Push Poll Against Alex Charlton Received

Push Poll Against Alex Charlton Received
OK Alex, you have my vote.

Push Poll Against Alex Charlton Received — Looks like Alex Charlton is going to get my vote after all. A pollster called yesterday evening wanting to know how yo felt about the various races this Nov. 6. The gubernatorial race was touched upon but the congressional and senate races were skipped and things went directly to the 165th Pennsylvania House race the district where Charlton, a Republican, is the incumbent.

I expressed ambiguity about voting for him and the nice lady pollster brought up his opponent who, it turns out, is basically a Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wannabe.

The pollster read me statements about the candidates and asked that if the statements were true would I be more inclined to vote for the candidate.

I learned for instance that the Democrat — I wasn’t really sure she was a socialist before the call — had a war hero husband. Yes, I said that would make me more inclined to vote for her. I was asked that if the socialist wanted to help veterans would that make me more inclined to vote for her. Yes, I said, it would. I was asked how I would feel if she supported free health care for all and equal wages. Wait a minute, I thought, this chick really is a socialist. I said um that would make me less inclined to support her. She asked how I would vote knowing about her support of unions and public education and such.

She then went on to ask about Charlton. She asked would I support him if I learned he was a centrist who backed open space . Sure, why not? Open space is nice.

She asked if I would back him if I realized he backed banning abortion after six weeks “even before a woman knew she was pregnant”. Alex, I thought, is that really you?  She asked how it would affect my vote knowing that Alex was supporting NRA attempts to keep municipalities from superseding state law. She asked how if would affect my vote knowing that Alex wanted to take money from traditional public education and give to private and cyber schools. Really, Alex? Is that really you??

Anyway, when it was all said and done I congratulated her for convincing me to vote for Alex. I was seriously considering voting D, or at least third party.

Push Poll Against Alex Charlton Received


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