Crowd Protests Divisive Scanlon Over Impeachment Push

Crowd Protests Divisive Scanlon Over Impeachment Push
Pro Trump protestors pack the Route 252 walkway at Strath Haven High School in Nether Providence to greet Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon (D-Pa5).
Ph0to by Susan Jane Goldner

Crowd Protests Scanlon Over Impeachment Push — About 35 protesters greeted Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon at yesterday’s (Oct. 20) town hall at Strath Haven High School in Nether Providence Township our sources tell us.

Ms. Scanlon is the divisive Democrat who represents Pennsylvania’s 5th District.

The purpose of the event was to drum up support for the Democrat coup d’état of President Trump disguised as an impeachment proceeding.

About 200 in total — a rather small crowd considering — attended the event.

Activist Susan Jane Goldner has posted numerous videos on Facebook.

Susan Jane, of Montgomery County, was one of the organizers of the protest against the Democrat Scanlon. She had been a much more active-than-average Republican committeewoman in Lower Gwynedd until she was forced from her post last December. It would have been nice if the GOP leadership kept her in the fold considering the division in the party and the opportunity they are blowing to take back control of the county this Nov. 5.

Crowd Protests Divisive Scanlon Over Impeachment Push

16 thoughts on “Crowd Protests Divisive Scanlon Over Impeachment Push”

    1. Yes I would like to form an anti impeachment protest at one of Houlihans offices. Please contact me if anyone would like to join.

  1. We need candidate “Joe Billie for US Congress 2020” to unseat Mary Gay Scanlon. Mr. Billie is a lifelong resident of Delaware County, and a US Navy veteran Petty Officer, former Chief at the Folcroft Fire Company Number One, and volunteer firefighter.

    Whoever wishes to become involved, please contact me on Facebook. You do NOT have to reside in the 5th Congressional District to help Make Pennsylvania Great Again!

  2. Important write-up, thank you Bill. I’ve been ahead of MontCo GOPe swamp for years. They know nothing but to dupe voters and ride coattails after a win they didn’t support bc their motives and interests are in the wrong place.

    We took some hate from the townhall attendees…some obscene gestures too yesterday. An Impeachment Coup led (stemmed on) by radical leftwing blue Congresswomen in the 4th & 5th Districts, I reported on the 4th a couple weeks ago after a SE Delegation Legislative Summit; it is a direct result of failed Republican leadership here in SE PA, and has spread thruout the counties like a virus outside Philadelphia. When most swing states strongly oppose impeachment.

    This is an emotive photo and that’s how I felt about the local residents walking into a brainwashing, manipulative townhall hosted by Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon and a Constitutional law Professor from U of Penn, both immediately displaying unrestrained bias via unsubstantiated claims to impeach our 45th President.

    I encourage everyone to watch the videos I took and to make up their own minds, as I’ve always been a free-thinker myself.

    As per my unwarranted dismissal, an Impeachment Coup is rolling over the rights of the accused. Denying me lawyers at my disciplinary hearing, giving me 5 days notice. Sounds familiar. Voters need to step in, as we have been doing. Any trampling of liberty and election integrity—locally or nationally is an assault on all of us.

    This is a foreseeable, unjust outcome that the Dems in this 5th district particularly viewed as a potential reality, as delusional as they may be.

  3. Bill Lawrence just an FYI, Susan Jane just attended the Mary Gay Scanlon protest. Rich was the one who put it together. He was on Dom Giardano show on Friday, promoting people to come, he was also at the Women for Trump breakfast on Saturday with Adorable Diplorables, promoting the event, he had it on our page Philadelphia Suburbs supports President Trump, his personal page, and had his friends contacting GOP to set up robo calls to get people to come. They had 75 people in attendance, despite the rain. He had them fill out their info for future events, where we get our numbers. Just because Susan took the photo does not make her a co-organizer. Please make the correction in your article. To give credit to someone who did not have involvement with putting something together, and negating someone who did is just wrong.

    1. Ladies, it’s a TEAM effort. We don’t need PUBLIC bashing of OBVIOUS Trump supporters. Susan does alot. And I as a friend and fellow Republican would NEVER put her down ESPECIALLY on a public forum. Now let’s get it together and all do our part big or small or in between.
      We must unite for Trump! #Trump2020

  4. It’s Adorable Deplorables*.

    And I didn’t see you there or at the SE Delegation Legislative Summit recently where I covered that as well. 75 present yesterday is not a good estimate, altho we’d like to aim high, I came with others who would verify and can see by my vids.

    How’s your POTUS Nutcracker doing that was my gift to you as well as recurring speakers for “your” events. Why are you attacking me—I grew your group by leaps and bounds.

    Very immature and frankly divisive, Dasha. Go Joe Billie for Congress!

  5. Wait a second, you made robo calls for the event—do you think that was effective?? Who paid for that? You and Richard tend to use ppl; I don’t. Wrong way of going about things, you’re deceptive as hell. And how egotistical it is to claim it was your event.

    We would’ve been there anyway. And I’ve been a part of this populist conservative movement since the beginning. But no contest—I want us all to succeed and drain the swamp here, do you?

  6. I don’t want to get into the fray here, but I have to say that these negative comments and in-fighting do our cause absolutely no good and will only serve to turn people off. (I know they certainly had that effect on ME!) I urge everyone to focus on our ultimate goal which is to re-elect the president who is doing such an outstanding job for our country. Sniping against each other will only hinder the accomplishment of that goal.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m sorry I left Rich’s name out and he certainly deserves credit if he got the signs and financed the robocalls but Susan did more than just show up and take photos. The event strikes me as being one with many taking their own initiative which means there were many “organizers”. So kudos to Rich but don’t dismiss the contributions made by Susan and many others. It’s the mistake the Montgomery County Republican Committee made. By the way, where was the Delaware County GOP, Sunday?

  7. This was purely a political stunt by Scanlon. I wish she would spend more time on issues that matter like the pipeline in Delco. So far there has been no evidence to substantiate impeachment. Joe Biden brags on camera that money will be held from the Ukraine if they don’t get rid of the guy who is investigating hunter. Our President asked about that. He should have. The transcript was released. We found out Adam schiff lies about what was said in that call. It’s nonsense & Scanlon dives into the nonsense instead of doing the job we elected her to do. She has done zero on Sunoco & Delco or any other issue. Meanwhile we have explosions. Vote Republican in November and say no to this Lilly gagging, injection sites, Sunoco, sanctuary status & out of control tax increases.

  8. Susan is a great part of the local bucks and Montgomery county conservative Republican party. We are a United party that supports our President, the conservative cause and the Constitution. I am happy that Susan and many others protested this impeachment farce. After 2 plus years of bs Russian collusion that amounted to nothing but 40 million plus tax dollars spent to achieve nothing now we have a bs impeachment movement against a president for no reason at all. These democratic leaders need to be held accountable for this waste of time and money. You cannot unseat and attack a sitting president just because your candidate lost 3 years ago and you dont like him. Enough is enough. We will beat impeachment, Trump will win the presidency again in 2020 and the gop will win the house as well. God bless our President and God bless America. Thank you Susan for all you have done.

  9. Thank you, Frank, Deborah, Donna, Jane. Love you all! Joanne — agreed. This is why we NEED citizen activists who NEVER QUIT. With frankly zero help from the political party establishment and actual pushback from them and sabotage;

    We understand why, they don’t want to win in the suburbs—they try to lose, keeping good qualified candidates (potential future office holders) out.

    Thus, why we have this leftwing partisan agenda being shoved down our throats every which way and false liberal narratives (like “Trump is a Constitutional crisis”) that I have been fighting since 2009. And I have the background, experience, education and wins on the right side of history to prove it. #SEPASwamp #DemsInDisguise #EstablishmentDaysAreOver #EndTheStatusQuo

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