Political Class Faces Rebellion

Political Class Faces Rebellion — A big win is expected for Donald Trump this Super Tuesday night and while expectations are not certainties there is a reason for the expectations.

Political Class Faces Rebellion
Billionaire of the People

Most Americans are bat-caca upset with those who have been controlling the political process. This includes the elected officials, appointed officials, hired bureaucrats, non-profit tax-funded administrators and the media that duly regurgitates what it is told by those getting rich off tax dollars.

We have been manipulated by the craven for decades. How? Let’s take a recent case. Most of us want those down on their luck to have access to health care so we agree to a program that will provide this aid which we are told will actually make things better for all.

But then life gets worse  especially for those paying the bill.

And then we learn that those responsible for the problem in the first place are laughing to the bank.

Kind of makes you want to build a guillotine don’t it?

Or consider education. Most Americans think education is pretty important. We are told the “schools are underfunded” so we say “gotta help the kids” so we tighten our belt and let more of our money go to taxes.

And now we learn that the schools aren’t underfunded but the government people are still asking for money anyway so we start wondering where it goes and we start finding answers.

Revolution cometh.

Political Class Faces Rebellion



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