Pennsylvania Pedophilia Plague

Pennsylvania Pedophilia Plague — Yesterday’s (Jan. 12) revelation by Fox News that Jerry Sandusky was reportedly seen in then President Graham Spanier’s  private box at Beaver Stadium just days before he was indicted on 40 counts of molesting young boys makes it worthwhile to mention the plague of pedophilia that is infecting the respected institutions of  the state of Pennsylvania.

Sandusky was said to have been seen being hosted by Spanier on Oct. 29 at the Penn State-Illinois game in which Joe Paterno won his record 409th victory. This would have been after the Grand Jury testimony of several Penn Staters of which it is laughable to think that Spanier was unaware. Sandusky was indicted on Nov. 4.

Then there was the case of Charles Koons 2d, who pleaded guilty in February 2010 of molesting numerous boys at The Milton Hershey School. As in the Sandusky case, the matter was reported to local police in 1998 but dropped after an investigation.

And, of course, there is the matter of John T. Neisworth, a highly acclaimed special education professor at Penn State, who was accused by Paul McLauglin of being part of trio who molested him in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

McLaughlin called Neisworth in 2001 and confronted him with what he did. He taped the call without Neisworth’s knowledge and said that Neisworth on his own brought up specific instances of the molestation.

He sent the tapes to Penn State officials in 2001 and 2002 and was accused of an extortion attempt. He said he directly called  Spanier who also angrily rebuffed him. He said this call would have occurred about two weeks after the 2002 incident involving Sandusky had been reported to university officials.

Something is seriously wrong in this state. Seriously wrong. It’s as if there was a plague of pedophilia in the state of Pennsylvania.

And what did happen to Ray Gricar and what was on his hard drive?

Pennsylvania Pedophilia Plague

Pennsylvania Pedophilia Plague
Pennsylvania Pedophilia Plague

Pennsylvania Pedophilia Plague

One thought on “Pennsylvania Pedophilia Plague”

  1. Just an eye-blink ago several hundred thousand Penn State students and grads were able to proudly say ,even shout, “We Are Penn State!”

    Today simply because of one sicko, they are mostly keeping quiet.

    The proper sentence for Jerry Sandusky would be to spend the rest of his life at Harvard with Barney Frank.

    Better yet, lock Sandusky naked in a locked cage with a honey badger. That will be a sure cure for what ails him.

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