Val DiGiorgio False Negative Attacks

Val DiGiorgio False Negative Attacks –The vote for Pennsylvania’s next Republican Party Chairman is Feb. 4 with the leading candidates being Chester County boss Val DiGiorgio and Lawrence Tabas who is the state party’s widely respected general counsel.

Val DiGiorgio False Negative Attacks
Unsuccessful party boss Val DiGiorgio

The decision will be made by members of the Republican State Committee. Every county chairman is automatically a member of the committee with the rest being elected to four year terms during a municipal party primary.

Val DiGiorgio False Negative Attacks
Respected attorney Lawrence Tabas

Sheila Sterrett, who is chairwoman of the the Northwest Caucus, and who is part of Pat Toomey’s senate staff, sent the below email to her fellow committee members:

Good evening! I hope everyone enjoyed the swearing-in ceremonies and I know we look forward to the next 4 years to make some major changes with President Trump!!!

I know there have been a flurry of emails over the past month regarding the race for Chairman of the Party.  As a caucus, we will be hearing from both Val and Lawrence and have the opportunity to ask them questions.

As a state committee member, I wanted to share with you that I have been made aware of some disappointing and frankly disturbing news.  Opponents of Val DiGiorgio are planning an email and media blitz of false, negative attacks against him centered around President Trump’s election campaign – many of these contacts may be emailing or phoning us directly who don’t even live in Pennsylvania – those who have never been involved in our local elections – those who have not work for our judicial or statewide candidates.  If you are like me and tired of the negativity in this race, please don’t stand for it.  Let the people behind it know that we abide by Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment.  This is what Val and his team have done.

To preempt these attacks, please take a moment to review the email below which outlines Val DiGiorgio’s and Chester County’s efforts on behalf of our President. If you have any question about Val’s efforts to help move the Republican ticket to victory please visit Setting the Record Straight: Val DiGiorgio and the Trump Campaign

I look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Thank you very much


OK Sheila, what are these “false, negative attacks” to be made against DiGiorgio?

That he backed a purge of new party activists?

Well, that’s true.

That he wouldn’t let up?

That’s true too.

That Josh Shapiro, the state’s leading Democrat, got his wife a six-figure do-nothing job with Montgomery County?


That Shapiro was one of his compatriots at what might be state’s leading purveyor of special interests?


That he is a registered lobbyist which means that he is someone whose concern is the special interest giving him money rather than the common good?


That his organization gave aid and support to no-chance anti-Trumper John Kasich five days before the Pennsylvania Primary?


That he put a one-time activist liberal Democrat in charge of Chester County voter services?


That Chester County Republicans performed surprisingly poorly last November?


So what are these false attacks? Why would anyone need to make any?

Val DiGiorgio False Negative Attacks

9 thoughts on “Val DiGiorgio False Negative Attacks”

  1. Bill, something tells me that Ms. Sterrett will not be getting back to you any time soon to let you know what are these “false, negative attacks” to be made against Mr. DiGiorgio. Apparently, though, she is prescient and knows they are coming and are false, negative attacks. I hope I am wrong and look forward to her response.

    By the way, thanks for noting that Ms. Sterrett is on the government payroll (Senator Toomey staff). That seems to be a unifying demographic for those supporting Mr. DiGiogio. She appears to be a “double dipper,” too. Her on-line info says she is also a Public Administration Adjunct Faculty member at Penn State Behrend. Does that mean two government pensions?

    As an aside, Senator Toomey seems now to have a real strong track record of getting involved in Pennsylvania Republican Party internal politics and always lining up with the establishment. Not a pretty picture and not what I want. And Ms. Sterrett now is a huge booster of Donald Trump (“we look forward to the next 4 years to make some major changes with President Trump!!!”) but Senator Toomey waited until 10 seconds before the polls closed in PA to say he was voting for Trump. I guess now that Trump won he gets 3 exclamation points –“Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.”

    1. Ms Sterett was asked frequently from late June on, to call some Committee meetings with both Candidates, Val and Lawrence. Several State Committee members offered to hold the meetings for her, in their areas of the NW Caucus District, making such more accessible. She never called any meeting as caucus chair nor indicated approval for others to proceed with such plans. During this time she did set up some meetings throughout the district for the purpose of meeting only Val. Once harsh winter weather set in she called an early morning meeting for those who could attend. Apparently common sense prevailed by enough others that she called the meeting off as the likely hood of winter storms and a ridiculously early meeting don’t go together. Or, nobody would assure attendance. It was canceled. Again it was to be for Val only. Of course throughout the election process and afterwards Lawrence was busy with pro-bono election law cases, making it impossible for him to be scheduled for joint meetings. Finally a meeting to meet both, along with all the Judge candidates (effectively assuring too little discussion and Q&A time for State Chairs) , a meeting was called only one week before the State Caucus was to meet this Saturday. So from June on the NW Caucus Chair made no effort to appear fair, or give an opportunity to meet both candidates. Val was accessible by phone earlier in the fall.
      After all the court cases Lawrence did what Val never did. He made every effort to travel, and spend time with each State Committee member personally. But then, since he had been so involved with each county and it’s problems for years, he knew who to call, not as a stranger but as a long time helper of their counties needs.
      Most, as Co. Chairs and Caucus Chairs make a great effort to introduce, make available opportunity to meet ALL candidates, and only later choose whom they may wish to support themselves.

  2. Hi Bill,

    Always respect you and your hard work!

    Do have some very important questions to ask regarding the important election for GOP Party Chairman.

    1. Could you please name the individuals Mr. DiGiorgio purged from the Chester County GOP?

    And if he did purge someone, what was the reason?

    2. Can you prove that Josh Shapiro got Mr. DiGiorgio’s wife her current job?

    Wasn’t Mrs. DiGiorgio qualified for the position?

    3. Despite living in Montgomery County, the only calls I received to help candidate Trump win the General Election were from the Chester County GOP run by Mr. DiGiorgio.

    Look, many good conservatives did not support Trump in the primary. Many from around the state supported Cruz and Rubio.

    But don’t you think once Trump wrapped up the nomination, there was no bigger Trump booster than Val DiGiorgia?

    (I watched Mr. DiGiorgio push Trump in numerous TV appearances–most notably on ABC’s Inside Story.)

    Frankly, I would have a difficult time serving on State Committee because every member must back the GOP nominee–something that hasn’t been possible for me since I supported Steve Freind over Senator Arlen Specter in the 1992 Republican primary.

    Warmest regards,

    1. *To clarify, I meant to say that every State and County Committee member is expected to support the GOP endorsed candidate during the primary.

      In 1992, I supported Steve Freind over the GOP endorsed primary candidate, Senator Arlen Specter.

      As recently as 2012, I supported
      Tom Smith over GOP endorsed primary candidate, Steve Welch, who hailed from Chester County.

    2. As for “Wasn’t Mrs. DiGiorgio qualified for the position?”, I can’t do better than Lamplighter below so let me quote Lamplighter –“LOL.”

      As for “Can you prove that Josh Shapiro got Mr. DiGiorgio’s wife her current job?,” you just lost all credibility.

      Josh Shapiro was the Chairman of the County Commissioners when she got the job. ‘Shapiro said he did not recall if DiGiorgio was asked to apply. I don’t recall if she called me or just sent her application in,’ he said. ‘That [her husband being Chair of the Chesco Rep. Party] has no bearing on her qualifications,’ commissioners’ Chairman Josh Shapiro said Thursday after the commissioners meeting. ‘She stands on her own two feet and is highly qualified for the position. We’re looking forward to working with her’.”

      You say many PA conservatives supported Cruz and Rubio. True enough, but Bill’s piece talks about DiGiorgio supporting Kasich. How about them apples? And I can cite you to plenty of things quoting the “leadership” of the Chesco Rep. Party attacking Trump past the middle of October of 2016. Would you like me to, right now saving the space.

      The rest is easily answered too but I suspect you really don’t want answers.

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