GOP Accused Of Sign Stealing

GOP Accused Of Sign Stealing

To the Editor:

State Representative Alex Charlton ( 165-Rep ) wrote in his Facebook page on October 12 that he was “incredibly disappointed with the level of discord in politics… and that individuals need to start calling out bad behavior within their own ranks”. Most decent people would agree with him on this. The former Springfield GOP chairman, Charlie Sexton and current Springfield Commissioner Robert Layden were seen outside a Democratic rally at the Radnor Hotel handing out phony $10,000 Bills that had Jennifer O’Mara’s photo on the bills. Jenn is the Democratic candidate running for the same State Representative seat. On the Bills were the words: In Socialism We Trust. And two weeks ago, I was told that security cameras from a private home, show a Springfield Township employee coming out of Township vehicle and stealing a Jenn O’Mara lawn sign. The police are currently investigating that incident. So why hasn’t State Rep Alex Charlton practicing what he preaches ? Isn’t his word any good ? Can we trust Charlton to call out these gutter political practices from the same political party that recruited him and finances his campaign ? To all good voters in Delaware County, aren’t you tired of gutter politics ? This year you can vote for a fine young woman who has the qualities to be an outstanding legislator. If you’re tired of the “good ol’ boys” then join me in voting for Jenn O’Mara for State Representative.

Rocco J. Polidoro


GOP Accused Of Sign Stealing

5 thoughts on “GOP Accused Of Sign Stealing”

    1. Rocco is Springfield’s leading Democrat. He’s a nice guy, generally.

      FWIW, I ‘m voting straight R on Nov. 6 even for Alex who I have not been reluctant to criticize.

      1. He can be nice, but what are his positions on the issues that matter?

        Yeah, even if the Republican candidate is not the best, I do not want to hand any position to a Democrat and that Party.

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