Real Liberty Medal Honorees Announced

Real Liberty Medal Honorees Announced
Remember when Jeb Bush presented her the Liberty Medal in Philadelphia?

Real Liberty Medal Honorees — In response to tonight’s presentation by prominent Republican Jeb Bush of Philadelphia’s Liberty Medal to prominent Democrat Hillary Clinton at the Constitution Center, the Independence Hall Foundation has announced that the names of those who will be getting its Defender of Liberty Medal this afternoon on Independence Mall.

They are Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Ambassador Christopher Stevens who were murdered  in a planned terrorist attack in Benghazi one year ago tomorrow, Sept. 11.

Mrs. Clinton, then Secretary of State,  initially blamed an an amateurish video placed on the internet for inspiring the attack, and managed to get its creator thrown in prison. She excoriated any and all who suggested it was planned terrorism despite it occurring on the anniversary of 9/11.

It became eventually became apparent that it was a premeditated attack  by Islamic supremacists.

Mrs. Clinton also dissuaded security measures from being instituted in Benghazi before the attacks that likely would have prevented them. Even more damning, attempts to provide military assistance to the embattled Americans were ordered cancelled by the Obama administration.

Yet, Mrs. Clinton will be honored by the establishment and rehabilitated.

Real Liberty Medal Honorees

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