Walt Godzieba R.I.P.

Walter J. Godzieba died June 14 at Heartland Hospice House in Wilmington, Del. He was 86 and lived in Springfield.

Walt was born in Clifton Heights and was graduated from Clifton Heights High School. He was a Navy veteran of World War II and a retired machinist from Westinghouse.

He was a member of Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church, 100 S. Penn St., Clifton Heights.

He is survived by his wife of 56 years Jennifer nee Sheleva; a daughter, Miliza E. Tenerelli of Philadelphia; and a nephew.

Visitation is 7-9 tonight and 9 a.m. tomorrow at Williams-Lombardo Funeral Home, Baltimore Avenue and Summitt St., Clifton Heights.

Parastas is at 7:30 tonight at the funeral home.

A service will held 10 a.m. tomorrow at Saints Peter and Paul. Burial will be at Saint Mary’s Cemetery in Elkins Park. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be sent to the church.

A Suggestion For President Obama

President Obama’s speech last night indicated that he is way out of his depth in dealing with the Deepwater disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Even his biggest cheerleaders, to their horror, are realizing this.

Here is my humble and sincere suggestion for helping him resolve the crisis: appoint former President George W. Bush as temporary oil-spill czar. Give him carte-blanche executive branch powers for plugging the leak and beginning the clean-up.

After two or three weeks the matter would be settled and President Bush could return to his well-earned privacy and rest in Texas.  President Obama, of course, could go back to golfing, winning Nobel prizes, and partying with Hollywood celebrities and former Beatles.

Rolling Road Fox Of Springfield

Residents of the Rolling Road/Windsor Circle area of Springfield, Pa. have been seeing a red fox use the neighborhood as its hunting grounds. One woman saw it eat a squirrel about 7 a.m. then kill another to carry off.

If that’s not enough worry for the squirrels a hawk has also been hunting successfully in the area. 

The area has also become infested with chipmunks and deer have been seen in front yards. These are not large sweeping lawns, people.

Thirty-five years ago this would not have been imagined. Nature was pigeons, sparrows and the occasional skunk or raccoon. Glaring signs warned people to stay out of Darby Creek, which has now become a destination for trout fishing.

So things have gotten better in some ways.

The fox may be cute, btw, but watch your cats and small dogs.
Rolling Road Fox
Rolling Road Fox

‘Nova Prof Tells Beck Repealing 17th Amendment Would Help Check Feds

Villanova University poli sci professor Colleen Sheehan told Glenn Beck on his last Founders Friday  that repealing the 17th Amendment would put a useful check on Washington. For recent graduates of public schools and those who still get their news from the dinosaurs, the 17th Amendment  adopted in 1913 established the direct election of U.S. senators. Before that they had been picked by state legislatures.

Ms. Sheehan, who represented the 149th District  in the Pennsylvania House in 1995-96, said their visits with their state legislators would be far more than bored courtesy calls if the picking of them was as how our Founders envisioned. This would mean no silly federal mandates and no passing the buck on funding them.

Her statements can be found at about the 2:40 mark although the entire things is worth watching.

Victory Cleaners Back In Business On Brookside Road


Victory Cleaners Back In Business On Brookside Road and Victory Cleaners Open in Springfield
Victory Cleaners is back in business on Brookside Road in Springfield operating out of the trailer while work continues on the shop damaged in a May 9 fire. The dry cleaning is occurring at the sister location on Saxer Avenue.
Victory Cleaners Back In Business On Brookside Road

Kimmett Suit Derail Corbett Or Smoke Sans Gun?

A pending civil rights lawsuit against state Attorney General Tom Corbett who is the GOP’s nominee for governor is the simmering subject of discussions in the blogosphere with rumors about a pending autumn surprise that would derail his candidacy.

The case was filed Aug. 11,  2008   in United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania on behalf of Thomas D. Kimmett and Sherry E. Bellaman by attorney Donald A. Bailey and amended two months later. The amended complaint names Corbett and nine others in the state attorney general’s office as defendants. 

Bailey is a former congressman and state auditor general but has acquired a reputation about being a little quick in filing a lawsuit.

Kimmett worked as a senior deputy attorney general according to the complaint and Ms. Bellaman was his assistant.

Kimmett alleges that Attorney General’s office unlawfully gave breaks to tax delinquents and unlawfully paid commissions to collection agencies. He also alleges that they ruined his chance of promotion after he complained about it to the Department of Revenue by running “him in a circle between the two Agencies.”

In the amended complaint, Kimmett says that “immediately after Kimmett filed the original suit the defendant’s (sic) Roman, Keiser, and others in the Attorney General’s office began a retaliatory program of harassment and ostracism”  and acted  “to alienate him from his assistants including the plaintiff Sherry E. Bellaman”

According to the court, the last action taken on the matter was a phone conference in April and no trial has been scheduled.

A phone call was placed to Bailey’s office to provide him a chance to elaborate.
Kimmett Suit Derail Corbett Or Smoke Sans Gun?
Will Kimmett Suit Derail Corbett Or Smoke Sans Gun?

Proposed Pa Pension Fix Just Another Scam

A bill being considered by the state House to ease the pain of Pennsylvania taxpayers about to take an unforeseen hit to fund the pension plans of public employees is just going to postpone the pain until those who vote for it are themselves collecting pensions and probably residing in another state.

HB 2497 would limit taxpayer contributions in the near term only to jack them up in later years , according to the always excellent Commonwealth Foundation.  This plan would ultimately put Pennsylvanians on the hook for another $52 billion over 30 years according to CF.

If you don’t believe that HB 2497 is real bad news note  the Pennsylvania State Education Association is not opposing it.

Anybody else think it is a real bad idea to let people write their own own pension plans and oblige others to fund it?

Ironically, Karl Marx has the perfect solution to resolving the pension crisis.

Progressive Daylin Leach Praises Hackery

Progressive Daylin Leach Praises Hackery — State Sen. Daylin Leach whose 17th District includes Haverford and Radnor appears to be just peachy with  the practices that caused  Bonusgate.

In a column on his website Daylinsignts.com he takes issue with the report of the Grand Jury that investigated the crimes implying  the Grand Jury  could be just as easily called “The Doofus Patrol” and dismissing the anger expressed by those who after sitting through months of testimony indicted several lawmakers and staff members for taking taxpayer money to finance political campaigns. The indictments, btw, have already led to several convictions.

Among the objections in the report that trouble Sen. Leach are to the number of staffers employed by our legislators — there are 2,805 of them for 253 elected officials — and the pay of our legislators especially in relation to the number of days they actually work. The report notes that the base salaries for our solons is $78,314.66 excluding benefits. This package is among the highest in the nation. The report notes that the House was in session for 72 days in 2006, 115 in 2007, 72 in 20087 and 147 in 2009.

I will not insult Leach by calling him and his fellows in Harrisburg “doofuses” but I will point out that the simple change of a single letter in his name would give him the perfect moniker for the job and lifestyle for which he so strongly fights.

Leach, a Democrat, touts the “power of progressive thinking” on his website. Progressives are the most materialistic, money-worshiping people on the planet. It is their  tenet that all can be solved by the dollar. They really think that we can’t get competent, honest people to serve as our lawmakers for what New Hampshire pays , and just as delusionally think Pennsylvania is better run.

 Progressive Daylin Leach Praises Hackery

Progressive Daylin Leach Praises Hackery