Corman Beats Pileggi

The Pennsylvania Senate Republicans, today, Nov. 12, have voted to replace Delaware County’s Dominic Pileggi (R-9) as Majority Leader with Jake Corman (R-34) of Centre County.

The insurgency was inspired by newcomer Scott Wagner (R-28) of York County who objected to Pileggi’s union connections and the lack of pro-taxpayer, pro consumer legislation passed during his reign.

Pat Browne (R-16) will be the new Appropriations Chairman; John Gordner (R-27)will be  new Majority Whip;  Bob Mensch will be be caucus chairman; and Sen. Rich Alloway will be caucus secretary, reports

Joe Scarnati, (R-25), who was also opposed to Pileggi, will remain Senate Pro Tempore.

Many of these men, especially Scarnati, have ties to anti-taxpayer groups as bad if not worse than Pileggi.

Corman Beats Pileggi

Corman Beats Pileggi

2 thoughts on “Corman Beats Pileggi”

  1. Geez they got rid of an anti people guy and replaced him with somebody who should be a poster boy for term limits

  2. Looks like Centre County is ripe for the foundation of aTea Party.Let’s go citizens. Clean up our mess.

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