Foxy Loxy’s Den And The National Academy

The National Academy of Sciences has in its official journal Proceedings
of the National Academy of Sciences,
  published a list
of 496 scientists whom it claims should not be believed on the subject of
global warming.  It includes people like Freeman DysonRoger Pielke, who may be the nation’s leading meteorologist; and William Happer, who saved the taxpayers from funding the Pons-Fleishmann cold fusion boondoggle.

If global warming were true those who claim to be acolytes would not be fudging data or squelching dissent. In fact they would be welcoming dissent in order to expose the flaws behind it. They would  have lifestyles mirroring their concerns to underline the severity of the crisis.

They would be demanding that CO2-emitting coal and natural gas power plants be replaced with CO2-free nuclear ones. They  would be screaming in opposition about the impending destruction of hydro-electric plants.

Of course they do fudge data, squelch dissent, live lives of large carbon footprints, oppose nuclear power and don’t object to the destruction of dams so the wise person should assume that AGW is BS.

The New TSOP–Tax $ Giving Philly Its Own Gaza Strip

Tax-free charitable gifts along with federal grants and loans have been used to turn a section of South Philadelphia into an Islamic enclave.

Universal Companies — the charity established in 1993 by the artist formerly known as Kenny Gamble — has spent $1.6 billion to promote Islam much of it in the 800 block of South 15th Street, according to Paul Williams , Ph.D, of The neighborhood now has a mosque and an Islamic charter school and tough-looking security guards on corners in kufis .

Gamble and Leon Huff are the founders of Philadelphia International Records and wrote some of the biggest hits of the 1970s including Me and Mrs. Jones, Love Train and TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia). Gamble converted to Islam in 1975 and took the name Luqman Abdul Haqq

Gamble now holds a high ranking position in the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA) which focus on converting Blacks to Islam especially in prisons.

Gamble is also connected with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR ) but then so is Springfield’s own Congressman Joe Sestak (D-Pa7) and Joe wants to be senator.

In other Islamic news, Afshan Azad, the young lady who has been portraying Padma Patil in the Harry Potter movies, is now expressing regret for reporting the beating for which her father and brother have spent five weeks in an English jail. Dad and bro beat and threatened to kill Miss Azad for dating a Hindu boy. Miss Azad is from a British Muslim family.

Hey Kenny, tell all the folks in Egypt we don’t want their  garbage theology. Maybe Sestak should move to Cairo and run for senator over there.

Channel 6 Where Are You?

Channel 6 Where Are You? — Those using an antenna for television might be wondering whatever happened to WPVI-Channel 6 when broadcasting went digital on June 11, 2009.

WPVI is owned by ABC.

Channel 6 is Philadelphia’s second-oldest station behind the CBS-owned KYW- Channel 3 and has been broadcasting since 1947. The low VHF channels were once the prime real estate for broadcasting.  These frequencies, however, require large antennae or antennae with amplifiers  for good reception and are susceptible to interference from  sources such as FM radio stations.

And the strong FM signals being sent by the   WXPN 88.5,  WRTI 90.1 and WHYY 90.9 which are co-located on a tower in Roxborough are getting in the way of the WPVI signal.

The FCC gave WPVI permission to boost its power two weeks ago from 7.5 kilowatts to 30.6 kilowatts which is the maximum allowed in the Northeast.

As of today, however, it is still not being received in central Springfield.

Channel 6 Where Are You?

A Creeping Lawlessness In Government

The J. Christian Adams matter is getting a little traction. Even the Philadelphia Inquirer felt obliged to put an AP version on its website.

On Election Day 2008, a couple of thugs at polling place at 1221 Fairmount St., Philadelphia made racially disparaging comments and brandished weapons at poll watchers and voters. The thugs were black and members of a group called the New Black Panther Party.

After the election, the Justice Department brought a voter intimidation case against them. Adams was among the attorneys who pursued the case and won an entry of default after the defendants ignored the charges. Before the final judgment could be rendered though, the case was ordered dismissed. This was in May 2009,

On May 14, 2010, Adams resigned from the Department and went public a few weeks later with what has been occurring. He wrote that “the dismissal is part of a creeping lawlessness infusing our government institutions” and that “citizens would be shocked to learn about the open and pervasive hostility within the Justice Department to bringing civil rights cases against nonwhite defendants on behalf of white victims”.

Adams noted that this put “core American principles of equality before the law and freedom from racial discrimination . . . at risk”.

Adams has talked about this at length on Fox News and it has been a matter of discussion on talk radio. Still, there is a sheep-like segment of this country that will dismiss what Adams is saying out-of-hand solely because he has used those venues. To them, I say prepare to be sheared.

The corruption on display in the New Black Panther Party matter isn’t that much different than that which occurred in the Gerald Walpin matter.

Penn State Clears Hockey-Stick Mann

A little whitewash and the Pennsylvania taxpayer connection to Climategate has disappeared. At least that’s what the Penn State University administrators are hoping.

Penn State, which uses state appropriations for about 10 percent of its $2.5 billion budget, cleared Dr. Michael Mann of any scientific misconduct relating to the scandal.

Mann heads the university’s  Earth System Science Center.

Climategate occurred when emails were leaked  last November from the University of East Anglia’s Hadley Climatic Research Centre in the United Kingdom that showed  leading climate researchers to have played tricks with data and conspired to stifle dissenters regardingthe global warming catastrophe story.

Mann was one of those tricksters most notably by leaving out data points in his infamous “hockey stick” graph which was widely claimed to have proved that earth temperatures were drastically increasing. The graph is  something that has been scaring children, Oprah viewers and Democrats for a decade.

Anyway, Penn State, touching up the spots it missed in February , has found Mann did nothing wrong. The reasons it cited for coming to this conclusion were — what you are about to read is not a joke remember  — “This level of success in proposing research, and obtaining funding to conduct it,clearly places Mann among the most respected scientists in his fieldand”Had Dr. Mann’s conduct been outside the range of accepted practices, it would have been impossible for him to receive so many awards”

A link to the pdf of the complete report.

Penn State Clears Hockey-Stick Mann

SEPTA’s Going To Party Like It’s 7-1-2010

SEPTA’s fare hike took effect today with the the price of a token rising ten cents to$1.55; a weekly transit pass jumping from $20.75 to$22; and transfers for subway, bus and trolleys being hiked 25 centsto $1.

Also off-peak discounts were ended for regional rail.

Base fares on buses, subways and trolleys remain $2.

Meanwhile it has been revealed that SEPTA officials have been enjoying thousand-dollar company lunches at places like Fountain Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Center City.

The trolley and bus drivers are generally pretty decent people who work honest hours for what they get but has it occurred to anyone else that management has no real incentive to grow the largely tax-funded authority. In fact, it seems, that if ridership were to significantly increase they would, well, have to work harder, and why would they want to do that if they are taking lunches at swank restaurants now?

They are clearly not trying to grow. How much marketing do you see for SEPTA? Maybe a rewritten press release in the dino media but not much. If you should have moved into the area, did you ever get a direct-mail piece describing what SEPTA could do for you and how to use the system and get discounts? Maybe free passes to sample the service?

Of course not.

More riders would mean more people to deal with which would mean more headaches. It’s much easier to be able to leave the cell phone off at catered affairs.

Passed Pa. Budget Defines Deficit Spending

The General Assembly, yesterday, approved a $28.05 billion general fund budget that is about a billion dollars less than what Gov. Rendell wanted but is still about $3 billion more than the state receives in revenues  as pointed out by Nate Benefield of Commonwealth Foundation.

The vote was 37-13 in the Senate. The only Democrats among the dissenters were LeAnna Washington of the 4th District, Jim Ferlo of the 38th District, and Daylin Leach of the 17th District, which includes Haverford and Radnor townships in Delaware County.  The county’s GOP senate contingent supported the bill, however, as Dominic Pileggi of the 9th District and Ted Erickson of the 26th District voted aye.

The vote was 117-84 in the House with Chelsa Wagner of the 22nd District being the only Democrat dissenter. Republicans supporting the bill included Bill Adolph of the 165th District and Nick Miccozie of the 163rd District, both of which are in Delaware County.

Rendell is expected to sign the bill.

The general fund, btw, is less than half  of what the state will actually spend.

Pa. Daily Blames State Budget Crisis On Bush

The Delaware County Daily Times in suburban Philadelphia, today, squarely placed the blame on Harrisburg’s inability to pass a budget on the shoulders of George W. Bush. It said:

Of course, it doesn’t help that the country was plunged into economic disaster by the previous administration. When George W. Bush took office in 2001, he inherited a budget surplus of more than $200 billion. In 2009, he left the country with a $1 trillion deficit and projected deficits of $8 trillion or more.

The Times‘ reasoning appears to be that if Washington didn’t have such fiscal headaches they’d be able to shovel more money to Pennsylvania and nobody would be upset about state political hacks making  300 Gs  even when they retire. Nor would people be expressing ire at the compensation of the members of the teachers union for whose pensions Harrisburg is largely on the hook .

Of course, one wonders why it might not have occurred to the editorial writers that places like California and New York and Michigan with even greater budget headaches might not get first dibs in the fed loot money which would obviously include a chunk taken from Pennsylvanians.

Now regarding the former president, while one is not inclined to defend the domestic spending that occurred under his watch, we can’t recall the Daily Times objecting to Dubya’s creating a Medicare drug entitlement that will cost an estimated $800 billion in its first decade, increasing federal education spending 58 percent faster than inflation or being the first President to spend 3 percent of GDP on federal antipoverty programs.

And we certainly don’t see the Times objecting to President Obama’s drastic acceleration of those programs.

Of course, a lot of conservatives did and do.

And with regard to that  $1 trillion deficit and the projected $8 trillion deficits, well, Bush’s final budget projected a $408 billion deficit for fiscal year Oct. 1, 2008 to Sept. 30, 2009. The TARP fiasco, strongly supported by a certain young senator from Illinois, spent nearly $300 billion  more — hey Daily Times what reforms do you advocate for Freddie and Fannie?  Then, Obama tacked on another $113 billion in “stimulus” spending,  and the economic downturn caused a drastic shortfall from the tax revenue that had been projected.

Obama’s first all-by-his-lonesome budget, btw,  calls for a $1.17 trillion deficit.

The problem with the old media isn’t that it criticizes and scrutinizes Republicans but that it fails to do so with Democrats. Stop drinking the Flavor Aid and start thinking for yourselves. 

Blood From Stones In Springfield

Here are two of the four homes for sale in the 100 block of West Springfield Road, Springfield, Pa. Note, that’s just in the 100 block. The tax pain suffered by the people of this state can be laid solely at the feet of government corruption;  mostly by Democrats but the Republicans are far from innocent bystanders. It’s only going to get worse and, no, the pending reform  is not going to help.Enshrine this in gold: it is every bit as decent and moral to cut  a  public employee’s pension as it is to force someone to sell their home to pay for it.
Springfield residents, btw, are now receiving their school tax bills and it’s starting to dawn on many of them that they are merely renting their homes from the government.
The good news? The thrift shop at the Church of Redeemer, which is also in that block, is now open on Tuesdays as well as Saturdays. 

Snapper Saved In Springfield

 Snapper Saved In Springfield
Snapper Saved In Springfield
Lisa from Delaware County Animal Control removes a snapping turtle from beneath a truck on Windsor Circle, Springfield, Pa. about 5:40 p.m. today, June 28, 2010.  The out-of-element reptile will be released in one of the bodies of water in the county she said. In back is Kristina Brotzman who reported the troubled animal. As noted, wildlife is thriving in this Philadelphia suburb.