Prayers For Police After Dallas

Prayers For Police After Dallas — As information comes in from Dallas — the latest is five police killed and six wounded from last night’s (July 7) sniper attack at a Black Lives Matter protest — we continue to keep all men and women in law enforcement in our prayers.

There is no liberty without law. The way our society is organized the only time the large, organized, armed mass that is the state can interfere in one’s life is when words have been put on paper with due process allowing them to do so in specific instances.  Prayers For Police After Dallas

Without law, the strong — whether it is an organized armed mass or a mob or a young, 230-pound male — can oppress one at random.

Liberty is dead when that happens.

So honor and respect and pray for all those who put on a uniform or carry a badge to risk their life and deal with unpleasant people to enforce the law and keep us safe.

The attack at the protest was well planned. While details are yet to come about the killers, who are now reported to be in custody, we are real curious as to their theology.

Prayers For Police After Dallas

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  1. Amen. The members of the thin blue line risk it all everyday to protect us, as this tragedy shows.

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