Chris Christie Praises Fellow U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan

New Jersey Governor-elect Chris Christie, last night, at back-to-back fundraisers praised the character and other attributes of Pat Meehan who is the GOP nominee to represent Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District which is being vacated by Joe “Chicken Little” Sestak who is seeking Arlen “Henny Penny” Specter’s senate seat.

Hey Joe and Arlen, did you hear that the global warming scare is a scam and we don’t need to be impoverished by higher energy costs after all? Probably not since you both depend on the Philadelphia Inquirer and the obsolete network newscasts for information.

Christie got to know Meehan while both served as U.S. attorneys — Christie for New Jersey and Meehan for Eastern Pennsylvania.

“We proved on Nov. 3 against Barack Obama’s buddy John Corzine …that if your message is right and your candidate is strong and yourcandidate’s supporters are strong, that victory can be yours,” said Christie referring to his upset victory in that heavy Democratic state.

PoliticsPa.Com has a good story regarding the event, although I don’t know if I’d call the Concordville Inn “swanky”.

Pa Employees Who Make 200K

There are 25 state employees with salaries over $200,000, not including all the bennies of course.

Twenty-three of them are involved in education with five  of them from the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA); four of them  from the  Pennsylvania Public School Employees’s Retirement System, (PSERS); and three remarkably enough professors at Clarion University albeit the Clarion income includes compensation beyond base pay.

The jive 25 are:

1.  John C. Cavanaugh, chancellor of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, $327,500.
2.  James Preston, president and CEO of the PHEAA, $320,000.
3.  Scott Miller, Washington lobbyist for the PHEAA, $290,000.
4.  Stephen Curtis, president of Philadelphia Community College, $277,584 (includes housing and car allowance).
5.  Alan Van Noord, chief investment office for the Pennsylvania Public School Employees’s Retirement System, (PSERS) $251,542.
6.  Tony Atwater, president of Indiana University, $244,620.
7.   Brian Hudson, executive director of the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, $240,006.
8.  John Winchester, chief investment officer of the State Employees Retirement System,  $236,265.
9.  Alex Johnson president of Allegheny County Community College, $222,525.
10.Thomas R. Vilber, psychology professor at Clarion University, $217,882.
11. Brian Lecher, chief information officer at the PHEAA, $217,757.
12. Timothy Guenther, chief financial officer at the PHEAA, $217,757.
13. Angelo Armenti, president of California University, $213,000.
14. James W. Blake, professor at Clarion University,$209,841.
15. Edna V. Baehre, president of the Harrisburg Community College, $209,600.
16. Keith T. Miller, president of Loch Haven University, $205,136.
17. Robert M. Smith, president of Slippery Rock University, $203,930 .
18.William Buchanan, professor of library science at Clarion University, $203,621.
19. Javier Cevallos, president of Kutztown University, $203,484.
20. Francine G. McNairy, president of Millersville University, $202,831.
21. Kelly Logan, executive director of public service, PHEAA, $201,178.
22. Gerard Smith, managing director PSERS, $201,018
23. Mark Heppenstall, managing director PSERS, $201,018
24. James Grossman, managing director PSERS, $201,018
25.  Linda Lamwers, interim president of West Chester University, $200,000

Photos of some of them can be found here.

A list of other highly paid state workers can be found at this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette page.


Pa Employees Who Make 200K

Pa  Employees Who Make 200K

Make White House Guests Remove Shoes

In light of the recent security breaches at the Obama White House, it was suggested to me that all guest at White House functions be required to go through security procedures of degree that at least those that are inflicted on U.S. air travelers.

Yes, this means making them remove their shoes.

Global Warming Scam Netted Big Bucks

So how could dedicated scientists fudge data regarding claims of catastrophic global warming and give ammunition to those seeking policies that would impoverish working people via higher energy costs?

Apparently for the money.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Phil Jones —  the director of the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit which was the source of the emails which blew the lid off the lies — received $19 million worth of research grants
between 2000 and 2006, a six-fold increase over what he got in the 1990s.

Wonder how much Penn State’s Michael Mann got?

For a laugh at Mann’s expense check out Hide the Decline.

Michael Moore Calls Afghan Deadline Crazy

Michael Moore Calls Afghan Deadline Crazy — Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore called the 2011 deadline for a pullout of troop from Afghanistan set by President Obama in yesterday’s speech “crazy”.

As pigs flew by my window, Moore waxing President Bush, told Larry King: “I mean if they are the enemy you fight them until they’re done, until you win and they lose.”

Believe it or not. See it here. It starts at 4:13.

Michael Moore Calls Afghan Deadline Crazy

Ida B. Fine R.I.P.

I just returned from the funeral for a very sweet lady. Ida B. Fine died Nov. 24 at the age of 75. She lived in Rose Valley, Pa. and was a long-time reporter for the County Press and it’s sister publications. She covered Upper Darby courts and municipal events for many years and most recently had the excellent All Around Town community column.

Services were held at Beth El-Ner Tamid in Marple with burial at Mount Sharon Cemetery in Springfield.

She is survived by her husband, Samuel, daughters Cindy Williams and Deborah Fine and two granddaughters.

R.I.P. Ida

First Springfield Alumni Lacrosse Game

The holy game of lacrosse — it was cooked up by the Indians to entertain God — was played this morning at Sabold School in Springfield Pa. featuring alumni from Springfield High School  teams going back to the Class of ’77 (Jack Gelsomini).

The event was organized by Kyle Sweeney, perhaps Springfield’s most shining star in a sky-full concerning the game. Teams were divided into odds and evens as determined by the year of graduation.

I think the odds won but by the fourth quarter I was letting those under age 49  handle things and lost track of the score.

Thank you, Kyle. May it become a Thanksgiving tradition.

First Springfield Alumni Lacrosse Game

First Springfield Alumni Lacrosse Game

Obama Science Czar Tied To Global Warming Scam

CanadaFreePress.Com is reporting that the hacked emails from the  University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit have tied President Obama’s “science czar”, John Holdren, to the global warming hoax.

The emails show that the world’s leading researchers fudged data and conspired via politics to silence scientific dissenters to convince the world that man-caused emissions were causing the earth to warm catastrophically.

Holdren holds the posts of director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and co-chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Meanwhile, President Obama is preparing for a trip to Copenhagen where the expectation is that he will cite global warming in pledging to reduce U.S. energy consumption and make us a poorer nation.

A central, if not the central, character in the scandal is Michael Mann, who is director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State. Mann has been selected  as one of the 50 leading visionaries in Science and Technology by Scientific American,

This fraud  is being played out as though the cover has never been blown by the dying propagandists unaware of their loss of importance.  KYW is reporting that “Pa. Ranks 5th for Most Global Warming Pollution” but when I searched the site I could not find a mention of Mann or Eat Anglia or Climategate, which is what the scandal is being called.

Inky Still Mum On Global Warming Scam

Didn’t see a line in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer regarding the now five-day old story showing how respected proponents of the theory that man-made emissions are causing a catastrophic warming of the globe cooked the data to make their case.

And this is despite one of the central characters, Michael E. Mann, getting some of Pennsylania’s tax dollars funneled to him as the director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State.

Ahmed Hashim Abed — Words Fail At The Shamefulness

Ahmed Hashim Abed was the mastermind of the March 2004 murder and mutilation of four Blackwater security guards in Fallujah, Iraq. He was finally captured Sept. 3 by Navy SEALs

So do the SEALs get medals, citations and a hero’s parade? No. Three of them are facing charges because Abed got a bloodly lip. The SEALs are refusing non-judicial punishment and are demanding a trial by court-martial.

I guess if the SEALs want sympathy from the powers-that-be they should join a radical Islamic group and counsel soldiers not to fight.

Ahmed Hashim Abed — Words Fail At The Shamefulness of the Obama Administration

Ahmed Hashim Abed -- Words Fail At The Shamefulness