So Maybe Obama Is A Muslim

President Obama is coming to Philly, Sept. 20, to raise money for Joe Sestak’s campaign to be senator from Pennsylvania.

So Joe, you couldn’t get Mel Gibson ? The President is not a bad replacement choice. He seem to share the same warm feelings towards Israel and Jewish people as the Oscar-winning actor. And Chuck Hagel. And CAIR .

Hey, maybe the President is a Muslim after all.

Oh, I’m just joshing. The President likes his booze way too much and no Muslim could ever be such a fanatic supporter of unrestricted abortion.

But he really ought to haul Michelle with him the next time he visits Saudi Arabia. They never did take that Indonesian trip.


Pa. Dem Plays The JournoList Card

Manan Trivedi, the Democrat’s choice to take on incumbent Republican Jim Gerlach in Pennsylvania’s 6th District congressional race, accused Gerlach of racism because Gerlach has been describing Trivedi as a far left-winger who “doesn’t
share our values.”

Trivedi, a doctor, was a health policy
advisor to Barack Obama.

Gerlach aide Mark Campbell responded by saying Trivedi was the only one who used race in the campaign which happened when he asked Indian-American groups to contribute to his campaign solely because he descended from emigrants from India.

Trivedi responded by accusing Campbell of racism and demanding he be fired.

To their credit Gerlach and Campbell are sticking to their guns.

What Trivedi is doing is disgraceful and shameful. Rather than discussing the advice he gave Obama regarding health care or this nation’s impending bankruptcy,  he is taking a page from the playbook of the despicable and discredited JournoList .

He should apologized immediately and end his campaign.

America must not be divided anymore by power-seeking wannabees.

The Mosque

I think they should build the mosque.  Bill and I hardly ever disagree but in this case I say build that mosque and Community Center there so kids can meet, community groups can rent office space at a low rate, people can work out and they can bring a vibrant socially responsive environment to that area.  We should build some Freedom of Speech Zones for the protestors that are about a mile away like the zones at the Democratic Convention and let them stand out in some field somewhere and holler as much as they want.  Better yet, let them write letters to their Representatives and see how much that does.  If Pat Roberston is against it, I’m for it.

The Mosque Protest is a Waste of Time We Need Correction Not Change

Sometimes people protest the wrong things.  All of that energy wasted while employment rises and health care increases talking about mosques, whether the President is American, the latest winner on America’s Got Talent while unemployment is constantly rising–to almost 50% in some inner city areas.  A few weeks ago it was reported that Obama designated 600 million dollars to protect the border.  Why can’t he find any money for job creation and educational grants, or a failing healthcare system for Americans who don’t have insurance and even have it.  My insurance is horrible.  I have a five thousand dollar deductable.  What kind of insurance is that?  The current economic problems are more about priorities than lack of funds.  For six hundred million dollars you could build a new nation on an island and let illegals live there.  Why not give them Arizona?  It hasn’t done anything except create bad laws and senators.   I don’t mean to upset all of the people who love Arizona, in fact I think I know both of them, but it could go.  But then the U.S. citizens would be forced to show their papers because the Mexican border will have crossed over them and enveloped them.   Wait a minute.  Since Arizona used to be part of Mexico–that’s what happened to a lot of the Mexican-Americans who live there and have to show their papers.  That is really lame.

Sestak Screws Up

Sestak screws up. OK, that’s one of those phrases that you could copy to a clipboard from which to paste into a story for convenience sake but yesterday Pennsylvania’s 7th District Congressman and Democrat nominee for U.S senate has admitted to doing so, which makes it a bit more newsworthy than normal.

Joe Sestak has announced that he erred in seeking to  send $350,000 in taxpayer money to the Thomas Paine Foundation, which is an organization owned  by Drew Devitt aimed at promoting the cause of atheism, to design a new kind of windmill which would be built by New Way Energy of Chester Township, Pa, which is an organization owned by the same Drew Devitt and aimed at promoting the cause of increasing his bank account.

Now, why would Congressman Sestak think it a good idea to give $350,000 of taxpayer money to an atheist group to build windmills? I have no idea. Why do people do these sorts of things?

Anyway, Joe is really not someone we want writing our laws.

Don’t Build The Dang Mosque

The first rule of tolerance is if it’s not a two-way street it’s not tolerance. The second rule is pointless provocation is not a sign of tolerance.

While there may very well be positive aspects to Islam, that that religion was integral to the motivations of the 9/11 hijackers is not something that can be denied and for Feisal Abdul Rauf to want to build, not a small humble structure, but a towering edifice near the site of most of those murders shows gross insensitivity at best, and despicable finger-in-the-eye, start-a-fight triumphalism at worst.

And if  space really were the issue, Rauf could probably save a few tens of millions dollars by moving 10 blocks north rather than south, and probably end up with more room.

Tolerance is good. To promote it, rather than object to protesters exercising their rights to do so, we should seek to open churches — Trinitarian or Unitarian — in churchless Saudi Arabia.

And it the name of tolerance, we should also listen to what the protesters have to say, and not judge them.

Welcome John Gilmore

Welcome John Gilmore, who is BillLawrenceOnline.Com’s first guest author.

Judy, badge number 2 is still available.

John is a Unitarian minister and school teacher who grew up in Chester, Pa. and his views may not be what you are used to on this site.

Diversity, however, is not what this site fears.

So, again welcome John.

Which World do You Want to Live in?

There have been horrible protests taking place in New York City and all over the country because some of our fellow citizens would like to build a mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero (the former site of the Twin Towers and five blocks away from their present mosque they have outgrown) in New York.  Several people have been protesting.  They feel insulted that that group would dare to want to build a mosque there, mainly because it is Islamic.


In the street day after day we find people protesting, almost coming to blows because this mosque is moving from 12th to 2nd St. and building a community center.  Some protest for religious freedom, to allow the to build the mosque.  Others protest in the name of patriotism, thinking that the Moslems are all guilty for the attack on the Twin Towers.  It is a real fiasco. 



In contrast 

Moslems, Christians, Mormons, Unitarian Universalists, and various other religious organizations, met together at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Philadelphia to provide for the homeless, poor, and unemployed.  Thousands of people who were in need showed up.  


While all of the fighting and bigotry, xenophobia, and hatred are being played out  the real religious people who are dedicated to the principles of love, are working to make the world better by providing for the poor and broken-hearted.  I think it is important nowadays to find a group  that does similar things.  I want to be a part of that group.

All the anger, hollering and fighting to stop people from building a religious institution and community center has little to do with God and much to do with unresolved anger and deeply entrenched egos.

What can we do about this?  Find a group working to heal the world so you can channel your creativity into that.  Leave a great legacy to your children and grandchildren;  a legacy of a better world and the memory of a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle who made the right decision, when times got rough, and stood on the side of love.  For love is all that we really have to improve things.  The ability to love and to create is probably the most important thing that we can give to the next generation.   The self-righteousness is something we should just as soon leave behind.

Dr. John W. Gilmore


Scott Ritter, Whatever Happened To?

Remember Scott Ritter? He was the former chief UN weapons inspector in Iraq between 1991 and 1998. Circa 2003 you could find him on just about any cable news show describing how evil America was for invading Iraq and how Bush was a liar etc. So in these Obama years what has he been up to?

He has been in the Poconos; in a Monroe County courtroom to be exact, trying to get charges dropped that he set up a rendezvous for improper relations with a 15-year-girl he met on the internet. The “girl”, of course, turned out to be a Barret Township police officer.

In 2001, he was nailed in a similar sting. He has said that had been an attempt by The Man to silence his expose of Bush and Evil America.

Update: Ritter was convicted on six counts and sentenced to 18-66 months in state prison.


Scott Ritter, Whatever Happened To?

 Scott Ritter, Whatever Happened To?

GOP Up In Pa

The  Reuters/Ipsos poll released, today, has Republican Pat Toomey up 47-37 percent among likely voters over Democrat Joe Sestak in the Pennsylvania Senate race. Among registered voters, a category historically more favorable to the Democrats, Toomey is up 40-37 percent.

Meanwhile, the latest Rasmussen Poll has Toomey up 45-39 percent among likely voters with Toomey ahead 48-42 percent if leaners are factored in.

In the governor’s race, Reuter/Ipsos has Republican Tom Corbett head of Democrat Don Onorato 49 percent to 34 percent.

In other election news, Sestak has launched his first attack ads in which he accuses Toomey to be in the pockets of Wall Street and features a CNBC interview from 2007 in which he advocates ending corporate income taxes.

The ad buy is estimated to cost $110,000 and will run in every market but Philadelphia.

Toomey has responded saying he was just trying to explain to consumers that it is they who ultimately pay for taxes on corporations, and that he recognizes that a 0 percent corporate income tax is is “impractical for a host of reasons”.

Some friendly advice, Joe. You are living in a greenhouse on the “capitalist tool of Wall Street” matter so be careful about throwing stones. It’s not like Toomey ever voted to take $700 billion in taxpayer money to bailout Goldman Sachs et al. That’s not his name there in the yes category of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.

It’s funny that even though the TARP bailout was pushed by President Bush most Democrats voted for it and most Republicans voted against it.