Surprise, Surprise — Electronics Recylcing Law In Effect

As of Thursday, January 24, electronic devices can no longer be thrown away with other trash, reports State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129).

Passed in 2010, the Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act requires consumers and businesses to recycle covered devices, such as computers, laptops, computer monitors, televisions and tablets. Trash haulers will no longer take covered devices unless a municipality has a curbside electronics collection program that ultimately sends the devices to an electronics recycler. They also may not be taken to, or accepted by, landfills or other solid waste disposal facilities.

Consumers may continue to recycle their electronics through a county or municipal electronic recycling program, if one is available. Consumers should first contact drop-off locations to see what types of electronics will be accepted at a given location. Some retailers are offering recycling programs as well, Cox said.

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