Vote Female (Or You Are Insecure)

Vote Female (Or You Are Insecure)

To the Editor

On the ballot Nov. 8th throughout Delaware county, five females are running for State Representative, a female is running for President, a female is running for US Senate and one is running for Congress. That’s incredible ! What progress, right ? Maybe progress in Pennsylvania but we are still way behind. There is a higher percentage of female lawmakers in Afghanistan than there are in Pennsylvania. There are more than 75 countries that have a higher percentage of female lawmakers than the US. Why is that ? Is it because many American men fear voting for strong females ? When I hear all the comments or read all the e/mails from men about females running for public office, I realize how insecure these guys are with females who are strong and assertive. I personally believe we need more women in government. After all females compromise of more than 50% of our population. Most females can multi-task, get things done and still be great wives and mothers. I reject all the male-chauvinistic statements and e/mail chain-letters about how weak females will be if elected to public office. So to my male friends, if you ever loved a mom, a wife, a sister or a daughter, try to be patient and don’t be afraid to support females that are running for office. I strongly believe if we had more women in government, maybe we would have political harmony in our Country and less wars throughout the world. Relax guys, its their time now.

Rocco J. Polidoro

Springfield, PA 19064


5 thoughts on “Vote Female (Or You Are Insecure)”

  1. Maybe Mr. Polidoro would like if we implemented quotas?
    I have no problem voting for a woman. I only have a problem voting for most of the women who run, from the highest office in the land, down to local offices, because too many of them don’t share my values. They are mostly Leftists/Progressives.

  2. Woman or not, Hillary Clinton is a Saul Alinsky Marxist liberal and has no business in any government position, elected or otherwise. ’nuff said!

  3. As a female who considers herself a conservative feminist, I find this appalling and totally ridiculous. How about COMPETENCY and ABILITY TO LEAD being the ultimate criterion rather than gender or race? I simply can’t put into words how despicable this argument is. Actually, the entire idea is so stupid that I originally thought it was a joke because I couldn’t imagine ANYONE being so foolish as to suggest this nonsense!

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