MPGA — Senate Ed Committee OKs 5 Sane Bills

MPGA — Senate Ed Committee OKs 5 Sane Bills  — Pennsylvania State Sen. John Eichelberger (R-30) reports that the Senate Education Committee, yesterday, April 19, approved five bills, including legislation intended to improve transparency and legislation expanding access to vocational education and school resources to students. The bills are all small but significant advances to the … Continue reading “MPGA — Senate Ed Committee OKs 5 Sane Bills”

Dems Save Kathleen Kane

Dems Save Kathleen Kane — The Pennsylvania Senate, yesterday, Feb. 10, fell four votes short of the two-thirds needed to removed a disgraced person who shamelessly ignores the law as the state’s top law enforcement officer. In fairness the vast majority of senators — the vast majority being Republican — did realize that Kathleen Kane … Continue reading “Dems Save Kathleen Kane”

Paycheck Protection Advances In Pa.

Paycheck Protection Advances In Pa. — Paycheck protection, which is a bill that would ban the automatic deduction of political donations from members of public employees unions in Pennsylvania, is going to the full floor of the State House. The bill was reported from the House State Government Committee, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 16-9 with on … Continue reading “Paycheck Protection Advances In Pa.”

Paycheck Protection Vote Looms In Pa

The Pennsylvania Senate, today, Oct. 13, amended SB 501, also known as Mary’s Law which would prevent money being deducted from public employees paychecks for political purposes. The law grandfathers in existing contracts but prevents deductions from being included in future ones. The vote sets up final passage which could be as early as tomorrow, … Continue reading “Paycheck Protection Vote Looms In Pa”

Senate Passes Pension Reform

The Pennsylvania Senate, this afternoon, May 13, passed SB 1 which would change the  plans for  those in the Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS) and State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS) into defined contribution ones akin to the 401Ks most of us have. The vote was 28-19 with Stewart Greenleaf of the 12th District being … Continue reading “Senate Passes Pension Reform”

Wagner Blasts Republicans Over Mary’s Law Failure

Sen. Scott Wagner (R-28) sent this email blast out March 3 concerning the failure to pass Mary’s Law i.e. SB 501 on March 2.  And it was a blast as he called out the five southeast Republican Senators voted no to the amendment — Sens. John Rafferty of Montgomery County, Stewart Greenleaf of Montgomery County, Tom … Continue reading “Wagner Blasts Republicans Over Mary’s Law Failure”

Paycheck Protection Amendment Defeated

An amendment to a school emergency allergy bill, (HB 803) instituting “paycheck protection” was defeated 28-20, yesterday, Oct. 15. All Democrats voted nay excepted for LeAnna Washington who didn’t vote. They were joined by Republicans Pat Browne, Stewart Greenleaf, Bob Mensch, John Rafferty,  Tommy Tomlinson and Eric Erickson. Erickson represents the 26th District in Delaware … Continue reading “Paycheck Protection Amendment Defeated”

Pa Senate OKs Voter ID, Thank You Rogers Howard

The Pennsylvania Senate, yesterday, March 7, passed HB 934 that would require voters to present identification at polling places and in applications for absentee ballots. The vote was 26-23 with all Democrats opposed along with Republicans Stewart Greenleaf of the 12th District, and Mary Jo White of the 21st District,  Jane Earll of the 49th … Continue reading “Pa Senate OKs Voter ID, Thank You Rogers Howard”

PSEA Republicans

PSEA Republicans — Tea Party activist Bob Guzzardi has compiled a list of Republican legislators that have accepted contributions from the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA). The PSEA is the union that represents most public school teachers in the state and, ironically, is very likely the most anti-child, anti-education and anti-senior citizen organization in the … Continue reading “PSEA Republicans”

Pa. Senate Passes School Choice Bill

The Pennsylvania State Senate, yesterday, Oct. 26, passed SB 1, 27-22 sending it to the State House. The vote was mostly along party-lines in the Republican-controlled institution with Democrat Daylin Leach (D-17) leading the opposition with claims that the bill will take money from poor school districts. He failed to note, however, that the money … Continue reading “Pa. Senate Passes School Choice Bill”