Daryl Metcalfe Responds

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-12) took to the floor of the Pennsylvania House to defend himself against attacks made against his character to the ire of the real bullies and bigots of our society. Standing up to the bullies and bigot is something all people who care about things like the truth and other people … Continue reading “Daryl Metcalfe Responds”

Daryl Metcalfe Concerning Proposed Gas Tax Hike

Daryl Metcalfe Concerning Proposed Gas Tax Hike — State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-12) put this on Facebook about 50 minutes ago: I strongly voiced my objections in a Republican Caucus meeting yesterday regarding the proposed gas tax increase. In a heated exchange with a caucus leader he accused me of being a bully because I … Continue reading “Daryl Metcalfe Concerning Proposed Gas Tax Hike”

Corbett Attacks Metcalfe?

After Gov. Corbett is retired this November (or May) perhaps he can move to Hollywood and reprise the role of Frank Drebin in a new Naked Gun movie. Not only does he look like him, he acts like him. Daryl Metcalfe who represents the 12th District in the Pennsylvania House and is one of the … Continue reading “Corbett Attacks Metcalfe?”

Metcalfe Bill Requires Agencies Verify Lawful Presence

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-12) submitted a bill, May 5, that would give state and local in Pennsylvania powers akin to those held by Arizona authorities under that state’s recently passed law, and require that  “every agency or political subdivision of this Commonwealth shall verify the lawful presence in the United States of any natural … Continue reading “Metcalfe Bill Requires Agencies Verify Lawful Presence”

Pennsylvania Leadership Conference 2020

Pennsylvania Leadership Conference 2020 is Sept. 25-26 and will be virtual. Registration is required but it is free. It can be found here. Speakers and panelists include former US Sen. Rick Santorum, state representatives Russ Diamond and Daryl Metcalfe, State House Speaker Bryan Cutler, State Sen. Doug Masriano, and climate expert Joe Bastardi, who was … Continue reading “Pennsylvania Leadership Conference 2020”

Pennsylvania Non Citizen Voters Confirmed At 11,198

Pennsylvania Non Citizen Voters Confirmed At 11,198 — The Democrat Wolf Administration has confirmed that 11,198 non-citizens are registered to vote in Pennsylvania. Whether they have in recent elections has yet to be ascertained. Gov. Wolf fought to release the information until finally succumbing to the persistence of State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-12). Still, the information … Continue reading “Pennsylvania Non Citizen Voters Confirmed At 11,198”

Pennsylvania Gift Ban Never Happened

Pennsylvania Gift Ban Never Happened By Leo Knepper In late 2014 and early 2015, five current and former members of the General Assembly were charged with bribery and other charges related to their acceptance of cash “gifts” from a lobbyist. Despite a flurry of legislation at the time to ban cash gifts, it never happened. The … Continue reading “Pennsylvania Gift Ban Never Happened”

WCNS Discusses Tabas

WCNS Discusses Tabas — Tricia Cunningham who hosts Chew on This for 1480 WCNS in Latrobe had a show concerning the Pennsylvania GOP chairman battle between Chesco party boss Val DiGiorgio and respected attorney Lawrence Tabas. Her guests were Lynn Ryan and Cheryl Freedman. It’s worth listening to and is pasted below. BTW, here are the results of … Continue reading “WCNS Discusses Tabas”

Greased Palms Caused Vote Switch Says Senator

Greased Palms Caused Vote Switch Says Senator — Once again it appears that a victory for working families has been snatched away by the special interests. The Pennsylvania House, today, Dec.22, voted 100-99 to reconsider the state budget the Senate passed earlier this month and which appeared dead after the House rejected, Saturday, a pension … Continue reading “Greased Palms Caused Vote Switch Says Senator”

Stan Saylor Chairs Education Committee

Below is a list of those chairing Pennsylvania House committees courtesy of PoliticsPa.com. We see that Stan Saylor is heading the Education Committee. We can’t say that he is the best choice in a state where the biggest obstacle to good schools is the teachers union. Did you know that Saylor, who represents the conservative … Continue reading “Stan Saylor Chairs Education Committee”