Fukushima Wasn’t Nuclear Disaster

Fukushima Wasn't Nuclear DisasterWhat happened March 11, 2011 in Fukushima, Japan wasn’t a nuclear disaster according to physicist Kelvin Kemm. Granted, it was a earthquake and tsunami disaster but the actual destruction caused by the core meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant was minor.

Kemm notes that there no deaths or injuries caused by radiation , and no private property damaged by radiation.

“What there was, was a major media feeding frenzy fueled by the rather remote possibility that there may have been a major radiation leak,” says Kemm.

Kemm notes that the only deaths caused by the meltdown were due to the forced evacuation of thousands of persons leading to heart attacks and disrupted medical treatment.

If a near half-century old nuclear plant can experience a nine magnitude earthquake and 30-foot tsunami without causing nuclear energy related deaths, then nuclear energy is a technology that should be encouraged.

For Kemm’s full article visit here.

Fukushima Wasn’t Nuclear Disaster

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