Netflix Soliciting For Propaganda

Netflix Soliciting For Propaganda — We got an email (see below) that “streamers” like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Studios are seeking “TV series with a social message.”

In other words, the one-percenter tech oligarchs want propaganda designed to make you angry and afraid. They don’t want to make you happy. They don’t want to inspire you to help others. They want to make you angry and afraid.

They want you to hate.

And Orwell only predicted two minutes a day of it.

But but but, you say, maybe they want content that inspires you to help others.


Any content sought by this crowd is going to cover up injustice if not out-and-out encourage it.

This crowd lives on oppression.

How do you beat propagandists with this much power?

We could suggest cancelling but that won’t do much and just leave you out of touch with what the masses are getting fed.

We would instead encourage reading, especially the Bible but the great philosophers like Plato as well, along with original documents and speeches like the Constitution, Lincoln’s Second Inaugural and The Federalist Papers.

And histories.

Read good histories like those by Stephen Ambrose and bad ones like those by Howard Zinn. See the difference. Know what the other side believes, why they believe it and why they are wrong.

Mental exercise is a lot like physical exercise. It starts hard but then becomes easy, and you find yourself much healthier and stronger.

We are encouraging deletion of Facebook accounts. Not just deactivation but full deletion. Cancel Facebook.

There are 80 million Trump voters. Yes, we think millions of Trump votes were flipped to Biden and Biden is an illegitimate president. Even if you insist on the 74 million figure, though, 10 million of us deleting our Facebook accounts will have an enormous impact. Don’t forget that those who want to keep in touch with you will have to seek you on the media that you use.

The fish that swims from the school is the cool one.

And make DuckDuckGo your default search engine on the desktop and mobile. Google is Goliath but Goliath was beaten.

The email:

Netflix Soliciting For Propaganda
Netflix Soliciting For Propaganda

Greenwald Reveals Tech Hypocrisy, Tyranny

Greenwald Reveals Tech Hypocrisy, Tyranny — Check out Glenn Greenwald’s article How Silicon Valley, in a Show of Monopolistic Force, Destroyed Parler on Substack.

Vile, corporate anti-liberal — in the original, good meaning of the word — have taken over communication. Their “progressive” minions, whose reasoning skill makes a George Romero zombie look smart, shuffle along in ironic approval considering themselves “woke”.

Check out Greenwald’s article. If you can’t see it, a subscription is worthwhile.

Greenwald Reveals Tech Hypocrisy, Tyranny
Greenwald Reveals Tech Hypocrisy, Tyranny

Deleting Alexa Commands

Deleting Alexa Commands — It’s being claimed that there is a new voice command that allows you to delete the directions you’ve given Amazon Alexa. Simply say “Alexa, delete everything I said today.” Apparently it only works for a partial day though.

Frankly, we don’t trust anything claimed for Sleepless in Seattle.

Hat tip Duck Duck Go, which is Proactive in Paoli.

Deleting Alexa Commands
Deleting Alexa Commands

Obama Beats Comcast Huck Says

Obama Beats Comcast Huck Says— Former Arkansas Gov. and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee uses Philly-based Comcast as does many unfortunate others. He recently expressed his opinion of them in a series of tweets.

Hey Mike, Comcast has one good point. It makes you able to tolerate Verizon.

Is @comcast the United AL version of cable/internet/phone? Has anyone else had DEPLORABLE dealings with @comcast? &string

By the time @comcast shows up to fix THEIR problems after they missed THEIR appt today, my 5 year old grandson will be graduating college.

Mafia better service than @comcast Sure they shoot you, but it’s over with and they don’t charge you for the bullet.

How bad is @comcast service? I’d rather have Obama back as President than have Comcast.


Obama Beats Comcast Huck Says

Lawrence O’Donnell Ultimate Conspiracy Nut

Lawrence O’Donnell Ultimate Conspiracy Nut — One-percenter establishment pundit and Comcast employee Lawrence O’Donnell posited last night (April 7) that Russian President Vladimir Putin orchestrated the April 4 chemical weapon attack by Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad so President Trump could respond and look good.


Lawrence O'Donnell Ultimate Conspiracy Nut

By the way, Assad’s birthday is Sept. 11.

Lawrence O’Donnell Ultimate Conspiracy Nut


Mac Verizon Email Settings

Verizon has told customers in the Philadelphia that they must change their email settings by June 9 from and to and respectively. Mac Verizon Email Settings Verizon has told customers in the Philadelphia that they must change their email settings by June 9 from and to and respectively

It should be a pretty easy thing but if one has one of the newer Mac OS’s one might be finding himself going a little nuts as the pop setting might be grayed out in the accounts preferences.

So here is the simple solution courtesy of

Select the account you want to change, uncheck ‘Automatically detect and maintain account settings’, save — you will be prompted when you close the account preferences box, then return to the account and edit the Incoming Mail Server.

Mac Verizon Email Settings

Corporate America Wants Gay Marriage

An amicus brief was filed March 5 by 379 corporations and business groups urging the U.S. Supreme Court to declare “marriage rights” for same sex marriage with regard to Obergefell v. Hodges. Corporate America Wants Gay Marriage

The list includes CBS and Philly’s own Comcast which owns NBC so expect the news you get about the matter to be what you expect.

It includes Goldman Sachs from whence, it seems, more often than not comes  our treasury secretaries. And of course it includes all the hip tech companies like Apple and Facebook and Google.

You get the suspicion that this is a done deal and no amount of reason or rationality can change things.

Still, we will try.

Sodomy is bad and society should not give an inkling of approval for it. It should be given the same status as chain smoking cigarettes or eating super-sized meals thrice a day.  It should be encouraged as much as sharing a needle in a crack house.  People who care about people don’t give license for these things.

The claim that people are born gay is problematic. Just ask a heterosexual male who has been pestered by a gay one. Obviously, recruitment occurs, and obviously choices are made. The claim that one is born in such a way that one can’t resist a sexual relationship with another male is the linchpin of the gay marriage movement. It makes about as much sense as saying a man can’t resist a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl or another man’s wife.

Civil marriage is not about personal fulfillment. The only reason for the state to be involved in the relationship between two people is because third parties might find themselves involuntarily involved. With a man and a women these third parties are called children. It is pointed out that marriages occur now between parties that cannot or do not intend to have children. These are marriages of convenience. They are not good things. They should, in fact, be discouraged. If gay marriage is declared a right, marriages of convenience will become the norm. Why shouldn’t two business partners get married to resolve tax issues? If gay marriage becomes a right, why not incest? The only reason for the institution is  “love” and “personal fulfillment” right? A father-son marriage would certainly be a way of beating the inheritance bite. Meanwhile, the moms and dads  who are actually working to create the future find the burden just gets a little harder for them.

Fathers are vital to child rearing, maybe even more so than mothers. While, we think you can make, unlike for men, some kind of a case for a marriage between  two women, choosing to raise a child without a father is epitome of irresponsibility and should be discouraged.

Ancient wisdom matters. The Bible is not ambiguous regarding homosexuality. It’s a bad thing according to Scripture. History backs this up. Societies where male homosexuality was commonplace — again putting paid the claim that one is always born gay — have not been very pleasant for women. And regarding the purposeful and even pleasure-filled rejection of the Biblical commands, when one discounts the straightforward condemnations of things one doesn’t like, one will find others discounting the things upon one has come to depend.  Why should one expect mercy and compassion and tolerance? Because Comcast said so? LOL.

Here is a list of  the 379 business groups that want gay marriage to be a right.

Corporate America Wants Gay Marriage






Mary Bauer Comcast Insults Now

Mary Bauer Comcast Insults Now -- Comcast Building Lobby in Philadelphia
The childish lobby of childish Democrat-supporting Comcast in Philadelphia

Mary Bauer of the Chicago suburb of Addison, Ill., is the latest person reported to be subjected to the bizarre corporate culture of Democrat-supporting Philadelphia communications giant Comcast.

Ms. Bauer, 63, began having troubles when she “upgraded” to Comcast’s X1 box in January 2014 resulting in 39 calls last winter and spring for service and countless hours on the phone with customer support.

In April, she had that box replaced with her old one but a promised credit never materialized.

She basically wrote it off until her monthly bill jumped in October from $180 to $220 and then the bills stopped completely. She had to call Comcast monthly to find out what she owed.

This week she got her first bill in months. To whom was it addressed? “Super Bitch Bauer”.

She never opened it but she did go to the press.

Our first suggestion is to dump Comcast. We did almost five years ago and have been content as clams with Verizon.

Our second suggestion is to law enforcement. What these childish morons in Comcast’s corporate offices do with regard to addressing mail with obscenities has to be in violation of some part of the postal code or against some criminal statue regarding harassment by communication.  Are you the Addison police chief? Some state attorney general somewhere?  Illinois is not the only place this is happened after all. Go for it. Get yourself some headlines.

Hat tip

 Mary Bauer Comcast Insults Now

Mary Bauer Comcast customer service’s latest victim.

Asshole Brown, Comcast Horror Story

The Browns of  Spokane, Wash., were having money problems so the wife, Lisa, called Comcast to cut the cable TV portion of their service. She was passed to one the company’s infamous “retention specialists”  who couldn’t convince her to change her mind. So the specialist changed the name on her bill for whaAsshole Brownt she kept. What had been addressed to  her husband, Ricardo Brown, was now to “Asshole Brown”.

She told blogger Chris Elliott that she was never rude during the conversation.

But it gets worse. She visited her local Comcast office and they refused to fix it. She then phoned higher-ups and they refused to fix it.

She then went to Elliott who was dubious of her story until he actually saw the bill. He then contacted Comcast’s public relations department who confirmed Mrs. Brown’s story.

Comcast has agreed to give the Browns a two-year refund.

Any legislator looking to get some nice ink could start a crusade  to make it illegal for any communication cancellation to last more than seven minutes.

Hat tip

Asshole Brown, Comcast Horror Story



Dating Comcast Nightmare

Comcast — Philadelphia’s Democrat-supporting signature corporation — won’s  Worst Company in America 2014 tournament beating out Monsanto.

Well done, Comcast. You were the one we were betting on.

Below is a video of what dating Comast would be like. It’s for you Judy and Lynn.

End it. End it now.

Hat tip

The whimsical lobby of the Comcast Center, 1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd. Dating Comcast Nightmare

The whimsical lobby of the Comcast Center, 1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd.

Dating Comcast Nightmare