Natural-Born Bill Would Likely Let O On Ballot

Natural-Born Bill Would Likely Let O On Ballot — A bill requiring presidential candidates to present proof of natural born citizenship — and other constitutional requirements — in order to be on the Pennsylvania ballot would likely not keep Barack Obama off it.

HB 1350, introduced to the State House of Representatives, April 20, by Daryl Metcalfe (R-12) and 23 others would require candidates for president and vice president of the United States to file with their nomination papers an affidavit attesting that they meet the requirements for the office set forth in section 1 of Article II of the Constitution of the United State and attach documents providing proof.

The constitutional requirements for one to hold the office of president or vice president are that one be a natural born citizen, that one be 35 years of age and that one have lived in the United States for at least 14 years.

Natural born citizen means “a person born within the jurisdiction of a national government”.  The certification of live birth that President Obama’s supporters have been touting as proof that he meets this requirement would likely fulfill the requirements of the proposed bill.

And in a sane world it would. The problem is that when prominent Pennsylvania Democrat Philip J. Berg, who had served as a state Deputy Attorney General, filed suit on Aug. 21, 2008 accusing then Sen. Obama of not being eligible to hold the office of president, Obama cited privacy rights and fought tooth-and-nail to prevent what should have been simple corroborating documentation from seeing the light of day.

And so what we have is close to 40 percent of  Americans believing that he is a imposter president.

So much for uniting us.

What if Obama had simply shrugged and waived all privacy rights? This, by the way, is what President Bush did regarding claims he had received special treatment for joining the Texas Air National Guard to fulfill service requirements during the Vietnam War.

Presumably, the corroboration would have been found and there would be no controversy. Or perhaps, the original documentation would have been discovered lost which would have still left the vast majority of Americans  in acceptance of what was available, since Obama would not have appeared to be hiding something.

As it is now, however, a lot of sane people not inclined to conspiracy theories are starting to wonder.

HB1350, is a nice, safe, vanilla law, which should not be controversial and would probably make government a little better if it were passed but would have no profound impact on anything.

What would be interesting, though, would be for the state to pass a law requiring presidential candidates — heck, make it all candidates for public office — to waive all privacy privileges.

All birth records; all all college transcripts; all employer reviews; all military records (hear that John Kerry?) would be subject to public scrutiny.

Obviously things sealed in cooperation with other parties such as divorce proceedings would remain private, which would make for a bit of irony.



Natural-Born Bill Would Likely Let O On Ballot

Christos Voskrese

Christos voskrese, which means Christ has Risen, is the Easter greeting in Church Slavonic which brings the response Voistinu voskrese or Indeed, He has risen.

Easter, of course, celebrates the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus and the salvation of Man.

The date for Easter is the Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox, which is always reckoned, regardless of astronomical observations, to be March 21 as per the Western churches that use the Gregorian calendar, so Easter always falls between March 22 and April 25 so the holiday is a late one this year.

The dating for Easter correlates with the means the Jews use to set the date for Passover, which correlates with Scripture since Scripture indicates that the Crucifixion of the Lord occurred as the lambs were being slaughtered for the celebration of that holiday.

In fact, in most Western languages the the name for the day is a cognate of the Pesach which is the Hebrew name for Passover. In Latin it would be Pascha so Paschal lamb would be Passover lamb.

In English and German, the word comes from Eostre month, which was basically April, and which the pagans who spoke Germanic languages had named for the goddess Eostre.

In Slavic, the holiday is called “Great Night” (Velikonoce in Slovak) or “Great Day” (Velikden in Ukrainian).

There are some caveats regarding the date. The Eastern churches that use the Julian calendar set the equinox is set at April 3, and, of course, the spring equinox is based on that of the Northern Hemisphere.

So, Christos Voskrese.

Christos Voskrese

Christos Voskrese

Nard, Judas And Democrats

Nard, Judas And Democrats — In at least one church this Palm Sunday the story was told of Mary, the sister of Lazarus, who took about a pint of pure nard,  poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped his feet with her hair.

One particular disciple became indignant saying that the wildly expensive perfume could have been sold and the money given to the poor.

That disciple, of course, was Judas Iscariot who was not so much interested in the poor but in fattening the moneybags since he was the one in control of them and to which he would help himself.

So next time you hear a politician — who would more likely than not belongs to a party that starts with a D — say how you must give to the government to  help the poor, remember this story and note that he is the one who is in control of the moneybags.

Nard, Judas And Democrats

Gar Raines R.I.P.

Gar Raines R.I.P.

A service was held this morning, April 16, for the gentle and decent Garland C. Raines at The Church of the Redeemer in Springfield, Pa.

Gar, a veteran of World War II, live a long and full life. He was a editor and writer and ended his professional career at the County Press in Newtown Square where he worked for 12 years.

Gar lived in Springfield and is survived by his wife, Ruth; son, Blake, and family.

 Gar Raines R.I.P.

Pa. Bill Would Make Obama Prove Natural Born Citizenship

Pa. Bill Would Make Obama Prove Natural Born Citizenship —LancasterOnline.Com is reporting that a bill was introduced in the State House yesterday, April 13, that would require presidential candidates to prove that they are natural born citizens of the United States, as required by the U.S. Constitution, before getting on the Pennsylvania ballot.

The bill was drafted by Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-12) and has 23 co-sponsors according to LancasterOnline. Metcalfe is reported as saying it was drafted in response to the debate regarding President Obama’s birthplace.

One supposes there will be sneering at Metcalfe from the usual suspects but if one sits back, takes a deep breath and considers it, one will wonder why such a bill would be in the least controversial, assuming the bill doesn’t put undue burdens on candidates since the text has yet to be online as of Thursday morning.

Still, despite the large number of co-sponsors don’t expect fast action on it. Metcalfe’s HB 934 , which would require voters to show photo ID,  and which has 48 co-sponsors has been languishing in the House’s State Government Committee since March 4.

Among the co-sponsors of HB 934 is Stephen Barrar (R) whose 160th District includes much of southwest Delaware County.


Pa. Bill Would Make Obama Prove Natural Born Citizenship


Pa. Bill Would Make Obama Prove Natural Born Citizenship --

Changing Political Narrative Must For GOP

Changing Political Narrative Must For GOP — It’s being said with regard to the budget debate that the Republicans own the facts i.e. the country will go bankrupt if we don’t cut spending, while the Democrats own the narrative i.e. if you cut spending you hate children, women, poor people, whoever.

So let’s change the narrative to reflect the facts.

The vast majority of the people who vote Republican want everybody to have food and shelter and clothes and health care. This includes children, woman and poor people.

Many of the Republican legislators feel the same. I believe Congressman Pat Meehan, who represents Pennsylvania’s 7th District, falls in this category as does Sen. Pat Toomey.

So what must be explained is where it is that food and shelter and clothes and health care come from so children et al can continue to get it.

A good way of illustrating this is to make those who are claiming to care the most back up their words with deeds.

If Nancy Pelosi says the poor are starving why don’t we ask her to grow
her own corn, harvest it, then truck it down — by herself — to the poor neighborhoods where she can just give it away. Or maybe we can just ask Barbara Boxer to get StarKist Tuna to provide the food out of its sense of social justice.

And of course Harry Reid should be more than willing to quite his soft job of spending other people’s money to become a doctor (okay, maybe a nurse’s aide) and donate all his time and effort into curing the ills of the poor for free, of course, or maybe for a just a chicken from the yard or a token of costume jewelry like the kind doctors working among the poor do in movies. Right?

And why didn’t  Reid work for free in his jobs as a lawyer or casino consultant or isn’t working for free as a senator?

The narrative should be that people who go into government are exponentially more greedy and lazy than people who go into business.

It would certainly fit the facts which is that our debt will be near $15 trillion at year’s end and our deficit is at $1.6 trillion which means that the poor in this country will soon be joined in their economic status by many of those who are now middle class unless drastic action is taken.

SB1 Middle Class Vouchers Addition Seems A Small Bone Thrown

SB 1, the school choice bill pending in the Pennsylvania legislature, was reported out of the Senate Appropriations Committee, yesterday, April 11, on a 15-11 vote with the  addition of it now providing vouchers to “middle class” students starting in the 2014-2015 school year. These “middle class” vouchers, however, would be funded by part of an excess scholarship fund so it seems a rather small bone to be thrown to the Tea Party groups looking out for the middle class.

And the latest version of the bill, PN 1031, also now limits the aggregate amount of all opportunity scholarships awarded to low-income children  starting in the 2013-2014 school year to $250 million

The vote was generally party-line although Democrats Lisa Boscola and Lawrence Farnese voted for it and Republicans Lisa Baker and Stewart Greenleaf voted against it.

Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi, whose 9th District includes large parts of Delaware and Chester counties and is an ex-officio member of the committee, voted for it.

The latest version, also among other things, changes  the methodology for defining the lowest performing five percent of schools; changes some of the reporting requirements; removes specific dates on the timeline;  penalties for misuse of scholarships, which includes disqualification from future eligibility for an opportunity scholarship; and requires participating non-public schools to  annually a standardized achievement test.

The new version also would create a “public school choice demonstration grant program”, which would let a school district establish a program of tuition grants for resident students who wish to attend a nonresident public school.

Kennedys Make The Kennedys Heroic

Kennedys Make The Kennedys Heroic — I spent a bit of Sunday watching a good bit of The Kennedys on Reelz. This was the series developed by conservative Joel Surnow and Stephen Kronish, and forced from the History Channel after complaints from the Kennedy family.

What were they complaining about? It makes Bobby and Jack and even Old Joe look positively heroic.

And, in truth, JFK had better Supreme Court appointments than either Nixon or Ike  and a better economic policy than Nixon. With regard to foreign policy let’s say he just had a better one than LBJ.

Mobsters and Marilyn aside, the Kennedy legacy would still shine but for Teddy and Bobby’s kids.

Kennedys Make The Kennedys Heroic