Stop Shootings By Seeing And Speaking

Stop Shootings By Seeing And Speaking

By Carla D’Addesi 

Ask any kindergartner who the smartest student in their class is and they can instantly point to one or two kids. Ask any middle or high school student who the potential safety threats are in their school and instantly, they all zero in on the kids who we learn later, “everybody knew” were potential threats.

Ask the students! Start a dialogue. Take names. Follow up. Contact law enforcement.  Kids know based on their experiences, based on social media, based on comments made under their breath. Kids know. So why don’t we listen to them?

The common thread amongst most school shootings is PRE-MEDITATION. That’s right. Well planned. Documented on the internet or social media or spreadsheets, the potential murderers all PLANNED their attacks.

I’m advocating protecting our Nation’s children by having armed teachers or security guards in each and every public & private school.  Israel does it and has diminished their threat of school shootings.

Schools and churches are considered “soft targets” as they are known to be “gun free zones.” Let’s have several teachers at each school trained and armed to protect our students.
Psychological evaluations and gun safety training on an ongoing basis would ensure that schools would become like airline flights with armed air marshals discreetly employed amongst passengers.

President Trump addressed our country this morning and spoke directly to America’s children vowing to keep them safe.  He eloquently said, “I want to speak now directly to America’s children, especially those who feel lost, alone, confused or even scared: I want you to know that you are never alone and you never will be. You have people who care about you, who love you, and who will do anything at all to protect you. If you need help, turn to a teacher, a family member, a local police officer, or a faith leader. Answer Hate with Love; answer cruelty with kindness.”

“We must also work together to create a culture in our country that embraces the dignity of life, that creates deep and meaningful human connections and that turns classmates and colleagues into friends and neighbors.”

“In these moments of heartache and darkness, we hold on to God’s word in scripture: “I have heard your prayer and seen your tears. I will heal you.”

In the coming days, the social media profile for the murderer will be dissected and may reveal his true evil intent. Even though he had been made known to the FBI, this young man slipped through the law enforcement and mental health systems and was able to attack innocent, young, beautiful lives.

It’s time, my fellow citizens, to speak up. Reading and sharing articles on social media is no longer sufficient. Speak to your schools now. Today. Talk to your children. Talk to you neighbors. Initiate and become a part of the conversation. This is everybody’s problem and every single one of us must become involved to put an end to these deadly attacks.

If you see something, say something!!!

Carla D’Addesi is a well-respected author and vlogger who has appeared on Fox & Friends, OANN and CBN. She hosts ‘Your Family Matters’  which runs 7-8 a.m., Fridays  1180WFYL. She can followed on Twitter at @CarlaDaddesi and found on Facebook here.

Stop Shootings By Seeing And Speaking


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