Coons Political Vengeance 2-1 Record

Coons Political Vengeance 2-1 RecordDelaware Democrat senate nominee Christopher Coons is 2-1 in lawsuits accusing him of taking political  vengeance regarding county employees  shortly after assuming the role of executive director of New Castle County in 2005.

Coons was named in lawsuits filed by Trinidad Navarro and Joseph Freeberry in 2005 and by Dennis E. Parkstone 3rd in 2007. All were supporters of Sherry Freeberry who Coons defeated in a contentious Democrat primary election in 2004.

Freeberry, Sherry’s brother, accused Coons of violating his civil rights after firing him as the general manager of the county’s Department of Special Services. Freeberry was appointed to the post in 1997 after serving 13 years as the county’s superintendent of parks. State law was changed in 1997 to provide the general manager slot with merit system protection. Coons began lobbying to change the law in 2003  and got Dover to do so in 2005 making the post one filled at the pleasure of the executive director.

At which point he gave Freeberry the option to retire, resign or be fired. Freeberry chose firing and sued. The federal courts ruled in favor of Coons.

Navarro was a corporal with the New Castle County Police Department. He accused Coons and others of failing to promote him to sergeant because he supported  Ms. Freeberry.

In 2007, the county settled with Navarro agreeing to pay him $100,000 plus $40,000 for legal fees and provide him with a $60,000 annuity fund to give him a sergeant’s retirement benefits.

Parkstone was a crew chief with the Deparement of Special Services and president of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Local 459. He also supported Ms. Freeberry. He sued after he was fired for allowing his computer at the union office to be used to view pornography and to send lewd emails. While an investigation revealed  the computer had been used to access porn websites on days when Parkstone was not there, it was determined that Parkstone had failed to properly secure his machine which is also a violation.

Parkstone’s initial discipline was a suspension providing he waive his right to file a grievance, which he waived. However, Parkstone became incensed upon learning that another employee who had been a Coons supporter and  was the source of the obscene emails was not going to be punished.

So Parkstone filed a grievance and was fired.

The Coons supporter did receive a five-day suspension after the grievance was filed.

The United States District Court for Delaware granted summary judgment to Coons in April 2009.

Coons Political Vengeance 2-1 Record


Embattled DCCC Cuts Back In Philly Market

The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is cutting back its Philadelphia television ad buys until the final week of the campaign which starts Oct. 26. The plan originally called for heavy advertising for the last two weeks.

The DCCC is the national campaign arm for Democrat U.S. House Candidates.

The market which includes New Jersey and northern Delaware  has numerous endangered Democrat seats including Pa7 where former federal prosecutor  Republican Pat Meehan is fighting Democrat state Rep. Bryan Lentz for the seat being giving up by Democrat Joe Sestak; Pa8 where Democrat incumbent Patrick Murphy is down in the polls to Republican challenger Mike Fitzpatrick; Pa13 where Democrat incumbent Allyson Schwartz has found herself wary over-the-shoulder glances at Republican Dee Adock; and NJ3 where incumbent Democrat John Adler is taking desperate measures against Republican challenger John Runyan.

And of course in Delaware there is a Republican-held seat being given up by Mike castle which is contested by Republican  Republican Glen Urquhart and  Democrat Lt. Gov. John Carney.

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Burns Has Money Edge In Homestretch

GOP Challenger Tim Burns has the edge in dollars for the final sprint in Pennsylvania’s 12 District congressional race.

As of Sept. 30, he had $409,735 in the bank compared to $263,182 for incumbent Democrat Mark Critz, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Critz outraised Burns $478,769 to $257,966 but has been spending it much faster. About half of Critz’s money have come from political action committees.

Critz beat Burns in a special election May 18 to fill the remainder of the term of Democrat John Murtha who died Feb. 8.

A Democrat pollster had Critz leading 48 to 41 percent in early September. A Republican poll from about the same time had Burns up 48 to 43 percent.

Joe “I Want To Be A Millionaire” Sestak

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Why Joe “Not Really One Of Us” Sestak, who has been making a issue of the net worth of his GOP opponent in Pennsylvania’s senate race.

It turns out that Sestak has disclosed assets  of between $2,103,000 and $3,856,000, including two homes. This is in the same ballpark as Pat Toomey’s reported assets of $2.02 million and $4.9 million.

A million dollars isn’t what it used to be and neither disclosure is outside the realm of the expected — Sestak is a congressman and retired rear admiral, while Toomey has held many jobs including Wall Street currency trader, Allentown restaurateur, congressman and think tank president.

OTOH, a rich Democrat playing the class envy card is not outside the realm of the expected either.

Hey Joe, how about Wheel of Fortune? For the grand prize what is hyp_cr_t_.

You got the money to buy the vowels.

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Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard AIDS Explanation

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard AIDS Explanation was submitted by Tom Conigliaro. Thanks Tom.

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard was appointed in January by Pope Benedict XVI to lead the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium. He has written a book in which he says AIDS is a “sort of inherent justice” resulting from the “mistreatment of the profound nature of human love.”

The usual suspects were unsurprisingly outraged.

So the Archbishop clarified his remarks. Here is a translation from the French from the Belgian Church’s website:

Someone once asked John Paul II if AIDS was a punishment from God,. He then wisely answered that it is very difficult to know God’s intentions. I myself don’t reason in those terms at all. So I do not see this epidemic as a punishment, but at the most as a sort of immanent justice, sort of like how, in ecology, we are faced with the consequences of what we are doing to the environment. Maybe human love also responds when she is treated badly, without the need of a transcendent source. Maybe it is a sort of immanent justice, but as far as the concrete causes are concerned, doctors should some day be able to say how this disease came to be, how it was initially transmitted and then spread further. But considered more generally, I stick to something in the order of a sort of immanent justice. Badly handling physical nature causes it to treat us badly in turn and badly dealing with the deeper nature of human love will ultimately always lead to catastrophes on all levels.

Only a sick world would find this controversial or offensive.

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard AIDS Explanation

Are Muslims Exempt From Obamacare? II

Back in March, we investigated claims that Muslims are exempt from the Obamacare mandate to buy health insurance — which is basically the heart of the law — and concluded “maybe” but that you couldn’t really tell from the garbage that was passed.

It turns out Snopes has also investigated the claims and has arrived at the same conclusion.

“The bottom line is that the health insurance  provision of (the law) doesn’t kick in until the year 2014, and between then and now many challenges will likely be launched regarding who might be exempt from it,” it said.

That’s a more polite way of saying “this was one badly written bill” but it means the same thing.

This is the sanest Supreme Court in the last 60 years. Hopefully, it will find from these challenges that the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” is unconstitutional.

Still to  provide insurance in case the court should fail, as we have become almost conditioned to expect, it is vital to vote Nov. 2 to throw out the Democrat fools who voted for this nation-killing, senior-citizen-killing, baby-killing monstrosity and put people in who will repeal it, and actually read the laws they pass.

SEIU-Organized Plant To Close In Pa

A St. Louis mail-order drug-distributor  announced, Oct. 8, that it will close a warehouse facility on Marshall Lane in Bensalem, Pa. on Dec. 16 and the union which represents the workers has responded by basically saying “Oh Yeah! Better not!”.

The union contract expires Dec. 15.

What was actually reportedly said by union organizer Bill Ragen at a
rally last night in Trevose was “We have to make it more expensive for
them to shut it down than for them to keep it open.”

The company is the quite profitable Express Scripts . The union is a local with  Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Losing their jobs will be 365 of its members.

The warehouse and a nearby processing center on Street Road along with a small facility in New Mexico are the only unionized facilities managed by Express Scripts.  The future of the Street Road facility is also in doubt.

Express Scripts  had sought $8.8 million in concessions from the SEIU but the union only agreed to $8 million.

CAFe Fest To Feature Music, Kid Art Classes

CAFe Fest To Feature Music, Kid Art Classes — CAFe, the community arts festival hosted by InLiquid, is 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 17 at the Crane Arts Building, 1400 N. American St., Philadelphia.

InLiquid is a non-profit organization serving artists. Among its features is an extensive online collection of work by local, national and international artists.

Sunday’s family-friendly art fest will include fun kids art classes and education concerning environmental matters.

Participants include Art Star, The Clay Studio, Greensgrow Farms, and Please Touch Museum.

There will be  live music and food vendors from across Philadelphia.

Proceeds will benefit youth art programs around the city, like The Cruz Recreation Center in Fishtown and ArtsRising’s new “ArtsZone” hubs at middle schools throughout the city.

CAFe Fest To Feature Music, Kid Art Classes

Opinion From the Bottom — Marcellus Shale Process Poisoning the Water

By Dr. John Gilmore

I went to a bed and breakfast in Upstate PA.  Nearby they were just beginning to mine marcellus shale.  There have been several reports about the pollution of fresh water that takes place during this process.  Heavy metals, cancerous agents, and even radioactive elements have been found in the drinking water of many residents around areas who feel they need to suddenly have access to marcellus shale.  On one video a man actually set his water on fire to show how polluted it was by the process done to separate the gas from the shale.  The inn keeper at the bed and breakfast almost panicked when my wife told him of the dangers.

“I don’t care!  We’ve got to do something!” He said.  “We have to put up with some of the inconveniences or we’ll be destroyed!  What can we do?  They say everything is wrong.  We have to do something!”  Come on.  A couple of decades ago we didn’t even know how to get the oil from shale.  Since they discovered how to in Canada and are making a fortune suddenly we have to do this or be destroyed.
A combination of solar energy, wind energy, title energy and geo-thermal energy would easily supply us with the energy we need well into the future, and poisoning all of the fresh water in aquifers is not an inconvenience it is totally stupid.  Van Jones, the great Green advocate who was targeted with a slur campaign and forced out of the Obama administration put it well when he said that our nation is like a group of crack heads addicted to oil  The only thing we know is drill and consume.  We don’t care about our friends, our families, the next generation, anything, as long as we get our next fix.  It is time to change this behavior and build for the future and future generations.
Put solar cells on roofs, put wind turbines and title energy turbines in the ocean, use the geothermal energy from volcanoes and use oil for what we can’t use the others for until we increase the efficiency of the clean energy.  Use the same power lines we use now to move the energy from those sources to where it is needed.  That seems to make sense to me.  Yet again, the people with interest in all the oil might not like that.  They have to make every penny possible off of the oil that they can at peak oil  prices.  They are making a killing and many of us are getting killed.

Toomey Polls Biggest Lead Says Ras

Republican Pat Toomey  holds a 10-point lead over Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate race, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey of likely voters. This has caused Rasmussen to move the race  from leans GOP to solid GOP in its  Balance of Power rankings.

The survey of 750 likely voters taken Oct. 12 shows Toomey preferred 49 percent to 39 percent. Two percent wanted another candidate while 10 percent were undecided. The margin of error was 4 percent.

This is Toomey’s largest lead since the nominations. Two weeks ago he led 49 percent to 40 percent. A month ago he led 49 percent to 41 percent.

Meanwhile, the Delaware County Daily Times, which is the daily for most of Sestak’s 7th District, reported their  favored candidate to be preferred over Toomey 44 percent to 42 percent with the headline “Sestak leads Toomey in recent poll “.  They cited the Garin-Hart-Yang poll conducted by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.