Kind Republicans, Greedy Dems

Kind Republicans, Greedy Dems — Thinking Americans have long known that those inclined to vote Republican are far, far, far more generous in giving to charities than those who vote Democrat.

Unthinking Americans, of course, don’t believe this. Of course, unthinking Americans are the ones who vote Democrat.

Conservatives give about 30 percent more in charities than the self-righteous, self-centered “progressives” if you should not feel like clicking on the above link to the source.

This is most glaring in their political leaders. Gigolo John Kerry is known for having a year in which he did not make a charitable contribution and the Obamas, Joe Biden and Al Gore are also known for being notably stingy, unlike the Bushes or even Rush Limbaugh.

Charitable giving is going to be the subject of tonight’s Stossel which airs at 9 and midnight on Fox Business Channel.

On a related note, Democrats are far more likely to believe in extraterrestrials than Republicans . If ET does show up, however, expect it to be a conservative Tea Party guy who lends him the phone to make that call.

Kind Republicans, Greedy Dems

Kind Republicans, Greedy Dems

Cat From Heaven

Cat From Heaven — There was once a kindly old priest who had a small kitten. Unfortunately, the cat climbed up a tree and was afraid to come down. The tree was not sturdy enough to climb, so the priest was inspired to try something else. He tied a rope to his car and pulled it until the tree bent down.

He tried to reach the kitten, but the tree was still too high from the ground. So he pulled the tree further from his car, but alas, the rope broke. The tree suddenly uncoiled itself and sprung back into an upright position, flinging the cat into the air and out of sight with high velocity.

The old priest felt terrible! He walked all over the neighborhood asking people if they’d seen a little kitten, but nobody had. With nothing more to be done, he offered a prayer and commended the cat into the hands of the Lord.

A few days later, the old priest was in the grocery store and met one of his parishioners. He happened to look into her shopping cart and was amazed to see cat food. The woman was not particularly regarded as an animal lover, so he inquired about the reason for the cat food.

The woman explained that her youngest daughter had been nagging her for a pet kitten for some time. After repeatedly denying the child’s requests, the exasperated woman finally informed the girl that the only way she would ever get a cat is if God Himself would deliver one. Just then, she said, a cat came flying out of the sky, with its paws outstretched, and landed right front of her!

Wonder of wonders? Miracles of miracles? Never underestimate the Power of God – nor His unique sense of humor!

“How great are Your works O Lord, in wisdom You have made them all!” (Psalm 104:24) Remember, anyone can count the seeds in an apple; but only God can count the apples in a seed.

Hat tip Father James Hayer


Cat From Heaven


Cat From Heaven

Pa. Turnpike Bean Counters Cave On Tixs

Outrage from customers and state officials forced Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission bureaucrats to consider commonsense and change a policy of not placing rates on toll tickets.

The commission removed the exit prices  to save  bucks on ticket-printing for future rate hikes.

It cost $280,000 to print a year’s worth of tickets and not listing fares was expected to save $100,000 since all tickets would be able to be used regardless of rate changes.

Of course, it would also slow traffic as motorists tried to figure out  fares and, more disconcertingly, it would make it easier to boil the frog by making fare hikes less transparent.

Among those instrumental in getting the bean counters to see that a penny saved could be a dollar lost was Auditor General Jack Wagner.

Still, turnpike users are stuck with the guess-the-fare tickets until new ones can be printed. This may take up to six-months.

Drivers, in the meantime, can ask toll collectors the price or call  call 866-976-8747or visit .

The unpriced tickets start Jan. 2  when the 10-percent increase for cash customers takes effect. This means that driving the length of the road from Ohio to Philadelphia will cost a cash-payer $32.30.

The rate for E-ZPass users is rising 3 percent. Driving the length from Ohio will cost an E-ZPass user $30.17 in ten days.

Thank A Soldier

Xerox is sponsoring a website which allows one to thank a soldier serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. It can be found here .

The site sends an image of a thank you card designed by a young person along with a short message. The process  takes seconds.

Kudos to Xerox and thank you Cathy Craddock for passing it on.