Tea Party Pro Labor

A claim  shouted by those whose luxurious lifestyles are based on government — either directly or via special privileges such as mandated dues –  is that  Tea Party types are anti-labor and anti-union. Tea Party Pro Labor

They are not. They are anti-hypocrisy and anti-corruption. Most believe that collective bargaining is a very good thing in many circumstances and that labor laws have made our lives generally better.

When they hear but silence, however, from organized labor when American workers are made to train their foreign replacements;  when they see the hipster doofus with the Foxconn-made iPhone demanding the hard-working pizza shop owner  pay his staff wages he can’t afford; and when they are confronted by those with $477,591 pensions demanding that working families cough up another 1K to keep their pensions funded, they fully understand what the union leaders and their progressive allies are about, and fully understand that they must be fought.

Anyway, here is the latest illustration of the character of those imposing “the progressive” agenda upon us. The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers is among the big-government special interest groups fighting the mild state pension reforms being pushed by Republicans in Harrisburg. The reforms would  stop existing employees from spiking their their average salaries and put new state workers and public school teachers in a 401K type program.

What kind of pension plan does the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers offer its employees? That’s exactly right LOL. Can you spell “hypocrisy”? I knew you could.

That those proclaiming themselves “progressives” are thoughtless people who don’t care a whit about anyone but themselves is something to take to the bank.

Tea Party Pro Labor



2 thoughts on “Tea Party Pro Labor”

  1. Just finished reading a book about the Russian Revolution:the current day labor Union ‘execs”,remind me of the nomenklatura ,a de facto elite , in the previous eastern block communist parties .AKA”do as I say not as I do”

  2. Whatever happened to freedom of choice and the alternatives to just about everything we do? Congress and legislators are acting as if they are gods. Stop them! Get out in front of their offices and put that sign up to let everyone know what they are doing in simple language and tell them that they are FIRED. Just stop re-electing them, and the Tea Party is moot. The Republicans need to oust all of them and stop getting behind them and everything would work itself out. GOP: “It is the ones who come and attempt to disguise themselves as Republicans like Ted Cruz, etc. who you really need to get rid of.”

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