Trump Describes Human Trafficking

Trump Describes Human Trafficking — President Trump had a lengthy ad hoc press conference this morning (Jan. 6) before flying to Camp David.

Trump Describes Human Trafficking

He touched on many issues especially related to “The Wall” and the partial government shut down.

He said he was willing to stop calling it a wall in order to advance the process and to use steel in lieu of concrete. In fact, he said he was in talks with steel makers regarding the project and that it would be great for that industry.

More upsettingly, though, he described the human trafficking that has been occurring on our unsecured southern border. He said woman are bound and have duct tape placed over their mouths as they are brought north to be sold to the sex trade. He also said this happens, very frequently, with children.

He says the wall — excuse us, barrier — will be a significant deterrent to this. The experts agree. The question that bothers us is why don’t the Democrat leaders want to stop it.

A video is below. Don’t expect to see much of it carried by the establishment media.

Trump Describes Human Trafficking

3 thoughts on “Trump Describes Human Trafficking”

  1. Among the many disingenuous statements to come out of the mouths of Dems is that they are for border security, as they talk about abolishing ICE. This “We’re for border security” line seemed clearly a Dem “talking point” during the mid-terms, perhaps as some Dems realized how the blatant Party extremism was showing.

    But the reality is that Dems for 30 years have continued to work to blur the distinction between citizen and alien, with the ultimate expression in California, now a sanctuary state, with a host of benefits given to the millions in the state illegally.

    But by no means are many Republicans any less culpable. They are trouble too. And now that a Republican who is willing to fix the morass is in the White House too many Republicans are failing to support Trump’s efforts to fix immigration failures.

    The Dem position of Open Borders is an anti-environmental position, and one that does promote human trafficking and the many abuses that are connected with that. How so many people can’t see it for what it is is baffling.

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