Big GOP Day In Pa

Republican Tom Corbett handily won the governorship last night beating Democrat Dan Onorato. The unofficial tally with 53 districts — 40  in Philadelphia and 13 in Delaware County —  to go was 2,136,683 votes to 1,783,581. With Republicans retaining control of the state Senate and winning the state House, Pennsylvania can make the elephant its official mascot for at least the next two years.

The senate race was much closer than expected and not called until after midnight when Democrat Joe Sestak conceded to Republican Pat Toomey. The unofficial tally as of 7 a.m. was 1,993,704 votes for Toomey to 1,916,284 votes for Sestak. Exit polls showed Toomey winning by 4 percent rather than the 2 that he did, but silly people should know that dead Philadelphians can’t answer exit polls.

Toomey lost Philadelphia by more than 283,000 votes with Corbett doing only slightly better. With the GOP running things now Corbett should put stopping vote fraud pretty high on his things-to-do list.

Sestak won on his home turf in Delaware County, 108,307 votes to 84,630.

Five of the state’s 19 congressional seats switched to the GOP including Sestak’s 7th District Seat won by Pat Meehan over Bryan Lentz. None switched to the Democrats so with the dust cleared, Republicans are sitting in 12 of the seats.

According to incomplete and unofficial figures from the Department of State, Meehan won 133,146 to 106,214 with James D. Schneller getting 2,635 votes.

Regarding the other switched seats, Republican Mike Kelly beat incumbent Democrat Kathy Dahlkemper, 102,601 to 82,125 in the 3rd District; Republican Michael G. Fitzpatrick beat incumbent Dem Patrick J. Murphy 125,081 to 108,452 in the 8th District; Republican Thomas Marino beat incumbent Democrat Christopher Carney 109,603 to 89,170 in the 10th District; and Republican Lou Barletta beat incumbent Democrat Paul Kanjorksi 100,108.

Two incumbent Democrats who opposed ObamaCare — Jason Altmire of the 4th District, and Mark Critz of the 12th District, who was not in office at the time of the vote — won squeekers over Keth Rothfus and Tim Burns respectively.

With regard to the state House, Republicans are expected to control at least 110 of the 203 seats including the seat held by retiring House Speaker Keith McCall in the 122nd District which is in Carbon County and was won by Republican Doyle Heffley over Democrat Justin Yaich; and in what might be the surprise of the night, the 116th District seat in Luzerne County held by House Majority Leader Todd A. Eachus which went to newcomer Republican Tarah Toohil  9,693 to 7,957.

Complete details can be found at the Department of State website .


Big GOP Day In Pa

Reborn ACORN Wants Sestak Unforlorn

The despicable and thoroughly discredited left-wing activist group ACORN announced April 1 that it was dissolving its national structure.

Well ho, ho, ho, April Fool.

It continues to solicit funds and its notorious get-out-the-vote operation, Project Vote, continues to operate on a $15 million budget from its Washington D.C. office.

In Pennsylvania, ACORN spun its state chapter into Pennsylvania Neighborhoods for Social Justice (PNSJ) and Action United.

And to whom are these organizations giving ground support in the Pennsylvania senate race? That’s right matey, Admiral Joe Sestak.

Action United was behind the loud demonstrations at the Toomey-Sestak debate outside Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center and PNJS is reportedly conducting get-out-the-vote drives in Democrat strongholds such as public housing projects.

So if you win, Joe you know to whom you are beholden.

If you should lose as expected, however, and you decide to try something different, say pimping underage illegal immigrant girls as prostitutes , you know where to get the advice.

Hat tip to The Daily Caller.

Inky Back In Free-Fall Mode

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s circulation fell to 342,361 weekday and 477,586 Sunday according to the  report released Oct. 25 by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. The report covers the months from April through September and compares circulation to the same period of 2009.

It remains the 11th largest paper in the nation behind the Houston Chronicle which has a circulation of 343,952.

The Inquirer’s circulation rose to 356,189 from 288,298 in the ABC’s spring report after  the circulation of the Philadelphia Daily News, its Philadelphia Newspaper LLC stablemate, was included with it.

The only newspaper in the top 25 to gain circulation this period was Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal which rose 1.8 percent to 2,061,142 to remain the largest newspaper in the nation.

Murdoch also owns Fox News Channel which is the nation’s most watched cable news station.

Will NFL Mean No Fans Left?

Will NFL Mean No Fans Left — Fans of the San Diego Chargers, Detroit Lions and Oakland Raiders will miss their teams on TV tomorrow as the teams failed to sell out the stadiums by the Thursday deadline.

This brings the number of NFL blackouts to 13 for the season which is more than half of last year’s 22 with 60 percent of the games still to be played.

On a clearly unrelated note, it has been revealed the the NFL’s political action committee has donated near $600,000 to politicians, mostly Democrats, including Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Has anyone wondered if there was a correlation between disposal income i.e. the amount of money going to things like taxes, fuel and food and expensive ticket purchases?

Nah. Just make the players wear pink. That will bring the fans flocking  back.


Will NFL Mean No Fans Left

Fast Eddie Fails To Save Harrisburg City

Despite a $4.3 million not-a-bailout package provided by the state, Sept. 12, the City of Harrisburg has announced it will skip $6.2 million in payments due tomorrow on 2003 Series bonds it guaranteed  on behalf of the Harrisburg Authority.

Nor will Pennsylvania’s capital make $1.2 million in payments due Nov. 1 to holders of the authority’s $17 million in 2002A Series bonds.

The rating for Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp, the city’s debt insurer was downgraded by Standard & Poor’s, Oct. 25, from AAA to AA+.

The state’s Community and Economic Development Department is scheduled to decide by Nov. 20 if Harrisburg qualifies for Act 47 help as a distressed city, a prerequisite for obtaining more state aid.

Pre-Election Tea Party Pep Talk

Speaker James Jones fired up the 130 or so Delaware County Patriots at tonight’s meeting at Kings Mills in Aston with a pre-election battle speech about the importance of Tuesday’s election.

Jones, a Bucks County businessman and Navy veteran of the Vietnam and Gulf wars, and the Beirut conflict, described how taxes and corruption are endangering the nation.

Jones praised fellow small businessman Dee Adock who is running against incumbent Democrat Allyson Schwartz in Pennsylvania’s 13 District congressional race. Jones said he attends church with Adock and described him as a friend.

Jones is owner and CEO of QSI Consulting, a human resources firm. He lost to Mike Fitzpatrick in this year’s Republican 8th District congressional primary. He is endorsing  Fitzpatrick in the race against incumbent Democrat Patrick Murphy.

The crowd was a bit bigger than the one Democrat senate nominee Congressman Joe Sestak got for a rally Sunday in Media , which is the heart of his district.

And they had to pay a $5 admission fee.

And nobody was protesting them.

The event began with the Pledge of Allegiance and since no one objected it is unlikely that there were any members of the League of Women Voters in the audience.


Pre-Election Tea Party Pep Talk

The Battle Against Altmire

The pundits say  Jason “Glory Grabber” Altmire will  be among the few Dem congressional incumbents who won’t be sweating on Tuesday but there those in his Pennsylvania 4th District who still have hopes to change that.

Take Peter Sour of Currmudgeon-Patriot who has been showing how Altmire is nowhere near as conservative as he pretends to be. Pete points out that Altmire has absolutely no intention of voting to repeal Obamacare despite his boasting about how he didn’t vote for it.

You can call him “Talk-Is-Cheap” Altmire.

I’ll join in and remind all that a vote for Altmire is a vote for Pelosi regardless of what the NRA might say .

Republican challenger Keith Rothfus, OTOH, is the real deal .

And those pundits? The most recent Susquehanna poll showed Altmire ahead of Rothfus 47 percent to 35 percent. It seems any well-known incumbent under 50 percent ought to sweat a little.

Where the Solar Power Plants

By Dr. John Gilmore

In the Spanish countryside, a strange sight rises from the landscape: a massive concrete tower surrounded by glowing beams of light. That tower may hold the key to a clean-energy future. The 40-story concrete tower is surrounded by four massive arrays of 600 mirrors each, all designed to track the sun on its path across the sky and beam the light back at the tower. Right now only one of the arrays is completed and functional, but construction is continuing on the other three. The Solar Tower, designed and built by Spanish energy company Solucar, generates 11 megawatts of energy–enough to power over 6,000 homes–without emitting any greenhouse gases or pollutants.

At present there are plans to create several large solar power plants in the Mojave desert to supply energy for more than 140,000 homes in line with Governor Swarzenegger and CA’s plan to increase the use of green energy creation to 33% by 2020.  This is the first solar energy project of its size in the last 20 years to break ground.  In Pennsylvania representatives have been trying to move the state legislature to increase the use of solar energy to 3% by the year 2020.  They aren’t having any success.  The couldn’t even get our legislators to increase to 1.5%.  My question, “What is going on in PA?”  Building these solar plants create new jobs, create clean renewable energy, and will help us reduce our carbon foot print.  Could it be that in this state, one that is loaded with coal and Marsella shale, that there is no incentive to do so?  One might argue that we don’t have a desert here in PA, so we cannot build a plant, but in Spain they have created a cement structure where they are collecting solar energy.  We can do it.  The question shouldn’t be how to mine coal, frag gas, and flood millions of gallons of water through shale by doing the least damage, or how we can dispose of radioactive and contaminated waste water–millions of gallons of it, that occur from all these operations, it should be how to reduce the need for fossil fuels and become independent of it as soon as possible.

Teachers Gone Wild

James O’Keefe is now doing to the New Jersey teachers union what he did to ACORN  in the summer of 2009 when he went to the offices of that taxpayer-subsidized, Democrat-allied association of community organizers wearing a fur coat and claiming to be a pimp asking for advice on ways to get taxpayers subsidies for a stable of underage, illegal-immigrant prostitutes from Central America.

And he got the advice, given seriously, which he captured on tape.

Well, he has now released a video of tapes he made while attending a conference of the New Jersey Education Association, which represents the unionized teachers of New Jersey.

It can be found  at this link.

So there is no problem with our public schools? The Pennsylvania State Education Association is just as bad if not worse.