WCNS Discusses Tabas

WCNS Discusses Tabas
Respected attorney Lawrence Tabas

WCNS Discusses Tabas — Tricia Cunningham who hosts Chew on This for 1480 WCNS in Latrobe had a show concerning the Pennsylvania GOP chairman battle between Chesco party boss Val DiGiorgio and respected attorney Lawrence Tabas.

Her guests were Lynn Ryan and Cheryl Freedman.

It’s worth listening to and is pasted below.

BTW, here are the results of the straw poll of state caucuses prior to the official Feb. 4 vote.




Central Caucus

No Vote Taken—107 total caucus members

Southeast Caucus



Northeast Central (NECRA)



Northeast Caucus



Southwest Caucus



Northwest Caucus






DiGiorgio has a 20 vote lead according to the unofficial poll, which is meaningless since the Central Caucus is holding its 107-vote preference close at hand.

By the way we hear that conservative “hero” Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-12) is  making calls for DiGiorgio. Big league mistake, Daryl if true.

WCNS Discusses Tabas


4 thoughts on “WCNS Discusses Tabas”

  1. @ 5 min, Val claimed to be never-Trumper, initially for Rubio, then Kasich; took Trump’s name off of literature and didn’t distribute Trump signs
    @ 16 minutes, it is claimed Val ignored populist behavior.
    @ 20 minutes, carrot/stick pressure for Val alleged, particularly in courthouses [threats and offers]
    @ 22 minutes, allegation of Val helping Josh recited
    @ 23 minutes, allegation of Val not helping Trump in Chester county recited, explaining why county vote unfavorable
    @ 24 minutes, LD was working for GOP while Val was campaigning [during November]

  2. They are right on. Chester County’s Republicans had a self-fulfilling prophecy that Trump would lose to Clinton. Thank goodness for those high-Democrat registration counties where people actually worked for Trump and got results.

    From Politico, just 3 weeks before the general election:

    “’It takes the undecideds and probably makes them lean Clinton, it takes the lean Clintons and puts them in the Clinton camp, and it probably makes some Republicans reevaluate and go to undecided,’ said a high-ranking Chester County GOP official of the controversy surrounding Trump’s remarks about women. ‘This is what happens when you deal with someone like this. There’s nothing additive, at this point, about that candidacy’.”

    “At the Paoli Blues Fest in early October, a popular community event in this tony suburb, the local GOP was uncharacteristically without a tent and there were no Republican activists registering voters — in contrast to their energetic Democratic counterparts.”

    “’Mitt Romney did great in Chester County, our committee worked really hard for Romney,’ said Kristen Mayock, [NOTE: Ms. Mayock currently is the Deputy Solicitor/Exec. Asst. for Admin. at Chester County, a patronage job] who served for nearly a decade as an area Republican committee chair. But this year, she continued, ‘I see less people working as hard. I don’t think there is the same motivation’.”

    “Asked whether she would be supporting Trump, she replied, ‘I’m going to refrain from answering that’.”

    *** [Mayock] made clear her focus now is on helping down-ballot Republicans. ‘I am hopeful that our intelligent voters in the county recognize that we have some incredibly qualified and dedicated candidates running down ticket’.”

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