Val DiGiorgio Replacing Gleason?

Val DiGiorgio Replacing Gleason?
The next head of the Pennsylvania Republican Party?

Val DiGiorgio Replacing Gleason? — A little birdie told us that Chester County Republican Chairman Val DiGiorgio has the inside track to replace  Rob Gleason as chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party.

Former Congresswoman Melissa Hart, who has quite a bit of influence in state-wide GOP circles, was reportedly boosting him big at the Feb. 15  Spirit of Lincoln Dinner hosted by the Allegheny County Republican Party out there in Pittsburgh.

If our birdie is accurate, we betcha Montco Dem boss Josh Shapiro is quietly cheering.

Val DiGiorgio Replacing Gleason?

One thought on “Val DiGiorgio Replacing Gleason?”

  1. Someone is not reading the papers, I guess. Everyone says that the voters do not trust the establishment (and rightfully so) and so the State GOP has to have him. A registered lobbyist (for example for French insurance company AXA and for the always-popular Comcast). His wife makes 6 figures working for the Dem government in Montco. Someone with his clumsy fingerprints all over trying to purge conservatives or just plain good-government types from the Chesco Republican Party. He makes Jeb Bush look like the late Justice Scalia.

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