Violence Sought By Left Looms

Violence Sought By Left Looms

By John Haenn

This new Civil War has been declared.

It began unrecognized for the beast that it is inside of the inner cities, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, etc; Where murder rates surge. It’s a war being waged against an unsuspecting population, because of politically correct branding. This is a war between thuggery and civilized peoples. Takers and producers. Arsonists, marxists, terrorists, and liberty loving people. It began at a time of their choosing, and will end on our terms, and when we decide. We will have order. We will have justice. Government will be allowed to function, whether it’s headed by our guy or theirs, because that’s how America works. It’s something that will need to be strived for, probably over many years, and blood will be likely shed on both sides.

I am not a peace loving person. I think peace is largely a delusion, as history proves every day of the year, every year. If you do have peace, it’s temporary at best, and you have to work for it, and we haven’t worked. When the time comes to defend liberty, defend your family, and to ensure your basic needs, know this. Be ready for the day. Because the other side will not hesitate to kill you if you’re better off than them. Equally poor, equally oppressed and equally uneducated, or dead.

Those will be your choices. Create your own new choice. Join your local Tea Party. Join the resistance. Join with the freedom loving peoples who will stand on the right side of history and die on that sword, should the day come when blood is needed to water the tree of liberty.

Elected officials need to be effective partners of the people, not necessarily ‘leaders’ as the word is often used.

If ever inclined, and elected, I would be your partner. I would restore Constitutional Government back to a lawful, basic, and moral path. We’d work inside of the confines that are defined by the founders. They did the heavy lifting. We just need to carry it through and maintain the vision of this promised land.

I would surely hit the same kind of resistance that other Tea Party candidates have been stalled by. But as your partner, we’d work through it. We’d have many town halls; I would be so accessible; like family. I would call out by name those who oppose me in my efforts to push forth your will, to do what you’ve elected me to do. In this way, and in others, we can continue our work towards our common goals. Surely I would need your help, my constituents, to have any hope; our shared hope; of being effective to your satisfaction.

John Haenn is a resident of Delaware County and a member of the Delaware County Patriots.


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