Russ Diamond Visits Delco

Russ Diamond Visits Delco — State Rep. Russ Diamond will address the Delaware County Patriots, 7 p.m., Monday, April 17, at the Marple Library, 2599 Sproul Road, Broomall 19008. Diamond, a Republican who represents the 102nd District, might be best known as the man who started the PaCleanSweep movement after state legislators voted themselves a … Continue reading “Russ Diamond Visits Delco”

Russ Diamond Christmas Truce

Russ Diamond Christmas Truce — Pennsylvania State Rep. Russ Diamond (R-102) has penned this   open letter to Gov. Tom Wolf regarding the budget impasse. It is worth passing on to all, especially one’s legislators, political leaders and media sources. Dear Governor Tom Wolf, Pennsylvanians get it. We don’t see eye to eye. There’s a … Continue reading “Russ Diamond Christmas Truce”

Russ Diamond Unplugged Playing Bright

Sometimes a song gets so stuck in  head the head of Pennsylvania State Rep. Russ Diamond (R-102)  that the only way he can  get rid of it is to learn it and record it. Bright by Echosmith was one of them. Here is Russ getting it out of his head.   Russ Diamond Unplugged Playing … Continue reading “Russ Diamond Unplugged Playing Bright”

Russ Diamond Enters Lt. Gov Race

Russ Diamond, the force behind PaCleanSweep which shook the state legislature in 2006, has announced a run for lieutenant governor as a Republican. His platform calls for a convention to reform the state constitution, eliminating property taxes and protecting Pennsylvania from federal intrusion. Those against whom he will be running in the May 18 primary … Continue reading “Russ Diamond Enters Lt. Gov Race”

Diamond Begs House To Remember Workers

State Rep. Russ Diamond (R-102) was the last person to testify before the State House Appropriations Committee concerning this year’s Pennsylvania budget. “I just want to remind you as we go forward that every dollar we spend here is a dollar a hard-working Pennsylvanian first had to earn. We are talking about the dollars of … Continue reading “Diamond Begs House To Remember Workers”

Pennsylvania Leadership Conference 2020

Pennsylvania Leadership Conference 2020 is Sept. 25-26 and will be virtual. Registration is required but it is free. It can be found here. Speakers and panelists include former US Sen. Rick Santorum, state representatives Russ Diamond and Daryl Metcalfe, State House Speaker Bryan Cutler, State Sen. Doug Masriano, and climate expert Joe Bastardi, who was … Continue reading “Pennsylvania Leadership Conference 2020”

Election Day 2017 Voting Republican

Election Day 2017 Voting Republican — Tomorrow, Nov. 7, is election day and as it is an off-year — no presidential or congressional races — expect a low turnout. This just means your vote matters more. On the ballot in Pennsylvania are county officials, judges, school directors and municipal officials, along with  a referendum that will … Continue reading “Election Day 2017 Voting Republican”

Fiscal Code Bill Sneaks In Spending

Fiscal Code Bill Sneaks In Spending — State Rep. Russ Diamond (R-102) is one of the good guys. He explains on his Facebook page why he voted against the final version of HB 1327 which made changes to the state’s fiscal code. “This bill, HB1327, passed the House unanimously the first time around, when it … Continue reading “Fiscal Code Bill Sneaks In Spending”

Wolf Spends Sans Budget

Wolf spends. A study by Pennsylvania legislators released yesterday, Dec. 3, has revealed that Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration spent $30.4 billion in state and federal money from July 1 through Oct. 31, despite the last budget authorization ending on June 30. About $2.7 billion came from waivers, which is unspent money from prior budgets that … Continue reading “Wolf Spends Sans Budget”

GOP Wave Misses Corbett But Not PA

The GOP wave missed Pennsylvania  at the gubernatorial level but that was just about it.  Pennsylvania’s congressional breakdown remains 13-5 in favor of the Republicans and the GOP actually expanded its majority in the State House and Senate with districts 46, 52, 83, 115, 120 and 146 appearing to have flipped to the GOP in … Continue reading “GOP Wave Misses Corbett But Not PA”