An ‘Educated’ Radnor High Grad, Tea Parties, ‘Climate Change’ And The Philadelphia Inquirer

David Brooks, a 1979 graduate of Radnor High School (Pa.) and the “conservative” columnist for the New York Times, has written a column about the growth of the tea party movement in which he expresses concern about how the ideas of the educated class have fallen from favor.

“The educated class believes in global warming, so public skepticism about global warming is on the rise. The educated class supports abortion rights, so public opinion is shifting against them. The educated class supports gun control, so opposition to gun control is mounting,” he said.

Now what Brooks is referring to “educated class” are people who have been certified as educated by self-proclaimed authorities, and their “education” consist mostly of why one must not question those authorities.

Most of that “educated class” does not know the Bible very well — think Howard Dean putting the Book of Job in the New Testament; and the ignorance extends to things like the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and pretty much most of American History. A noted 1993 poll of Ivy League students showed that 75 percent of them couldn’t identify who defined democracy as “a government of the people, by the people and for the people”, and half of them didn’t know their senators.

Which gets us to “global warming”. The skepticism isn’t about global warming but about whether it is a crisis. There are plenty of people who are not certified as educated by self-proclaimed authorities yet have the brains to understand that  claims should be rejected out-of-hand when someone who has gained financially and politically  by making those claims  has been found not to be forthright in presenting his evidence.

Perhaps, Brooks should re-define his class as the sucker-that-can-be-seen-a-mile-away class.

And that gets us to the Philadelphia Inquirer and the story it ran Saturday in which it attempted to whitewash the deeds of  Michael Mann, the director of Pennsylvania State University’s Earth System Science Center, whose emails were prominent among those leaked from East Anglia Climate Research Unit showing the entire movement to be an exercise in financially lucrative fear-mongering.

The Inky said:

Mann was affable and calm as he answered the assertions of his critics.The hardest part for him, he said, is having his integrity questioned. Scientists, he said, are “not trained to deal with these kinds of attacks.””My suspicion is, this has been orchestrated at a high level,” he said of the hacking.Behind his desk were a picture of his 4-year-old daughter and aplaque commemorating his contribution to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize,shared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Mann was the lead author on the group’s 2001 assessment report.

No where does it mention that

— mention that data from East Anglia was destroyed.

— put in context that what Mann was advocating regarding the Climate Research Journal amounted to behind-the-scene censorship of legitimate dissenters.

— show that there was an attempt to distort data to fit the desired conclusion.  Here is an elaboration on what was being attempted

Here is a list of some of the more damning emails. Remember this group was trying to restrict your — not their own or Al Gore’s or Michael Moore’s — energy use, and make you  much poorer.

Legislators Not Passing Out Calendars This Year

Legislators Not Passing Out Calendars This Year — The calendars featuring photos of the state capitol  that our legislators bestow on favored constituents were not printed this year due to Pennsylvania’s financial difficulties.

The Senate spent $59,612 in 2009 on printing and distributing
calendars. The cost to the House was about $90,000.

Meanwhile assistants to the assistants of school superintendents are still making six figures in many if not most districts in this state.

But the calendar cutting is a start.

Legislators Not Passing Out Calendars This Year

Bill Naulty, R.I.P.

William P. Naulty died Thursday of complications from an infection at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. He was 73 and lived in Cinnaminson, N.J..

Mr. Naulty joined the Army after graduating from West Philadelphia Catholic High School. After his discharge, he joined the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin as a copy boy. He would become a police reporter then cover Burlington County, N.J. until the paper closed in 1982. His next career was as  a legislative aide to Republican Assembly members and senators in New Jersey’s 8th Legislative District, a post from which he retired in 2003.

Mr. Naulty was  secretary for the Philadelphia Press Association until his death.

He is survived by a son, William Jr., a daughter, Marie Ritchie, and grandchildren. His wife of 41 years, Marie Newman Naulty, died in 2007.

Friends may call 6 to 9 tomorrow eveing at Perinchief Chapels, 438 Hight St., Mount Holly, N.J. and at 10 a.m., Monday, before a Funeral Mass at 11 a.m. at Sacred Heart Chuerch, 103 Fourth St., Riverton. Burial will be in Lakeview Memorial Park, Cinnaminson.



Bill Naulty, R.I.P.

Rest Easy, Kisser Who Eluded TSA Captured

Authorities have tracked down the villain who snuck beneath a security rope to give his girlfriend a goodbye smooch at the Newark Airport, Sunday, creating a massive panic.

The vile perpetrator is Haisong Jiang, a 28-year-old Rutgers bio-medical research grad student from Jiangxi, China who is living in Piscataway, N. J.

No expense was spared in the investigation. Jiang was working out at the gym when detectives arrived so he turned himself in.

The horrific act occurred when the love of his life, Qianqun,  who had been visiting him for Christmas break,  was returning to her job in  Los Angeles   as a statistician. A Transportation Security Administration guard left his post to take a cell phone call giving the criminal Jiang an opportunity to transgress the law with his lover.

The TSA has issued a series of statements to comfort the public, making it unnecessary for Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to have to again proclaim that the system worked.

Jiang is being charged with defiant trespass.

Jiang’s roommate Hui gave what perhaps may be a reason for the crime.

“We know that he’s very excited to have a real woman,” Hui said.

He said Qiangun is expected to stand by her man.

“His girlfriend is very upset,” Hui said.  “I think she will be here in two days to face this with him.”

While the brave men and women of the TSA won this round in their battle with terrorism, many fear that if Jiang had carried a Koran and  yelled Allahu Akbar he would have gotten away scot-free.

Rest Easy, Kisser Who Eluded TSA Captured


Rest Easy, Kisser Who Eluded TSA Captured


Gerlach To Try To Keep His Congressional Seat

Congressman Jim Gerlach (R) has made it official that he will seek re-election to represent Pa6.

Gerlach had announced he was leaving congress to seek the governor’s office and several Republicans candidates lined up to replace him in what otherwise would have been an uncontested primary.

Yesterday, Gerlach said he ending his campaign for governor . Today, he said that he was going to try to keep his seat in congress.

Reports are that his strongest opponents — venture capitalist Steve Welch and state Rep. Curt Schroder (R-155) — are staying in the race.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has announced that it is supporting Gerlach.

The 6th District is an obviously gerrymanded one –and by the Republicans. It includes Lower Merion in Montgomery County, Coatesville and Yellow Springs in Chester County, a large part of Berks County and part of Lehigh County.

Kudos to Nathan Benefield for the tip.

Killion Drops Lt. Gov. Bid

State Rep. Thomas Killion (R-168) announced today that he is ending his bid for lieutenant governor. He said he will support the gubernatorial campaign of Pa. Attorney General Tom Corbett. Still in the race for the GOP nomination are:

Carol Aichele (Chester County Commissioner)
Bruce L. Castor Jr. (ex-Montco D.A.)
James F. Cawley (Bucks County Commissioner)
Russ Diamond (founder of  PACleanSweep)
Dominic D. “Nick” DiFrancesco II (Dauphin County Commissioner)
John H. Eichelberger, Jr. (state senator representing the 30th District)
James R. Matthews (Montco Commissioner, last GOP Lt. Gov candidate, Chris Matthews’ brother)
Frank L. Rizzo Jr. (Philly councilman, son of legendary mayor)
Rick Schenker (former Erie County executive)
Mike Turzai (state representative for the 28th District)
Joseph P. Watkins (pastor of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, the oldest African American Lutheran Church in Philadelphia)

Seeking the Democratic nod are:

Michael F. “Mike” Gerber (state representative for the 148th District)
Valerie McDonald Roberts (Allegheny County recorder of deeds)
Jonathan A. Saidel (former Philadelphia city controller)
Josh Shapiro (state representative for the 153rd District)
Doris Smith-Ribner (former Commonwealth Court judge)

The primary election is May 18.

Sestak Says Dems Not Transparent; Votes Anyway

Congressman Joe “Clueless” Sestak told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that the Democrats in Washington are a “real disappointment”

“We aren’t transparent, not just to the public but at times to the members,” Sestak said.

And this makes one wonder why Sestak still votes for this stuff — whether it be on socialized health care, public funding of abortions or draconian energy restrictions.

In fact, he might be the most reliable vote Nancy Pelosi has.

And Joe, you are a Democrat in Washington.

Gerlach Quits Gov. Race

Congressman Jim Gerlach (R-6) announced today he was quitting his gubernatorial bid. Still in the race to represent the GOP in November are front-runner Attorney General Tom Corbett, National Guardsman Rober Allan Mansfield and State Rep. Sam Rohrer (R-128).

The primary is May 18.

There is speculation  that Gerlach will seek re-election in his remarkably gerrymanded district which includes Lower Merion in Montgomery County, Coatesville and Yellow Springs in Chester County, a large section of Berks County and a small part of Lehigh County.

This would not make him a popular fellow among some Republicans.

Businessman Steven Welch and State Rep. Curt Schroder (R-155) are well into raising money for what looks to be an expensive primary battle, and also in the GOP field are businessman Howard Cohen, property-rights advocate Patrick Henry Sellers, Lower Merion Township Commissioner Scott Zelov and Chester County geologist Walt Hufford.

Saudis Have Given Millions To Clinton Foundation Since ’97

Saudis Have Given Millions To Clinton Foundation Since ’97 — Something you probably haven’t seen if you get your news from the dinosaurs is that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has given between $10 million and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation since 1997. The Foundation  is run by the husband of our Secretary of State.

The group “Friends of Saudi Arabia” has kicked in another $1 million to $5 million.

It’s not as though the old media doesn’t have the room. The Delaware County Daily Times could easily shortened its love notes to Congressman Joe Sestak.  All they really need is a paragraph.


Violets are blue,
I’m sure you know,
Roses are red,
And so is Joe

Then they could have put in some real news.

Saudis Have Given Millions To Clinton Foundation Since ’97