Massacre Victim Was Dallas Green’s Granddaughter

Massacre Victim Was Dallas Green’s Granddaughter — Christina-Taylor Green, the nine-year-old granddaughter of Dallas Green, was among the six killed in  yesterday’s attack at a congresswoman’s constituency meeting at a Safeway in Tuscon, Az.

Green managed the Philadelphia Phillies to their first world title in 1980.

The congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat who represents the state’s 8th District, miraculously survived a bullet that passed through her brain. Her condition is described as critical but doctors have expressed optimism that she will live.

Ms. Giffords was considered a moderate and was one of 19 Democrats who voted against Nancy Pelosi on Jan. 5 in the election for Speaker of the House.

Also, among the dead was Federal District Judge John McCarthy Roll , a moderate conservative, and native Pennsylvanian, who was appointed by George H.W. Bush in 1991.

The accused killer, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, was described as “left wing, quite liberal ” by those who knew him. Loughner in internet postings had express a dislike for religion and admiration for the writings of Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler.

Ms. Giffords is Jewish and there are also reports that Loughner had links to an antisemitic group.


Massacre Victim Was Dallas Green’s Granddaughter

Tips From Readers

Reader Tom C has sent a link to this article describing how Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke says that unemployment will remain high for the next four or five years regardless of change in GDP.

Is this so hard to understand? With rising unemployment insurance costs and uncertain 0bamaCare demands why would any employer not bend-over backwards to avoid new hiring?

And with regard to 0Care, for those with insurance how do you like your new premiums?

Reader Fran C sent this fascinating report by David Spady of American for Prosperity, California describing how welfare recipients from that state are using their state-supplied ATM cards at luxury vacation spots and on cruise ships.

And casinos. Hey, Fast Eddie, how come you missed that one?

Clouds On The Right For Corbett

Allegations are circulating among the more conservative elements of the Tea Party Movement regarding corruption in the State Attorney General’s Office run by Gov.-Elect Tom Corbett.

The allegations have been sent in an email by Edward D. Martino, a Lancaster County activist and private investigator, who claims that the office has destroyed thousands of documents; pays 40 percent to collection agencies which is eight times higher than neighboring states; and awards no-bid contracts to the agencies.

Martino says he has interviewed “various people that either are presently working for Mr. Corbett, or have previously worked in his office.”

He would not say who it was he interviewed. He did say he did it on his own.

Goodbye Rendell Rant On 60 Minutes

Goodbye Rendell Rant On 60 Minutes — Ed Rendell wound down his disastrous eight years as Pennsylvania’s governor with a remarkable rant at CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl in defense of the casino gambling he brought to the state.

The promotional clip which can be found here shows him angrily calling those who run her show “simpletons” and “idiots”.

Judging by the a released transcript he was frustrated as to why she couldn’t understand how it was better for blue-collar Pennsylvanians to lose their paychecks in state rather than Delaware or New Jersey.

The show will air Sunday.

Hat tips to Philly.Com and Capitol Ideas.

Below is a transcript of some of Fast Eddie’s rage:

RENDELL: “The biggest downside is that some people lose their
paychecks. But understand, Lesley, they’re not losing their paychecks
because Pennsylvania instituted gaming. These people were losing their
paychecks in Atlantic City, in Delaware at the racetracks, or in West

STAHL: “So why not lose it here . . .”

Rendell: “Well, if they were going to lose it anyway, let’s get the
upside. We were getting all the downside and none of the upside.”

STAHL: “The counter-argument is that you’re creating new gamblers. And lots of new gamblers.”

RENDELL: “We’re not creating new gamblers.”

STAHL: “Well, ’cause it’s down the street.”

RENDELL: “Those people play the lottery. They bet on football. How much money is bet on the Super Bowl.”

STAHL: “People are losing money for the state to get its revenue. They’re losing money.”

RENDELL: “Let me answer this. You . . . you’ve . . . I’ve always . . .
I’ve known, uh, for two or three decades, you’re a very smart person.”

STAHL: “But not now.”

RENDELL: “But you’re not getting it.”

STAHL: “I’m dumb now.”

RENDELL: “You’re not getting it. Those people would lose that money
anyway. Don’t you understand? You guys don’t get that. You’re
simpletons. You’re idiots if you don’t get that . . . That’s the answer
and it’s the right answer.”

Goodbye Rendell Rant On 60 Minutes

Fitzpatrick Misses Swearing In

Mike Fitzpatrick, the Republican congressman who unseated Patrick Murphy in November to retake the Pa-8 District seat he lost to Murphy in 2006, missed his swearing in ceremony Wednesday.

He was mingling with supporters in the Capitol visitor center when the ceremony occurred so he took his oath there, which was of such dubious constitutionality that he  had the oath re-administered, yesterday, by the Speaker.

Fitzpatrick is being portrayed by certain media parties as being in a meeting with fundraisers when the swearing-in occurred, but that seems a cheap shot since the $30 fee that had been advertised to attend the event appears to have been for bus transportation from Bucks County to D.C.

Walk-ins were not charged.

Still, people are watching Mike.

Christie Waves Bye To 7 Educrats

Christie Waves Bye To 7 Educrats — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has declined to renew the contracts of seven county school superintendents whose mission it is is  to see that local districts follow state Education Department policies.

Their salaries were $120,000 and their contracts expired Monday. They will be replaced by Christie appointees who will presumably not meet the NJEA’s seal of approval.

The seven who will be joining the ranks of the unemployed were the superintendents of  Burlington, Cape May, Hunterdon, Monmouth, Ocean, Somerset  and Middlesex counties. The Middlesex superintendent  was also acting superintendent for Bergen County.

Tom Corbett are you taking notes?


Christie Waves Bye To 7 Educrats

A Great Experience At DN Supply

Had a great experience, yesterday, at DN Supply , 80 E. Baltimore Pike, Lansdowne.

The shop, which we use for plumbing materials, is not just for contractors. We had to replace a 50-year-old commode and amazingly enough they had one that was a remarkably close color to our 50-year-old sink that we did not have to replace.

Even more remarkably it was two-thirds the price of the one that we were considering at Home Depot that was not a good color match.

The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and patient with questions from novices.

Quote Of The Day From T.S. Eliot

Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm- but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.

–T.S. Eliot

Half Of Catholic Sex Abuse Claims May Be False

Half Of Catholic Sex Abuse Claims May Be False — An attorney who has represented Catholic priests accused of sexual abuse filed, Dec. 15, a declaration in Los Angeles County Superior Court that his investigations have revealed vast fraud among the accusers and that many accusations — possibly up to half — are completely false or exaggerated to the extent that they “would not have supported a prosecutable claim for childhood sexual abuse”.

The document was submitted under penalty of perjury.

He noted that plaintiffs have refused to take polygraph tests unlike the accused; often filed claims after learning of others receiving financial settlements; and changed facts such as times and locations over the course of the case.

He singled out the advocacy group SNAP (Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests) which he said features a website where information could be shared and a “blueprint” for an allegation be made.

The church has doled out $1 billion in settlements to the accusers — and their lawyers — since 2005.


Half Of Catholic Sex Abuse Claims May Be False


Half Of Catholic Sex Abuse Claims May Be False -- An attorney who has represented Catholic priests accused of sexual abuse filed, Dec. 15, a