Senate Schedules Hearing On Privatizing State Stores

Tears may not be being shed yet but furrows of concern should be appearing on the brows of those at Total Wine and the other Naamans Road liquor stores in Delaware<

The  Law and Justice Committee of the Pennsylvania Senate has scheduled a Valentine’s Day hearing on privatizing the state’s liquor sales.

The committee is chaired by Sen. John Pippy (R-37).

The hearing will be 3-5 p.m., in 8E-B of the Capitol’s East Wing. It will explore general topics including the practice of other states. No specific bill be discussed.

Expected to testify are representatives of the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association, Reason Foundation, the Commonwealth Foundation, and Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation.

In other  legislative news, Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23) has introduced SB 108 which will further restrict the employment of executive-level state workers by firms in which they had dealings.

Sen. Lloyd Smucker (R-13) introduced SB 110 which would let taxpayers easily see who is flying on state-owned planes.

The Senate Education Committee endorsed a lifetime ban on persons convicted of serious violent offenses, which would include sex crimes against children from employment in schools, and a 10-year ban on all convicted of felony offenses of working in schools.

CAIR Comes To Springfield

CAIR Comes To Springfield — CAIR Pennsylvania — the state affiliate of the Council on American-Islamic Relations —  has scheduled a banquet , 6:30 p.m., March 12 at the Springfield Country Club, which has been called the unofficial headquarters of the Springfield Republican Party.

It was the place, in fact, where John McCain kicked off his 2008 presidential campaign after officially becoming the GOP’s nominee.

The theme is “Advancing With Confidence” and the event is being called an “entertaining night out for the whole family.”

The entertainment is “world renowned” David Lucas and Ken Kaplin for the children, and a clown who will do balloon twisting.

Speakers are Dr. Umar Faruq Abdullah and Imam Johari Abdul-Malik.

Perhaps you have heard of Imam Adul-Malik. He came out in defense of Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, aka H. Rap Brown, after he was convicted of murdering Fulon County, Ga. sheriff deputy Ricky Leon Kinchen in March 2002, saying the former Mr. Brown was framed.

That same month he said the raid in northern Virgina which netted Sami Al-Arian was a witch hunt. Al-Arian would be sentenced to 57 month in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to help a “specially designated terrorist” organization, which in this case was the Islamic Jihad.

He would then go on to support for other terrorists like Ahmed Omar Abu Ali and Ali al Timimi.

It sounds like an entertaining night out for the whole family.

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CAIR Comes To Springfield

The SB 1 Stand At The School House Door

Montco Tea Party activist Bob Guzzardi has pointed out a Delaware County school board member actually — hopefully unwittingly — invoked the imagery of Democrat segregationist George Wallace in her opposition to SB 1, the school choice bill pending in the Pennsylvania legislature.

Charlotte Hummel, who is the president of the William Penn School Board, told the Philadelphia Inquirer, yesterday, that “I will be standing in the schoolhouse door if vouchers were enacted.

William Penn hosts two schools — Park Lane Elementary School and Aldan School — that are considered failing by the state and whose students would be instantly eligible for vouchers if the bill should pass.

The Stand in the Schoolhouse Door was famous incident during the Civil Rights Movement in which Wallace as Alabama governor attempted to keep two black students from entering the University of Alabama.

Ms. Hummel is also a Democrat. Some things never change.

Is Sestak Prepping For Gov Run?

Former Congressman Joe “How Can We Miss You If You Don’t Go” Sestak appears to have gotten over his narrow senate loss to Pat Toomey and is sowing the seeds to take on Tom Corbett in 2014 to replace him as Pennsylvania’s governor.

Sestak received a standing O at the Democratic State Committee’s meeting last week and PoliticsPa.Com has heard from several sources that he discussed such a run at the event.

It should be noted that a year ago the Committee rejected him for Arlen Specter as their boy in the primary and that in return Joe described the committee as “an insider group”.

A spokeswoman for Private Citizen Sestak confirmed to PoliticsPa.Com “that he wants to do public service in some way” albeit she did not confirm that he is preparing a gubernatorial run.

And of course, he still has a spokeswoman.

Hat tips to PoliticsPa.Com and PaWaterCooler.Com

Democrat Party Worse Than Nuclear War?

Democrat Party Worse Than Nuclear War? — Fallout 3 is a video game set in the ravaged wasteland of a post-nuclear war America.

Detroit is a city featured in a recent Super Bowl commercial that has been run by the progressive Democrats since the 1970s.

A little over a year ago a poster at GameFaqs.Com named Starjed gave us: “We Play “Is it Detroit or is it a Fallout 3 Screencap?

A screencap is an image taken from the game. Starjed posted URLs to the Fallout 3 screencaps and to actual photos of the Motor City and asked you to guess which is which.

Starjed didn’t provide direct links to the images so you’ll have to cut and past their URLs into your address window but the point is made.

The  conclusion that one can  draw is that Democrat Party leadership is as bad for a society as nuclear war.

Some actually make the case that it is worse.

Democrat Party Worse Than Nuclear War?

Democrat Party Worse Than Nuclear War?


Olbermann Has New TV Job

Former MSNBC personality Keith Olbermann has been named chief news officer on Current-TV, the  cable network started by Al Gore. Olbermann will host a nightly “news” and commentary show according to the network’s websitewhere he “will lead” the programming slate.

“Nothing is more vital to a free America than a free media, and nothing is more vital to my concept of a free media than news produced independently of corporate interference,” said Olbermann in  statement.

Olbermann’s compensation will include equity in Current Media, the corporate owners of Current-TV.

Olbermann left the constantly low-rated MSNBC on Jan. 21 three days after the network was acquired by Comcast along with the rest of NBC Universal.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing with regard to Current-TV is that has even fewer viewers that Olbermann’s old network.

Corporate question of the day: will Olbermann’s stake of stock cause him to stifle the spit and spite for the benefit of profits now that they are his own?

Olbermann Has New TV Job

Sen. Pileggi Tweets Bypass The Press

Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R-9) has been diligent about tweeting updates to the goings on of the Pennsylvania Senate.

Yesterday, for instance, he informed the world that the Senate Rules Committee has a new website with links to documents filed by cabinet and other nominees.

He notes that Senate Bill 106 has been introducted by Sen. Kim Ward (R-39) to amend the state Constitution to prohibit lame-duck legislative sessions.

He tells us that Senate Bill 107 , introduced by himself, would prohibit contigent-fee lobbying for state grants as is now the case with legislative issues.

He points out that Senate Bill 200 , introduced by Sen. Pat Brown (R-16) aimed at preventing concussions among student-athletes was approved today in committee.  

And he tells us that a hearing is being planned for his own Senate Bill 247 which would make changes to the three-year-old Open Records Law.

And four days ago he told us that Sen. Browne introduced SB 105 which would establish a searchable web-based database for matters involving state spending.

Anybody see a story on that in the old media?

The Senator can be followed here .