QAnon Doxxing Threat Made By ‘Anonymous’

QAnon Doxxing Threat Made By 'Anonymous'QAnon Doxxing Threat Made By ‘Anonymous’ — A threat has been made in the name of the hacktivist group “Anonymous” to  “doxx” i.e. reveal the identities of the anonymous (small a) followers of Q.

We find the fear and panic puzzling. We think Q — who claims to be a government insider with access to high-level  information — to be an obvious “LARP” which stands for “live action role player”.

He’s a brilliant LARP but a LARP nonetheless.

So why the panic? He (or they) haven’t hurt anybody. The worst thing done in the name of the movement was that a bridge was blocked in Nevada for a few hours. Again nobody hurt — unlike the myriad pain caused by Antifa and other supporters of  Democrats.

This LARP, however, is showing himself to be a better journalist than the ones who claim to do it professionally.

He was ahead of the curve on the recent Hollywood pedophile scandals and the troubles now facing the Mullahs in Iran.

Maybe he does have some inside knowledge about some things and more revelations are coming.

Maybe that’s the reason for the panic.

QAnon Doxxing Threat Made By ‘Anonymous’


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