Planned Parenthood Loses Coke, Ford, Xerox

Xerox, Ford, and Coca-Cola have asked that Planned Parenthood remove  them from a list of corporate donors the demonic, historically racist organization had been using. Planned Parenthood Loses Coke, Ford, Xerox

The three companies said they have never contributed to the group and do not match employee gifts to it.

The original list of donors  can be found here.  It received publicity after it was revealed Planned Parenthood was harvesting body parts for sale from the humans it was aborting

What is especially disturbing is the contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As government-sponsored enterprises one would think they would not be making contributions to any group much less one with Planned Parenthood’s history.

Of course, Planned Parenthood gets about a half-billion in tax subsidies anyway.

The money should not just be cut off.  The group should be treated as a criminal organization.

Planned Parenthood Loses Coke, Ford, Xerox

2 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Loses Coke, Ford, Xerox”

  1. I’m reminded of an incident from the other day, when I went to take my recycling out. When I lifted up the bin for glass, I found a bunch of maggots underneath. When the light hit them, they squirmed and crawled, seeking to get out of the light.

  2. Is the market for aborted baby body parts the reason Kermit Gosnell preserved the little feet of the dear unborn babies he butchered? I always wondered about those dreadful jars lined up like pickled pigs feet.

    Hey, maybe the mothers, who “chose” to be in the supply line, could start a class action suit to get Planned Parenthood to share the sales proceeds with them.

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