Division Trumps Truth For Corporate Media

Division Trumps Truth For Corporate Media

By Bob Small

Who are the “useful idiots” in Kyle’s case

It began when one of my favorite Swarthmore Socialists sent me a podcast on Substack by Glenn Greenwald titled Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Charges

Glenn Greenwald, a favorite reporter, is lefter than left, having founded the Intercept, which he later left, as he did the practice of Law. He currently lives in Brazil with his husband.

Division Trumps Truth For Corporate Media

An early supporter of Edward Snowden, he recently opined on Kyle Rittenhouse.

Among the many points he made, and you should really listen to all 45 minutes, he pointed out that most of the media, surprise, listed inaccurate “facts”,
such as not mentioning that the persons shot were white not black.

He agrees that Kyle is pro-gun, pro-police and pro-Trump but does not see how that makes him a Racist. Rather the corporate Media is working side one of a political civil war, and is “stoking this cauldron of politcal hatred.”

A Radical friend, now in exile in Vermont, sent me an article by Jesse Singal , who has written for The Atlantic, New York Magazine and The New York Times. The Rittenhouse Verdict Shouldn’t Have Been a Surprise.

He points out “The fact that so many people were so confused about this case” blaming the Corporate Media, going on to say that the Left also has it’s “fake news” problem, I. e. ” partisan news coverage and punditry on the left is becoming a serious problem in it’s own right”.

Again, you should read the whole article.

Lastly, you should also read Matt Taibbi’s article The Rittenhouse Verdict is Only Shocking if You Followed the last year of Terrible Reporting

According to Democracy Now, the parents of Anthony Huber are suing the Kenosha Police Department, County Sheriff’s Dept. and the Sheriff and Police Chief for failing to do their job and monitor the crowd.

They mentioned that their son, Anthony Huber, unlike Kyle Rittnhouse, “did not get a trial”.

My conclusion is that the corporate media, have become the “useful idiots” of 2021, and stooges for the established class, at least in this case.

And one more thing. In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Kyle said “I support the BLM movement. I support peaceful demonstrations”, and added “I believe there needs to be change”.

Wonder if we’ll hear this anywhere else.

One thought on “Division Trumps Truth For Corporate Media”

  1. Greenwald & Taibbi are important sources for me as well. Greenwald provides a lot of free info on Twitter & Telegram, if you don’t feel like a Substack subscription. I think Taibbi only writes for Substack.

    The journalists I admire most right now are Greenwald, Taibbi, Lara Logan, Sharyl Attkisson, Andy Ngo, James O’Keefe and Tucker Carlson, who I think can be fairly called a journalist rather than commentator.

    Ponder this: Circa 2015, only O’Keefe & Carlson would be considered “right wingers”.

    A shift is happening. People really are waking up. This is a good thing.

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