Comcast Helps Little Guy?

Comcast Building Lobby Comcast Helps Little Guy?

The lobby of the Comcast Building in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia-based Comcast, the world’s largest communications company, wants to become even larger by spending $45.2 billion to buy Time Warner Cable and become even larger.

It is telling those who must approve this monopolizing move that such a merger would be good for the little guy — the independent channels like RFD-TV and Veria Living.

The little guys generally think otherwise.

“It sounds wonderful. But when you peel back the onion . . . it’s really nothing at all,” said  Patrick Gottsch of RFD-TV. “Very few [independent] channels have full distribution, other than BBC World News and Al Jazeera.”

Which leads to another question: why does Al Jazeera, a propagandist site for terrorists, get full distribution?

Wonder if Congress is taking testimony about Comcast’s customer service.
Comcast Helps Little Guy?

CNN Rejects Glenn Beck, 550 Jobs Lost

The is reporting that unwatched CNN is about to layoff 550 employees because, well, nobody watches it — unlike Fox News — and advertisers feel it is stupid to waste money on commercials nobody sees.

The is also reporting that one time CNN employee Glenn Beck, who is now worth an estimated $100 million due to his success with The Blaze, has made two offers to help but neither went anywhere.

One of the offers involved The Blaze taking over the network’s HLN spot on the channel list.

In 2012, Beck made an offer to buy Al Gore’s Current TV network. Gore, instead, chose to sell it to Al Jazeera.

Apparently misogynistic propagandist for jihad and terror are more palatable to him and his kind than people who have Christian values and believe in free markets.

In fairness, The Wrap is saying one person at CNN has told it talks are not dead. Still when reports of massive layoffs come after reports of a rejected deal, one does connect dots.

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CNN Rejects Glenn Beck, 550 Jobs Lost

CNN Rejects Glenn Beck, 550 Jobs Lost


Comcast Customer Support Is Criminal

Comcast Building Lobby Comcast Customer Support Is CriminalComcast Customer Support Is Criminal. The lobby of the Comcast Building in Philadelphia

Aaron Spain of Chicago was a Comcast customer. He found himself displeased with the product provided by the Philadelphia communications giant and tried to cancel.

He went through the sign-in garbage, got hold of a service rep and was put on hold.

He waited 3 hours and 20 minutes before trying on a different phone. What did he find? He found that the office was closed for the day.

Pretty funny, Aaron, huh?

Actually, the joke is going to be on Comcast. This isn’t the first cancellation horror story  circulating the web involving the liberal — it owns MSNBC and its campaign contributions skew heavily to Democrats— corporation.

Violating contracts leads to legal action, and fraud leads to being charged with crimes.

We suspect lawyers will soon be contacting Mr. Spain, and politically astute state attorney generals will start calling for investigations.

If you own stock in the company sell it now.

Here is the video Aaron put on on YouTube documenting his experience.


 Comcast Customer Support Is Criminal

Comcast Deal Makes Philly Cable King

Comcast Deal Makes Philly Cable King — Comcast, the Philadelphia-based communication conglomerate that is the nation’s largest cable company, has agreed to pay $45.2 billion to get Time Warner Cable Inc., which is the second largest cable company.It’s not necessarily good news for journalism or those interested in pursuing truth as Comcast also owns NBC and MSNBC, which are infamous propaganda tools for the “progressive” movements.

Hey, that’s a question all you OWS types should ask: Why does the world’s largest mass media company feign sympathy towards you? One of those things that should make you go hmmmm, it seems.

Comcast gets chronically low customer satisfaction grades.

We use Verizon here and are generally happy with it.

For those really wanting to save some bucks consider getting a Roku which gives you close to 100 free channels including Pandora music and repeats of Fox News shows along with Wall Street Journal reports. Add a $9 per month Netflix subscription and your entertainment needs are covered. You will still need a high speed internet connection to use it, though.

Comcast Deal Makes Philly Cable King


Comcast Deal Makes Philly Cable King

Verizon Helps Ice Victims

Hat tip Steve Barrar Verizon Helps Ice Victims

With power outages still widespread in Southeastern Pennsylvania, these Verizon Wireless stores are opening their doors for powerless residents to charge their phones and other electronics until power is restored in their areas:

· Verizon Wireless at Lehigh Valley Mall Whitehall
181 Lehigh Valley Mall
Whitehall, PA 18052
(610) 231-1720

· Verizon Wireless at Quakertown
219 NW End Blvd.
Quakertown, PA 18951
(215) 529-4141

· Verizon Wireless at Abington
1495 Old York Rd.
Abington, PA 19001
(215) 576-1520

· Verizon Wireless at Montgomeryville
744 Bethlehem Pike
Montgomeryville, PA 18936
(215) 361-0180

· Verizon Wireless at Royersford
1836 E Ridge Pike
Royersford, PA 19468
(610) 454-0480

· Verizon Wireless at Warrington
620 Easton Rd.
Warrington, PA 18976
(215) 491-6630

· Verizon Wireless at Springfield
130 S. State Rd.
Springfield, PA 19064
(610) 338-1880

· Verizon Wireless at Ardmore
195 W. Lancaster Ave.
Ardmore, PA 19003
(610) 645-4175

· Verizon Wireless at King of Prussia
140 Allendale Rd.
King of Prussia, PA 19406
(610) 491-6400

· Verizon Wireless at Downingtown
32 Quarry Rd.
Downingtown, PA 19335
(610) 518-3200

For residents in Eastern Montco near NE Philly, the Cottman Avenue store  is also providing this service.

Verizon Helps Ice Victims

Chris Wheeler Gone And Sarge

Comcast Sportsnet has booted from the booth Chris Wheeler and Gary “Sarge” Matthews from the Philadelphia Phillies broadcast booth.

While we don’t like to see anyone lose their jobs, we will be turning the sound back on the TV this season.

Chris Wheeler Gone And Sarge

Comcast Bans Gun Advertisements

Philadlephia-based, Obama-supporting Comcast has banned advertising by gun and ammunition sellers.

In a totally unrelated issue, the cable giant will be airing Scarface with Al Pacino at 11 this morning, March 23. Remember Tony Montana can have a grenade launcher. He’s a criminal.

Free plug of the day, check out Bob’s Little Sports Shop in Glassboro, N.J.. The man’s a poet unlike the gangster lovers at Comcast.

Comcast Building Lobby Comcast Bans Gun Advertisements

Comcast Bans Gun Advertisements

Pennsylvania Surpassing Transylvania

Pennsylvanians may soon soon be boasting about how they have snatched the horror crown from Transylvania and the rest of Mitteleuropa.

The Netflix production “Hemlock Grove” debuts online April 19. It’s a 13-part series directed by Eli Roth and based on Brian McGreevy’s novel. It’s set in a Pennsylvania steel town but was filmed in Toronto.

Hopefully, it involves local residents chasing zombies down with deer rifles.

Pennsylvania Surpassing Transylvania

Pennsylvania Surpassing Transylvania

The 1 Percent Are Democrats

So who is this 1 percent?

According to Bloomberg, the big dogs in the group are entertainment executives who easily eclipse the Wall Street guys.
The top three entertainment barons are Les Moonves, the CEO of CBS Corp.  who got $69.9 million in 2011; David Zaslav of Discovery Communications Inc. who got $52.4 million, and Philippe Dauman at Viacom Inc. who paid $43 million.
Compare that to the top-paid on Wall Street:  Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan Chase & Co, $23 million;. John Stumpf of Wells Fargo & Co., $17.9 million; and Lloyd Blankfein at Goldman Sachs Group Inc.;  $16.2 million.
Even  Brian Roberts and Steve Burke of Philadelphia’s own Comcast would have headed that class with pay  of $27 million and $24 million, respectively, despite pay cuts of 13 percent and 32 percent, respectively  from 2010.
You know just about all these guys were Obama supporters in ’08, right?
The 1 Percent Are Democrats
The 1 Percent Are Democrats

FIOS Porn, Thanks Verizon

FIOS Porn, Thanks Verizon — A few months ago we switched from Comcast to Verizon FIOS and finally got around to playing with the “video-on-demand” feature. There are categories for sports and health free movies and network TV shows, and an interesting one that says “adult” that, judging by the titles, consists of some of the raunchiest pornography available.

It appears one can make the feature disappear using parental controls but it is on by default.

There is no mention of the service in Verizon’s advertising.

The cost per movie is $12.95 so one suspects a nice profit is being made.

Maybe Verizon is just taking its cue from Mitt Romney and Marriott.


FIOS Porn, Thanks Verizon

FIOS Porn, Thanks Verizon