Ras Has Toomey Up 48-44

The latest Rasmussen poll has Republican Pat Toomey up 48-44 percent over Congressman Joe Sestak in the race to replace Arlen Specter as senator from Pennsylvania.

The poll taken Thursday night surveyed 750 likely voters and has a plus-minus of 4 percent. Seven percent of voters said they were undecided while 1 percent said they liked another candidate.

While unlike other recent polls it still showed Toomey with a lead it was the closest Rasmussen poll between the two since May.

The previous Rasmussen poll , taken Oct. 12, showed Toomey ahead 49-39 percent.

A Ride Through Delaware

Take it for what it’s worth but I took a ride this morning down Naamans Road in Delaware between Route 202 and Route 261 and saw oodles of political signs for Glen Urquhart, the Republican congressional candidate; and John Carney, the Democrat congressional candidate; and state rep. candidates Democrat Dennis E. Williams and Republican Robert Rhodunda; and, of course, Christine O’Donnell; and various line offices.

But only one rather small one for Chris Coons.

Karl Denniger, Founder of Tea Party Blasts Tea Party

Karl Denniger, Founder of Tea Party Blasts Tea Party — Karl Denniger, founder of the Tea Party,  renounced is new direction on MSN.  Denniger reminded us the Tea Party began as a challenge to the 700 Billion Dollar bailout for Wall Street and the banks, and the lack of aid to the citizens with foreclosures.  The Tea Party demanded a clearer separation between Corporation and State and more regulation to protect the citizenry.

“Within one month,” Denniger says, “The people with the big money came in, paid for the buses, paid for the signs, and led the Tea Party in a totally different direction.  Instead of fighting for policing and regulation the Tea Party is now fighting against policing and regulation.”   This fighting against policing and regulation would permit the same people who received the bailouts and unprecedented power through corporate lobbyists and buying power to do as they will and take away the power of the average citizen to participate in the business world, the social life of the country, and in the political life in any effective manor.
The major feature that stands out most about the Tea Party is they have not spoken out about: unlimited corporate contributions permitted for campaigning; holding the banks accountable for the 700 Billion Dollars they received; the actions of the federal reserve; corporate lobbying; or anything related to the buying of the government through the weaving of corporations, corporate executives and the US Government; the very principles and cause on which the party was founded.  A successful coup has taken place in the Tea Party.  “It is amazing at how quickly it was taken over,” Denninger said.  “We may need to start over completely.”
Karl Denniger, Founder of Tea Party Blasts Tea Party

Soros Edition Or All Things Soros

Soros Edition Or All Things Soros — National Public Radio fired commentator Juan Williams last night after he said on The O’Reilly Factor two nights earlier that “. . .when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.

So much for the principle of speaking one’s mind without fear.

NPR does not, however, have to worry about funding for a replacement. The night Williams was speaking truth to power it was reported Nazi collaborator and big-time Democrat Party supporter George Soros had made a $1.8 million contribution to the organization.

NPR is non-profit membership media syndicator. Despite its non-profit status it had net income of $18.9 million last year . Public funding accounts for about 16 percent of its member stations’ income albeit some stations in rural areas get 70 percent of its revenue from taxpayers.

In Fall 2008, NPR programming reached  27.5 million people weekly with Morning Edition and the afternoon All Things Considered. Five years ago the Harris Poll showed it to be the must trusted source for news.


Soros Edition Or All Things Soros

O’Donnell Scores One and Nobody Even Notices

O’Donnell Scores One and Nobody Even Notices — The liberal, social media lit up with news of the Christine O’ Donnell/Chris Coon debate in Delaware concerning a discussion on separation of church and state.  Mr. Coons pointed out that the constitution said there should be separation of church and state.  Ms. O’Donnell asked if he was sure.  The crowd laughed.  He later pointed out, in the debate, that the First Amendment was about separation of church and state.  Ms. O’Donnell asked him if that was the truth.  Everyone laughed.  To be truthful, however, the Constitution of the U.S. does not stipulate separation of church and state, it says that the state cannot establish any state religion. 

The history of this amendment goes back to Thomas Jefferson when he, on the behest of a new religion called the Baptist Religion, fought to make it possible for Baptists to preach and form religious communities while he, at the same time, worked to stop the state from supporting the Anglican Church (The State Church in Virginia) through taxation.  He won the case and the church became separated from the state in that way, which was described much later as building a wall between the church and state.  The constitution, however, says nothing about the separation of church and state and according to the spirit of the amendment pushed through by Jefferson, the state could not outlaw any religion that was civil and lawful.  In other words the outlawing of people practicing their religions openly in schools or having religious symbols in public federal buildings is unconstitutional because it hinders the freedom of people to practice their religion.  It seems, therefor, that O’Donnell is right.  I guess even a broken clock is right at least twice a day.

Coons Political Vengeance 2-1 Record

Coons Political Vengeance 2-1 RecordDelaware Democrat senate nominee Christopher Coons is 2-1 in lawsuits accusing him of taking political  vengeance regarding county employees  shortly after assuming the role of executive director of New Castle County in 2005.

Coons was named in lawsuits filed by Trinidad Navarro and Joseph Freeberry in 2005 and by Dennis E. Parkstone 3rd in 2007. All were supporters of Sherry Freeberry who Coons defeated in a contentious Democrat primary election in 2004.

Freeberry, Sherry’s brother, accused Coons of violating his civil rights after firing him as the general manager of the county’s Department of Special Services. Freeberry was appointed to the post in 1997 after serving 13 years as the county’s superintendent of parks. State law was changed in 1997 to provide the general manager slot with merit system protection. Coons began lobbying to change the law in 2003  and got Dover to do so in 2005 making the post one filled at the pleasure of the executive director.

At which point he gave Freeberry the option to retire, resign or be fired. Freeberry chose firing and sued. The federal courts ruled in favor of Coons.

Navarro was a corporal with the New Castle County Police Department. He accused Coons and others of failing to promote him to sergeant because he supported  Ms. Freeberry.

In 2007, the county settled with Navarro agreeing to pay him $100,000 plus $40,000 for legal fees and provide him with a $60,000 annuity fund to give him a sergeant’s retirement benefits.

Parkstone was a crew chief with the Deparement of Special Services and president of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Local 459. He also supported Ms. Freeberry. He sued after he was fired for allowing his computer at the union office to be used to view pornography and to send lewd emails. While an investigation revealed  the computer had been used to access porn websites on days when Parkstone was not there, it was determined that Parkstone had failed to properly secure his machine which is also a violation.

Parkstone’s initial discipline was a suspension providing he waive his right to file a grievance, which he waived. However, Parkstone became incensed upon learning that another employee who had been a Coons supporter and  was the source of the obscene emails was not going to be punished.

So Parkstone filed a grievance and was fired.

The Coons supporter did receive a five-day suspension after the grievance was filed.

The United States District Court for Delaware granted summary judgment to Coons in April 2009.

Coons Political Vengeance 2-1 Record


Embattled DCCC Cuts Back In Philly Market

The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is cutting back its Philadelphia television ad buys until the final week of the campaign which starts Oct. 26. The plan originally called for heavy advertising for the last two weeks.

The DCCC is the national campaign arm for Democrat U.S. House Candidates.

The market which includes New Jersey and northern Delaware  has numerous endangered Democrat seats including Pa7 where former federal prosecutor  Republican Pat Meehan is fighting Democrat state Rep. Bryan Lentz for the seat being giving up by Democrat Joe Sestak; Pa8 where Democrat incumbent Patrick Murphy is down in the polls to Republican challenger Mike Fitzpatrick; Pa13 where Democrat incumbent Allyson Schwartz has found herself wary over-the-shoulder glances at Republican Dee Adock; and NJ3 where incumbent Democrat John Adler is taking desperate measures against Republican challenger John Runyan.

And of course in Delaware there is a Republican-held seat being given up by Mike castle which is contested by Republican  Republican Glen Urquhart and  Democrat Lt. Gov. John Carney.

Hat tip to mcall.com

Burns Has Money Edge In Homestretch

GOP Challenger Tim Burns has the edge in dollars for the final sprint in Pennsylvania’s 12 District congressional race.

As of Sept. 30, he had $409,735 in the bank compared to $263,182 for incumbent Democrat Mark Critz, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Critz outraised Burns $478,769 to $257,966 but has been spending it much faster. About half of Critz’s money have come from political action committees.

Critz beat Burns in a special election May 18 to fill the remainder of the term of Democrat John Murtha who died Feb. 8.

A Democrat pollster had Critz leading 48 to 41 percent in early September. A Republican poll from about the same time had Burns up 48 to 43 percent.

Joe “I Want To Be A Millionaire” Sestak

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Why Joe “Not Really One Of Us” Sestak, who has been making a issue of the net worth of his GOP opponent in Pennsylvania’s senate race.

It turns out that Sestak has disclosed assets  of between $2,103,000 and $3,856,000, including two homes. This is in the same ballpark as Pat Toomey’s reported assets of $2.02 million and $4.9 million.

A million dollars isn’t what it used to be and neither disclosure is outside the realm of the expected — Sestak is a congressman and retired rear admiral, while Toomey has held many jobs including Wall Street currency trader, Allentown restaurateur, congressman and think tank president.

OTOH, a rich Democrat playing the class envy card is not outside the realm of the expected either.

Hey Joe, how about Wheel of Fortune? For the grand prize what is hyp_cr_t_.

You got the money to buy the vowels.

Hat tip Newsmax.com

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard AIDS Explanation

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard AIDS Explanation was submitted by Tom Conigliaro. Thanks Tom.

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard was appointed in January by Pope Benedict XVI to lead the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium. He has written a book in which he says AIDS is a “sort of inherent justice” resulting from the “mistreatment of the profound nature of human love.”

The usual suspects were unsurprisingly outraged.

So the Archbishop clarified his remarks. Here is a translation from the French from the Belgian Church’s website:

Someone once asked John Paul II if AIDS was a punishment from God,. He then wisely answered that it is very difficult to know God’s intentions. I myself don’t reason in those terms at all. So I do not see this epidemic as a punishment, but at the most as a sort of immanent justice, sort of like how, in ecology, we are faced with the consequences of what we are doing to the environment. Maybe human love also responds when she is treated badly, without the need of a transcendent source. Maybe it is a sort of immanent justice, but as far as the concrete causes are concerned, doctors should some day be able to say how this disease came to be, how it was initially transmitted and then spread further. But considered more generally, I stick to something in the order of a sort of immanent justice. Badly handling physical nature causes it to treat us badly in turn and badly dealing with the deeper nature of human love will ultimately always lead to catastrophes on all levels.

Only a sick world would find this controversial or offensive.

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard AIDS Explanation