State GOP Chairman Fight National News?

State GOP Chairman Fight National News?
A registered lobbyist with close connections to Democrat power brokers.

State GOP Chairman Fight National News? — We are hearing national media have become interested in the looming fight to chair the Pennsylvania State Republican Party.

The leading candidates are Chesco GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio — who is the pick of the business-as-usual types — and respected attorney Lawrence Tabas who is the general counsel of the state Republican Party.

The decision will be be made by members of the Republican State Committee on Feb. 4. Every county chairman is automatically a member of the committee with the rest being elected to four year terms during a municipal — i.e. low turnout — party primary.

DiGiorgio is a registered lobbyist with close connections to Democrat power brokers and the special interests who have been sucking the blood from our state. His wife was given a $105,000  a year job with Democrat-controlled Montgomery County.

He dragged his feet in supporting President-elect Donald Trump and Chesco is the only county in the state where Republicans did worse last November than they did in 2012.

Perhaps most upsetting is his claim regarding his support for the grass roots. Actually, DiGiorgio purged  citizen activists from Chesco.

State GOP Chairman Fight National News?

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    1. If there is any doubt about whether the Chesco “power” structure supported Trump, check out the below Politico link. As of October 16th it is clear that Val DiGiorgio and his minions were not helping the actual Republican nominee and winner of the PA Republican primary beat Hillary Clinton. And look up those who said they wouldn’t support Trump and see if they are “Republican” patronage employees in the courthouse or elected officials supported by Val DiGiorgio. A self-fulfilling prophecy that Trump would not “play” in Chesco.

  1. I have to agree with Bill Lawrence’s comments about Val. D. As a Chester County committee person and a grass roots Republican party reformer, I have seen VD expend more energy and money trying to destroy any voice that disagreed with him and his command and control style of leadership than was done working to defeat Democrat candidates. The results of this last election in Chesco should be an indication of things to come with VD’s election as state chairman.
    I was disappointed to see the recent endorsement letter from Lowman Henry and Matt Brouillett.
    I can only guess that they have not done due diligence on their vetting process or have fallen for the smoke and mirrors that is so common in Penna. Republican politics.
    Larry Denver, Chester County Republican Committee Person

    1. Yes, disappointing news that Matt Brouillette would endorse Mr. DiGirogio. However, I did not know that, as of April, he is no longer with The Commonwealth Foundation, but note the following extracted from a J.M Murphy piece on as to his current employment : “…The [His] new organization called Commonwealth Partners Chamber of Entrepreneurs will be free of some of the Internal Revenue Service’s restrictions placed on the Commonwealth Foundation when it comes to political activity but will have a similar agenda.
      Brouillette, who came to be regarded as a formidable opponent by labor union officials for his work to influence public policy at the Commonwealth Foundation, will serve as its president and CEO, starting on July 1.
      Formed as a 501(c)(6), Commonwealth Partners will be much like a trade association or chamber of commerce, with varying levels of memberships. It will be made up of entrepreneurs and philanthropists with an interest in influencing public policy.
      “Commonwealth Partners will put political punch behind good public policies that will allow Pennsylvanians to flourish,” Brouillette said…”
      In supporting Mr. DiGiorgio, one can only wonder where the lofty goals of Mr. Brouillette’s new organization end and becoming too close to the establishment begins…

    2. Matt Brouillett is a fellow lobbyist along with VD. Lobbyist do not see republican or democrat they just see the count of dollars from anyone to accomplish an outcome financially favorable for their clients and self.

  2. Bill, To be fair, Lawrence Tabas has his own issues. He has donated money to Democratic campaigns, including the DNC and Alerted Democratic Majority (a SuperPAC that supported Hoeffel, Casey, Borski and other Democrats for Congress). Its all searchable on the FEC website

    Then there is that whole issue of him leading the effort to have Bob Guzzardi kicked off the Republican Primary Ballot for Governor — something Tabas is so proud of that he lists it as his top election law accomplishment in his bio.

    1. Guzzardi has endorsed Tabas:

      “Lawrence Tabas Esq. is an outstanding choice for Pennsylvania State Republican chair; I have the highest regard for both is professionalism and competence. Several years ago, Lawrence Tabas on behalf of the State Republican Party challenged my nominating petitions for Governor of Pennsylvania. At all times, he was professional and skilled, respectful of the Court and all witnesses. There was no snark, no sneaky tactics, no insults but straightforward, well-prepared legal representation on behalf of his client. The most excellent Commonwealth Court judge hearing the case ran a disciplined courtroom and not once did she have to admonish Mr. Tabas. His representation was first class. Even though he lost in the lower court, he, eventually, prevailed in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Lawrence Tabas is first class.”

    2. Ted, Please provide a link or some other proof of Tabas giving money to the DNC etc. If there is none, that would concerning that the claim is being made. We know Tabas was heavily involved in getting Bob G taken off the ballot. That is a matter of public record and Bob G has publicly stated that Tabas is still his choice for chair.

      1. As a follow up, i went on the FEC website and found those two contributions –they are there along with a large number of contributions to Republicans and Republican committees. It is an issue but I note that the DNC donation is $430.17 which leads me to conclude that it may have been some in-kind type of thing and the Alerted Democratic Majority group certainly mostly supported Dems but also supported Republicans (example Pat Meehan) and that was in 1998. But it is a fair point and Tabas should explain. DiGiorgio should explain all of his stuff too.

    1. Susan, how prescient you must be–not even three full days into Trump’s presidency and you know the outcome of his next four years. Who needs the American spirit of fairness, who even needs to be reasonable and point to facts when mainstream media, the old-guard establishment, and a growing number of progressives all seem to share your gift of prescience and a blind commitment to destroying voices to the contrary?

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