Jim Waltzer Book Of Sound Mind

Local author and former County Press (Pa) sports editor Jim Waltzer has revised his thriller Sound of Mind and has a new publisher, Medallion Press. The books which has been published in French along with English is set in Philadelphia and is excellent. The new title will be Of Sound Mind. A movie deal had … Continue reading “Jim Waltzer Book Of Sound Mind”

Brother’s Keeper By Jim Waltzer

Brother’s Keeper By Jim Waltzer By Jim Waltzer The popular HBO series “Boardwalk Empire,” which will soon present fresh episodes on the small screen, is based on the Atlantic City history of the same name by Nelson Johnson, a superior court judge in Atlantic City. Mr. Johnson compiled research from numerous interviews and archival written … Continue reading “Brother’s Keeper By Jim Waltzer”

Local People — Jim Waltzer’s Room Service

Jim Waltzer of Marple, the former sports editor of the County Press, has a short story published in the current New Jersey Lifestyle. The title is Room Service and is to be a chapter of his novel, Atlantic City.

Sarabelle Salsburg R.I.P.

Sarabelle Salsburg R.I.P. — It’s been a lousy few weeks. Another old friend died. Sarabelle Salsburg, the mother of author Jim Waltzer whom you might have seen mentioned here, died Sept. 26 of end-stage kidney disease. She was 93 and remained semi-independent until a few months ago according to Jim. Sarabelle (nee Mazer) was born in … Continue reading “Sarabelle Salsburg R.I.P.”

Of Sound Mind Looms

Of Sound Mind Looms — Of Sound Mind by local author and former County Press (Pa) sports editor Jim Waltzer is being promoted by Medallion Press. The book will be available in April. It’s a revision of Jim’s thriller Sound of Mind which has already appeared in French and English. It is set in Philadelphia … Continue reading “Of Sound Mind Looms”

Chester Fights Back

Noted author Jim Waltzer has an article in Main Line Today regarding the fight to bring back the once thriving city of Chester.  Can this former industrial hub ever restore luster to its long-sullied image and prosperity to its people? You can read about the possibility here. The only downside is that the story was … Continue reading “Chester Fights Back”

Racketeer Finance

The “old” Atlantic City — long before casinos and NJ Governor Christie’s initiatives — had a financial code and structure that may not have been legal, but kept the bottom line healthy. Town boss Nucky Johnson ran the rackets and reigned as financial czar, enriching himself (and associates) and returning modest chunks of the loot … Continue reading “Racketeer Finance”


The finest shot on the planet at a time when marksmanship was prized as an international sport (second half of 19th century) was one William Frank “Doc” Carver, friend of Wild Bill Hickock and Buffalo Bill Cody — so say both the dime novels and authentic newspaper documentation. After establishing his dominance, Carver teamed with … Continue reading “Sharpshooter”

Just one more thing . . .

The death last week of actor Peter Falk brought to mind the impact of his 1970s TV detective “Columbo” on the national consciousness. At one point, I even modeled my personal style after him: beaten-up car, rumpled raincoat, “uh, just one more thing, sir.” Alas, the only thing I “caught” were strange stares. In today’s … Continue reading “Just one more thing . . .”

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