Planned Parenthood Sold Spin

The videos released by Center for Medical Progress (CMP) showing monstrous behavior by the once-esteemed Planned Parenthood have been reported as “heavily edited” by the pro-abortion lapdogs in the old media. Planned Parenthood Sold Spin

Well, that’s what Planned Parenthood paid for. The vile organization hired Fusion GPS, a left-wing public relations firm, to try and spin them out of their difficulty. They came up with the idea to push that the videos were “heavily edited.”

CMP has at least 12 hours of video and most of it is available for those that want to wade through it.

To say the videos that establish that Planned Parenthood sold the parts of the bodies of the human beings they killed are “heavily edited” is like saying surveillance video showing a hold up at a drug store was heavily edited because it didn’t include the entire day.

Planned Parenthood Sold Spin

One thought on “Planned Parenthood Sold Spin”

  1. Absolutely correct!!!
    From POTUS press sect’y a few weeks ago ,to a guest on Hannity last night,Pamela Holder,the same phrases are used:”heavily edited”,”distorted”,”taken out of context”.An of course:”an attack of women’s health providers”!!
    .When the dfenders of PP are asked if they watched the entire videos(as I have 2 times),the reply is always “no”.Absolutely shameful.

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