Why We Can’t Hate DuckDuckGo Too Much

Why We Can’t Hate DuckDuckGo Too Much — While Chesco’s DuckDuckGo is getting a lot of hate for its flirtation with wokism, we can’t bring ourselves to join in, at least too much. Here are yesterday’s (April 17) referrals from search engines to this site. The Duck is between a 10th and a 50th the … Continue reading “Why We Can’t Hate DuckDuckGo Too Much”

DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance

DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance — DuckDuckGo’s head honcho Gabriel Weinberg shot off an unfortunate tweet, March 9, in which he declared the Duck would “down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation.” Free speech defenders are shouting treason and abandoning DDG for other search engines, mostly for the one affiliated with the Brave browser. One stupid tweet … Continue reading “DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance”

DuckDuckGo Proves Google Fails Users

DuckDuckGo Proves Google Fails Users — Our website punches way above its weight, — triggering the right people is proof positive — but we don’t deny we are small. And we can now say with proof positive that we’d be much bigger but for the active discrimination of Silicon Valley megacorporations. Searchers finding our site … Continue reading “DuckDuckGo Proves Google Fails Users”

DuckDuckGo Hits 100M Milestone

DuckDuckGo Hits 100M Milestone — Paoli, Pa. -based search engine DuckDuckGo hit the milestone of 100 million daily searches, Jan. 16. Granted, that still a long way off of Google’s 5 billion daily searches but giants can fall. DDG is a search engine that promises privacy and keeps it. Take a few minutes to make … Continue reading “DuckDuckGo Hits 100M Milestone”

DuckDuckGo 9 Billion searches in 2018

DuckDuckGo 9 Billion searches in 2018 — Paoli-based search engine and privacy defender DuckDuckGo has announced served over 9 Billion private searches in 2018. DDG is in every way we found better than Google and works on all browsers. Go Duck go. DuckDuckGo 9 Billion searches in 2018

DuckDuckGo Mobile App

DuckDuckGo Mobile App — Paoli-based search engine DuckDuckGo has a new mobile app  with a built-in tracker network blocking, smarter encryption, and, of course, private search. It’s available across all major platforms – Firefox, Safari, Chrome, iOS, and Android . Read about it here. DuckDuckGo Mobile App    

Paoli Based DuckDuckGo Tackles Google

Paoli based DuckDuckGo, the excellent search David that is trying slay Goliath Google,  is averaging 4.655 million hits per day and was the subject of a an article by Fast Company last month that reports the company is exploding. DDG’s secret according to founder Gabriel Weinberg is hardcore privacy. One’s IP address is not logged … Continue reading “Paoli Based DuckDuckGo Tackles Google”

NSA Revelations Boost DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, a search engine competing with Google and Bing that was all but unknown two weeks ago, is getting a big boost from the revelations that the Obama administration has been in cahoots with those corporate one-percenters at Google/Microsoft/Facebook etc. to learn the web histories of just about everybody in America. DDG boasts that it … Continue reading “NSA Revelations Boost DuckDuckGo”

Changing Default Search Engine Can Save America

Changing Default Search Engine Can Save America — Most of the problems facing those of who love America are either complex and hard, or simple and hard. Here’s one that’s simple and easy to fix, and that would lead to surprisingly consequential results. Google is used by 86.49 percent of Americans for searching the web … Continue reading “Changing Default Search Engine Can Save America”

Dinesh Warns Of FBI Provocateurs And Google

Dinesh Warns Of FBI Provocateurs And Google –Dinesh D’Souza’s podcast, yesterday, Nov. 17, described the FBI’s infiltration into organizations involved in the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol, very possibly as provocateurs, and noted that Google has been objectively shown to successfully manipulate our elections. Anyone planning demonstrations regarding the obvious failings of this … Continue reading “Dinesh Warns Of FBI Provocateurs And Google”