Massive Vote Fraud Established In Pennsylvania

Massive Vote Fraud Established In Pennsylvania — It’s certain that there was massive fraud in the election and Donald Trump is the winner.

Wednesday, Nov. 25, the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Committee chaired by Senator Douglas V. Mastriano (R-33) held a hearing regarding the Trump campaign claims.

Gregory Strenstrom — who has expertise in forensic computer science, security and fraud and who was a poll watcher in Chester — revealed that in now-Democrat-controlled Delaware County, the chain of custody was shattered for more than 100,000 ballots; all the legally established procedures were ignored; and 47 USB cards containing vital data have disappeared.

“All chain of custody logs, records, yellow sheets, everything was gone,” he said. “All forensic evidence and all custody sheets are gone.”

Strenstrom’s testimony starts at the 52:50 mark here.

A source described the same thing on our site on Nov. 6.

The only fair solution is to throw out all of Delaware County presidential votes and hold new elections for the other offices.

Montco GOP Chairwoman Elizabeth Preate Havey testified starting at the 1:40:00 mark that county’s Democrat-controlled administration did not allow the Republicans meaningful view of the mail ballots at any time despite numerous requests. Further, the Republicans were initially told they “could not directly check the mail-in ballots”. The county agreed after push-back to allow two watchers in the counting room but they were never able to see the ballots up close, she said.

“There was no meaningful observation of the ballots,” she said. “And absolutely no check of the ballots by anyone other than the county staff — which is all run by the Democrats — as to whether or not these ballots met election code criteria.”

She said they could not check to see if voters voted twice or if voters were deceased.

“And with the removal of the signature . . . there was no way to protect against someone fraudulently voting for a registered voter,” she said.

She said this involved 200,000 ballots.

She said the Republicans were not provided with the county’s change in rules that allowed curing of the ballots. She said the county did not allow the GOP to have a representative present during the pre-canvass when it reviewed and contacted voters about defective ballots.

This type of pre-canvass was illegal, she said.

She said voters told her they received mail-in ballots even though they did nor request one.

She said at least 188 deceased people voted in Montgomery County.

Montco GOP Executive Director Julia Vahey followed Ms. Havey and said that she was one of the Republican observers that were finally allowed into the counting room.

“I was corralled into a small, narrow holding area which was blocked off by tables and Plexiglas barriers in the corner of the room,” she said. “I only had visibility to the space were ballots were flattened and scanned. This was a huge area and the closest scanner was approximately 6-feet away and the farthest approximately 25-yards away.”

She had no access or view of the room where the ballots were sorted, outside envelopes were inspected or were the outside and secrecy envelopes were opened. She said the space was divided from the scanning room by a large white wall.

It was a separate room although the county election board insisted it was all one.

“During our walk-through of the canvass facility, Sunday, Nov. 1, we argued that it was a separate room and were told by the County chief operating officer (Lee Soltysiak) that we would be able to view this space by security camera footage.”

She said the footage was streamed to a conference room on the other end of the building that was a four-minute walk away. She said the footage was of extremely poor quality and one could only see pixelated images of workers moving around the room and there was no ‘meaningful visibility’ of the ballots.”

She still lacks the information to tell voters that their vote was counted.

Col. Phil Waldron, a retired Army electronics/information warfare specialist, had maybe the most damning testimony starting at about the 1:09:00 mark.

He says his team has been working on voter machine manipulation since August but has joined with another team that has been involved with the matter since 2018 election after “after significant anomalies were observed in the Texas senate race between Democrat Beto O’Rourke and incumbent Republican Ted Cruz; and the Kentucky governor’s race between Democrat Andy Beshear and incumbent Republican  Matt Bevin. Cruz won his race but it was surprisingly close, while Beshear upset Bevin.

He said “many, many more” small teams of IT security people are investigating voting machine manipulation and finding it real.

“The voting systems in the U.S. and in Pennsylvania were built to be manipulated,” he said. “They’ve been used in elections around the world and stolen elections around the world in Venezuela, Italy, Argentina, Singapore, Bolivia (which is) closest two weeks ago.”

He said the systems are connected to the internet and to servers outside the United States.

He said there is no transparency as to how the voter information is processed or stored. He said the voting record is able to modified or delated by operators, administrators and outside threats. Operators can assign votes for write-in vote ballots, blank ballots or error ballots in large numbers that can be directed a particular candidate at the operators or supervisors discretion.

Waldron brought up the theft of USB drives from a Philadelphia election warehouse which we reported here.

He said he his experts think that possibly 1.2 million Pennsylvania votes were altered or fraudulent. He said only a detailed forensic analysis of the machines and software would truly show how many citizens had their civil rights violated.

Waldron described spike anomalies.

“These are events that where a numerical amount of votes are processed in a time period that’s not . . . mechanically possible under normal circumstances.”

There is a manufacturer’s specified rate of speed as to the number of ballots that can be imaged and processed, he noted.

On Election Day there was a spike of about 337,000 votes added in “one big batch” in Pennsylvania in 90 minutes.

“That’s an anomaly in the reporting. Normally, you would expect to see a smooth curve going up not any big spikes . . . That big spike that occurs there is a prime indicator of fraudulent voting,” he said.

There were several other spikes through the night. Taken together they represented about 577,000 votes for Biden and about 3,200 for Trump.

Waldron and Rudy Giuliani made a claim that does not hold up in that 1.8 million absentee ballots were requested but 2.5 million returned. It’s conclusive that far more than 2.5 million absentee ballots were requested.

Waldron’s error may be due to bad labeling on the Department of State’s website.

Another troubling tidbit comes from State Rep. Don Moul (R-91). Moul said (2:28:55) he tried to get a requirement that mail-in ballots be barcoded but was told by Gov. Wolf that such a provision would be subject to automatic veto if it should hit his desk. Why should Wolf object to such a provision? Why don’t the self-proclaimed “watchdogs” in the old media ask?

Another bombshell came from Sen. Mario M. Scavello (R-40) who said at the 2:35:29 mark the legislature did not vote for the new machines but was done at the mandate of the governor.

Here’s the whole hearing:

Massive Vote Fraud Established In Pennsylvania
Massive Vote Fraud Established

Election Rigged Proof Positive And All Will Know Says Patrick Byrne

Election Rigged Proof Positive And All Will Know Says Patrick Byrne — Patrick Byrne, the libertarian founder of, says Joe Biden’s victory is solely by vote fraud and he has the goods.

He says the proof is in three forms: Extraordinary administrator privileges embedded within Dominion’s systems

Affidavits from voters and volunteers describe experiences that match exactly what they would experience in specifically referred locations

Data expressing outrageous statistical oddities.

The last point is conclusive. Byrne, who has an M.A. in mathematical logic from Cambridge University and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Stanford, said that thousands of sequential Biden votes were registered in some places. He said that a mere thousand sequential votes occurring in a 96 percent pro-Biden ward would have the probability of a quadrillion-to-1.

Biden is not going to be the president.

You want to dispute this? OK, do the math showing Byrne is wrong or show that Biden didn’t get thousands of sequential votes.

You believe in science right?

And just to be ironic here is a video of Bryne describing this on Christopher McDonald’s McFiles Faith Network.

Here is Bryne’s website

Election Rigged Proof Positive
Election Rigged Proof Positive And All Will Know Says Patrick Byrne 2020

Tucker Carlson Girly Meltdown Over Sidney Powell

Tucker Carlson Girly Meltdown Over Sidney Powell — Tucker Carlson, who some had thought was Fox News Channel’s last remaining patriot, threw a hissy fit last night (Nov. 19) when Trump attorney Sidney Powell declined to come on his show.

Tucker Carlson Girly Meltdown Over Sidney Powell
A bad day for Tucker Carlson

Ms. Powell claimed at a press conference that afternoon unprecedented vote fraud occurred Nov. 3.

“So we invited Sidney Powell on this show,” Carlson said. “We would’ve given her the whole hour; we would’ve given her the entire week actually and listened quietly the whole time at rapt attention — that’s a big story. But she never sent us any evidence despite a lot of requests, polite requests, not a page. When we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her. When we checked with others around the Trump campaign, people in positions of authority, they told us Powell has never given them any evidence either, nor did she provided any today at the press conference.”

Ms. Powell says that millions of votes were switched from Donald Trump to Joe Biden by voting machines made by Dominion Voting Systems. She says that this was done by American corporatists and public officials colluding with China, Venezuela and Cuba.

If true, this would be bigger than Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and Fort Sumter combined. This would be treason, sedition and acts of war.

Carlson, to his credit, actually gets this.

“What Powell was describing would amount to the single greatest crime in American history,” he said. “Millions of votes stolen in a day. Democracy destroyed. The end of our centuries-old system of self-government . . .”

What he misses, though, is that his show is not the venue at which one should unveil evidence for a pending court case, and that Ms. Powell’s unwillingness to accede to his demand does not discredit her, especially considering her track record and the risk she is taking with her public comments.

We are not going to hold Tucker’s bad moment against him. He has taken on the bad guys courageously before and has even been driven from his home by “progressive” thugs.

So Tucker, we are still watching but Sidney Powell is 100 percent in the right.

Update: Ms. Powell told Maria Bartiromo on today’s Mornings With Maria that she never got angry with Tucker Carlson and actually sent an affidavit to him in response to his request for evidence. She also said she offered him another witness who could explain the mathematical aspects of the case better than she could.

Yes, Tucker had a very bad day.

Tucker Carlson Girly Meltdown Over Sidney Powell

Old Media Ironically Casts Doubt On A Biden Win

Old Media Ironically Casts Doubt On A Biden Win — The establishment media consensus is that Joe Biden is president-elect and allegations of a fraudulent election aren’t serious.

The problem isn’t that the allegations are being ignored — as bad as that is considering that President Trump has not conceded and that very accomplished people like Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and Shiva Ayyadurai are insisting, dramatically, that massive vote fraud has occurred — but that it’s not.

The Washington Post reported, yesterday, that that Trump was dropping his challenge that 682,479 ballots counted in secret in Pennsylvania should be voided. Pretty big deal. It was carried by news outlets throughout the country via the Associated Press.

Of course, it is fiction. The claim is most certainly not being dropped. Why would it be reported? It’s too stupid a mistake to be made honestly.

Old Media Ironically Casts Doubt On A Biden Win
Richard Hopkins being interviewed by Project Veritas

Richard Hopkins, a mailman from Erie, Pa., told Project Veritas that he overheard supervisors talking about backdating late ballots to Nov. 3. He was soon, rather bizarrely, interviewed by a federal postal investigator named Russell Strasser after which it was reported by The Washington Post and other large media outlets that he recanted.

He never, ever ever did.

Why was it reported as such? Why didn’t the Post et al interview Hopkins directly? If the partisan propagandist who work at these places didn’t think he might be telling the truth they would have simply ignored it rather than debunk it.

By the way other Pennsylvania postal workers have come forward regarding law-breaking by the postal service on Biden’s behalf.

Whoever ends up as president is going to be rejected by half this country. The lying scum who claim to give us fair and objective news deserve the blame.

Old Media Ironically Casts Doubt On A Biden Win

Austin Forman Triggers Left

Austin Forman Triggers Left –The same unsigned story “debunking” Austin Forman’s internet sensation Pallets Full of Ballots is appearing on small blogs throughout the nation.

You can see it here and here and here and lots and lot of other places.

Austin Forman Triggers Left.
It’s a good song. Check it out here

We know because we are getting pingbacks as we are cited in the article. Apparently our comparison of Austin to Woody Guthrie did serious triggering. Frankly, we are going to walk it back. Austin is far more musically talented that Guthrie ever was and has a much better sense of humor.

It’s beyond weird to subject a poem, song or work of art to debunking. Art, by definition, is not meant to be literal. That such a shrill attempt is occurring is actually an indication of panic. You Democrats really have doubts Biden fairly won the election? Why, then, are you talking a song on the internet so seriously?

There are serious, objective, concerns by credible people of major flaws in the Nov. 3 election. They must be conclusively and fairly addressed for half the nation to respect a Biden presidency.

The real fear is that the cheating is unprecedented and goes beyond simple partisan game playing but involves adversarial foreign powers.

That’s what should be taken seriously. Honest liberals should not hand-wave this away.

Austin Forman Triggers Left.

Blank Ballots Markable In Pennsylvania By Election Workers

Blank Ballots Markable In Pennsylvania By Election Workers — Noted cyberactivist Ron Watkins a.k.a CodeMonkeyZ has discovered that the Pennsylvania Department of State had Dominion Voting Systems include a function to allow operators to re-mark blank ballots.

There certainly must be an innocent explanation, right?

Here’s the source document from the Pennsylvania Department of State’s official website.

You can find the request on page 9 in the Scope of Certification section or page 63 of the pdf document.

Or just look here:

Blank Ballots Markable In Pennsylvania By Election Workers
Blank Ballots Markable In Pennsylvania By Election Workers

Stolen Philly USB Drives Reprise

Stolen Philly USB Drives RepriseThe Philadelphia Inquirer reported, Oct. 1, that a laptop and USB drives used to program Philadelphia voting machines were stolen from a city warehouse in East Falls.

The laptop did not hold any “sensitive election-related data” and was not used for election programming, said spokeswoman Katina Granger, of Election Systems & Software of Omaha, Nebraska, the manufacturer. She said ES&S immediately cut it off from the vendor’s network upon learning of the theft.

She said she was not able to address specifics about the stolen USB drives, including how many were taken and what was on them. 

City election commission spokesman Nicm Custodio did not answer emailed questions, including whether any of the 3,750 ExpressVote XL touchscreen ballot-marking devices used by the city might have been affected.

Except for the Oct. 1 story that went out on the wires we couldn’t find anything else about it. You think it would be kind of a big deal.

Stolen Philly USB Drives Reprise
Stolen Philly USB Drives Reprise

Delco Vote Fraud Cited In Fed Lawsuit Says Fitton

Delco Vote Fraud Cited In Fed Lawsuit Says Fitton — We published a report , Nov. 6, from a trusted friend regarding an eyewitness account of massive vote fraud by the Democrats who now control Delaware County, Pa.

Yesterday, Nov. 9, investigative activist Tom Fitton gave more credence to the claim when he tweeted Delaware County, PA mail-in ballot count increased by 14,000 over several days with no explanation according to new federal lawsuit

Delco Vote Fraud Cited In Fed Lawsuit Says Fitton

Austin Forman Pallets Full of Ballots

Austin Forman Pallets Full of Ballots — Real music still exists. Check out Austin Forman’s Pallets Full of Ballots. Leave the politics aside, he’s got talent. Woody Guthrie has come back as a Republican. Here’s where you can find other songs by Austin.

Austin Forman Pallets Full of Ballots
Austin Forman Pallets Full

Pennsylvania Breaks Benford’s Law

Pennsylvania Breaks Benford’s Law — Benford’s Law is the observation that the number one is likely to be the leading digit about 30 percent of the time; two , 17.6 percent; three, 12.5 percent; dropping in sequence to nine at 4.6 percent.

 Physicist Frank Benford popularized it describing numerous naturally occurring situations where it happens.

Evidence based on Benford’s law is allowed in criminal cases at the federal, state, and local levels.

Among its uses is to determine fraudulent elections.

Get where we are going here? Oh yeah, based on Benford’s Law the 2020 Presidential Election reeks with fraud. Especially in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County as per this study by S. Stanley Young, PhD

Those who defend vote fraud, hate democracy.

Pennsylvania Breaks Benford’s Law
Pennsylvania Breaks Benford's Law