Pro Choice Pigs Back Hillary Clinton

Pro Choice Pigs — The Clintons and the corporations are pushing the meme that bans or restrictions on abortion are “anti-woman”.

Pro Choice Pigs
He’s with her.

This is epic Orwellian wordplay.

The men most inclined to treat women as sex toys are invariably “pro choice”.

Why do Larry Flynt and Gloria Steinem support the same candidates? Why is Jeffery Epstein a friend of the Clintons? Why do rap musicians and Hollywood “players” back Democrats, often only because of their position on abortion?

You don’t need to be Einstein to connect the dots.

The motivations of those who are pro life are also not hard to fathom. All decent persons believe that there is an obligation to protect the weak and helpless. All with an IQ above room temperature understand that life indisputably starts somewhere.

You ever notice that it is the “pro choice” crowd that goes to extremes to avoid discussing where that somewhere might be?

What is hard to fathom, however, is why women somehow are supposed to think that it is in their interest to tell men that the baby they’re carrying is none of their business.

Donald Trump was a Hollywood-connected billionaire who obviously did his share of things that were wrong. Unlike his fellow one-percenters, though, he seems to understand this and is willing to make amends.

If you have a soul, he’s basically your only choice in this election.

Pro Choice Pigs



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