Trump Sin Shrek And Saving America

Trump Sin Shrek And Saving America — A Democrat appears to have won yesterday (March 13) in the pro-Trump 18th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.

It’s officially still too close to call but the odds are high in Conor Lamb’s favor.

Some will blame Republican Rick Saccone. That would be not only unfair but unwise.

We are YUGE supporters of Donald Trump and think he is going to go down as one of America’s truly great presidents.  We have to admit, however, we know a lot of very decent, religious people who had to hold their noise to vote for him.  In fact, any moderate Democrat — maybe even any Democrat other than Hillary — would have won in 2016.

Playboy casino owners who have had multiple wives and a history of adultery really make a lot, most actually, Americans uncomfortable.

Recent highly touted revelations of a decade-plus old romp haven’t helped him.

Add that to the reality that the previous representative of the 18th District was a “pro life” Republican who had to resign after he knocked up his mistress and pushed her to get an abortion, well, you have a serious branding problem.

So what should the Republican Party do? We really don’t care. We are not party people. We are Shrek. We want to live at peace in our cabin and let the world solve its own problems.

Unfortunately the world has a habit of intruding on our peace.

So what should we Shrekites do? We have to recognize that political parties are not ends but mere means. Most of those who succeed at politics are motivated by a desire for wealth and power, after all. We have to be able to use them more than they use us.

We have to understand that the goal is to quash corruption. It means opposing those who seek to artificially inflate the cost of public projects. It  means condemning those who look to get rich off ostensible public service.  It means recognizing that there are “space lizards” — that’s meant metaphorically — who look to corrupt the innocent for sick sport. Graham Spanier, after all, remains a hero to this crowd. 

Most importantly, though, it means sticking up for the sinners willing to take on these lying, greedy, corrupt people. When their party leaders don’t like them you know they are on your side.

God Bless President Trump. May MAGA continue but the battle is not going to be easy.

Trump Sin Shrek And Saving America

Trump Sin Shrek And Saving America




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