressmen from Crockett days would say not only about this unlimited spending, which now exceeds over fifteen trillion, but also to this obvious assault against the “law of the land.”  In recent years, the course of government has been direct and unending and our debt validates its lawlessness.  For us, it’s all about whether the future will be bleak or bright.  And the sad thing is that it’s a decision which never needed to be faced.

Jim Bowman, Author of
This Roar of Ours

How the Penn State Board of Trustees Really Works

Former Penn State University Trustee Ben Novak wrote a series of articles for the Centre Daily Times in which he ripped the curtain off the self-serving and shallow Board responsible for running the university.

The series can be found here at this link.

One note of interest is that he defends Joe Paterno and, in fact, calls him “the greatest Penn Stater since Our Founders Strong and Great”



How the Penn State Board of Trustees Really Works

Senator Toomey Nixes SOPA

Senator Toomey Nixes SOPA — Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) tweeted 20 minutes ago (about 8:25 p.m., Jan. 18) that he will not support either the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) in their present forms.

“Piracy of intellectual property is a legitimate concern that should be addressed. However, the PROTECT IP Act and the Stop Internet Piracy Act are flawed, and I cannot support them in their current form. I look forward to working with my Senate colleagues on this issue and finding a better legislative approach for tackling online piracy,” Sen. Toomey said Several major websites including Wikipedia went off-line today to protest the intrusive legislation.

In related news President Obama’s major Hollywood supporters said they were cutting off donations to him because he was against the legislation.


Senator Toomey Nixes SOPA

Congrats Joe Martin

Congratulations to old friend Joe Martin of Havertown who has been named Delaware County Engineer of the Year by the county’s chapter of the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers.

Joe once headed the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Department at Drexel University and now serves as associate director of engineering management.

I know people who can testify first hand as to what an excellent teacher he is.

Joe will be feted at a Delco PSPE dinner, Feb. 16 at the Towne House Restaurant in Media. Tickets are $30. RSVP by Feb. 10 by contacting Gwen Himes at or 610-326-3100.

Also being honored is Thomas A. Caramanico who is being given a lifetime achievement award.