Long Nyquist Pick Jon Ritchie

Long Nyquist Pick Jon Ritchie. By Scott Wagner I am writing  about the 31st District Pennsylvania State Senate race. The 31st District covers Cumberland County and Northern York County. Senator Pat Vance is retiring. There are  four Republicans running to replace him. I was elected in a Special Election in March of 2014 to represent … Continue reading “Long Nyquist Pick Jon Ritchie”

Long Nyquist Liquor Incest In Pa.

Long Nyquist Liquor Incest— Long Nyquist and Associates, the Harrisburg lobbying firm representing the state liquor store clerks, earned more than $1 million last year for campaign work on behalf of Republicans, according to TribLive.com. The article says that its those Republicans “who are pushing privatization of liquor sales.” Hold on there, Sunshine. Not all Republicans … Continue reading “Long Nyquist Liquor Incest In Pa.”

FBI Pranks Pa Senate In Sting LOL

FBI Pranks Pa Senate In Sting LOL — The FBI pranked the Pennsylvania Senate into unanimously passing a bill pushed by a fake business to limit who could dispose of used textbooks. The vote on Oct. 14, 2010 was 49-0 to pass SB 1379. The bill never got out of the House and never became … Continue reading “FBI Pranks Pa Senate In Sting LOL”

Send Message This Judicial Primary

Superior Court and county court judges will be on the ballot for the May 21 Republican Primary and the election provides a perfect opportunity for the grassroots to send a message to the uncaring establishment which does not listen to its own base, notes activist Bob Guzzardi. Few pay attention to these races as important … Continue reading “Send Message This Judicial Primary”

Wagner Rips Backroom Deal Claim

Wagner Rips Backroom Deal Claim By Scott Wagner This is to set the record straight on the false allegations reported by the media last week. Scott Harper, a candidate for Pennsylvania Senate in the 31st District, has alleged that I was involved in a back room deal to get him out of the race. Let … Continue reading “Wagner Rips Backroom Deal Claim”

Regarding The 2011 Pa. GOP Senate Primary

Regarding The 2011 Pa. GOP Senate Primary By Bob Guzzardi (Bob is a Tea Party activist from Montgomery County) The Republican/Democrat Establishment Insiders, apparently, have concluded Pennsylvania’s incumbent U.S. Senator Bob “98%” Casey cannot be defeated because he is so likeable and guileless; they ignore the ObamaCasey fiscally-reckless policy agenda.  Therefore, below are presented policy … Continue reading “Regarding The 2011 Pa. GOP Senate Primary”