Amnesty Supporters Better See Other Side

The lovely Christine Flowers, in yesterday’s, Aug. 3, Delaware County Daily Times had an article decrying the plight of the Latin American children flooding our border that included some bald criticisms of those angry and concerned about it.

Christine, an immigration lawyer who personally knows some of the refugees, had some points it must be recognized. Mercy is good. Compassion is good. Children should be protected. Many of these children who came across should be allowed to stay.

However, once those things are conceded, questions must be asked. Is  an open border with Mexico a good thing? Especially right now? Is she advocating one? Does she really believe our immigration and border laws are unnecessary and unjust?

If that is the case, she ought to have the guts to come right out and say it. If not, she better start suggesting some ways of enforcing them. For some strange reason, amnesty supporters never do. It’s a one-way street with them.

We don’t think the solution is all that complicated, namely we stop rewarding people for breaking the law. If we were to require E-Verify to be in every government agency and school, 90 percent of the problems would end.

Further why aren’t state and local law enforcement allowed to act upon the immigration laws when it makes sense for them to do so? People who ask this are called names but their arguments are not rebutted. Of course, it is pretty hard to rebut an argument that law enforcement officers enforce laws.

Finally we must demand reform in the corrupt kleptocracies that make up the nations that flood us with illegals. There is a reason why these people want to come here, after all. Once adequate reform is made,  their citizens will stop trying to cross our border and if the reform is adequate enough we might not even care if the border is open.

If amnesty supporters really want a nation built upon the principle of “out of many one” they better stop with the “my way or you’re a bigot” attitude.

Amnesty Supporters Better See Other Side

Amnesty Supporters Better See Other Side

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