Drexel Thug Life Or Culture Counts

Drexel Thug Life Or Culture Counts — A trio of young black men who are students at Drexel University in Philadelphia allegedly followed through on a convoluted plot to rob a female student at gunpoint in her apartment and are now charged with robbery, theft, assault, weapon offenses and conspiracy which are felonies and mean a pretty screwed-up life if convicted.

Two of men, Jamie Harris and Kevin Phillip, both 21 from New York City, are scholarship players on the school’s Divison I basketball team which last year  went 16-16 and finished fifth in the Colonial Athletic Association.

Harris, the team’s starting point guard and leading scorer. was a third-team, all-conference selection. Phillip was a 6-6 backup forward.

The third man, Devon Bond, 21 also, of Marlton, N.J. is said to be the one who cooked up the Keystone Crook scheme and is also charged with burglary.

The incident occurred after Bond allegedly convinced the others that a co-ed who was an acquaintance had a lot of money in her apartment. He allegedly obtained an invitation to her home and after a short conversation left with the door propped open. He then returned and short time later Harris and Phillip entered waving guns, police said. They pushed Bond to the floor in an attempt to make it appear he was also a victim, police said. No money was found so the basketball players reportedly stole two cell phones. Bond quickly followed them out, said police.

Drexel Thug Life Or Culture CountsThe accused were soon tracked down via surveillance camera footage and  credit card transactions at a nearby pizza shop, and that’s how things stand.

Authorities and others expressed puzzlement as to why young men would throw away such promising lives. Well, culture counts Sherlock. If the music to which you listen glorifies the thug life; and the magazines you read and movies you watch glamorize those who lead such lives; and your community leaders give you a wink and tell you it should be part of your experience; and if your preachers give you something other than the Gospel and tell you theft and violence are legitimate responses to the condition they tell you you’re in; and if your schools reinforce that message; and if the general media does not contradict it; and if there is no father around to set you straight; expect to be a young man facing felony charges.

Drexel Thug Life Or Culture Counts

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