Gregg Richman Whisper Campaign Alleged

Gregg Richman Whisper Campaign Alleged

By Pauline Braccio

Here we go again! Why does the Montgomery County Republican Committee keep trying to commit suicide? 
Gregg Richman is running for judge of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas. There are three spots to be filled and six candidates running. You would think the Republican party would want to get as many of its candidates elected. That would make sense, right?  Nope. 

The MCRC is more interested in keeping the current apparatus in place. The bipartisan corruption is so successful that the Republicans don’t want to stop it they want a bigger piece of the pie. 

A whisper campaign has commenced to run Gregg Richman into the ground. In fact, the MCRC wants him off the ballot. Sound familiar? Didn’t we just go through this in the primary race for commissioner? 

I received an article from France Krazalkovich that was posted by Most of you should remember France. He came in dead last in the run for commissioner, far behind any of the other candidates. Seems as though France now lives vicariously through Matt Hovey.

France is the mouthpiece for judge candidate, Matt Hovey. Hovey does not go out on the campaign trail. He does not meet the voters. He stays in the Upper Pottsgrove/Limerick area and hides. He has not represented individuals in court, only municipalites – one of them Upper Pottsgrove, where France is Township Supervisor. I have tried to contact Hovey. He does not return phone calls. I told France that I want to have a conversation with his boy, Hovey. France cannot or will not encourage Hovey to speak with me. Therefore, I cannot make my own determination whether or not to vote for him. So, of course, I will not. 

Here are some excerpts from my conversation with France on Facebook Messenger: 

Me: Why did you send this to me? A coward sent some made up stuff to and you spread it around? 

France: Pauline this is three years of posts.  It is best to be informed. 

Me: It is not three years worth of posts. They are posts from three years ago. At least get that right. And Gregg’s FB page was hacked. Why are you not a critical thinker? Gregg is Jewish. He would not be saying things about the Jews. And as I said, Matt Hovey, is a coward. If he were to be elected, he would be corrupted in the first week, if he is not already. And the fact that he is afraid to have a conversation with me shows me that I am correct.

France: With all due respect, look at the pdf of the screenshots. They range from 2015 all the way to 2018 

Me: The article states: The screenshots aren’t dated, but based on some of the content they appear to be about three years old. Where is the pdf of the screenshots and why does the article say they are not dated? (There are three screenshots of posts that were put on Gregg’s page by a hacker. The rest of the posts are Gregg’s.)

France: I haven’t a clue why the article states what it does  (France sent me the PDF)

Me: I re-read the posts. The article is correct that the posts that are screenshots are not dated. The dated ones were posts where Gregg was commenting on articles that were posted. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. I do not trust screenshots. and the people who sent this crap in to MoreThanTheCurve should be exposed. 

Me: What I saw was the majority from 2015 and one from Jan 2016. The 2 from Oct 2018 and Nov 2018, I actually agree with. So that is actually more than 3 years ago. And I do not believe he wrote them. 

France: Each and every comment/view expressed in those posts do not reflect my values or those of the Republican Party that I am proud to be a member of. What is ridiculous is to believe that someone would keep three old posts on their Facebook if they were “hacked”

Me: You know damn well, the MCRC does not want Gregg in the race. What values does the MCRC have? Not much, if you ask me. They would rather have a rapist and a woman who protects the rapist on the board. 

Readers, Gregg’s FB account was hacked in 2015. Gregg did not keep the posts. The person who took the screenshots kept them. It took months for Gregg to get the situation sorted out. Then, the hackers attempted again, but were thwarted.

MoreThanTheCurve said they interviewed someone from the MCRC and this is what MCRC said.

From MCRC: MCRC emphatically denounces the comments made by Greg Richman as they do not represent the values of The Republican Party of Montgomery County, our members or our candidates. While we were unaware of these social media posts, MCRC takes these seriously and we urge Mr. Richman to denounce these views or withdraw from the race for Judge.

Julia from the MCRC gave this bogus info to France. Where else would France get the PDF of saved posts? Unless France himself has direct contact with the hacker.

Last evening, Anthony Spangler told Gregg that Gregg’s name would be removed from the ballot. 

Here are Gregg’s own words from Facebook page, dated Aug. 24, 2019: 

It has come to my attention that a whisper campaign to distort my platform and distort my message is floating around out there so it’s time to set the record straight. I stand for the Bill of Rights, Due Process Rights and I stand for voter integrity as well.

I want to protect making sure the enfranchisement of the vote. Furthermore, my platform includes juvenile justice reform where a child who may have made a mistake is given a second chance in a misdemeanor situation. I am for speeding up the civil division with discovery end dates so that when a lawyer files a complaint in Montgomery County they won’t have to wait around for 5-10 years to get a trial date. It will be one year from the date of filing. 

This helps to move cases along and provides to that old adage — justice delayed is justice denied. That will be our credo once I am elected. Justice will prevail in a speedy and fair trial. 

Further I am against censorship of any kind and the First Amendment is sacrosanct. The answer to speech you don’t like is more speech not censorship. 

Also, I’d like to talk with the rules committee and have the family support guidelines be more modern since they were written in 1980 and are outdated and antiquated. I would like the guidelines to reflect our modern world with blended families and one parent working that takes care of two kids as well as a service that helps to provide picking up 

And dropping off since that seems to be where the biggest problems occur and if there was a county wide service available to assist we could cut down on some domestic issues. I have spoken to law enforcement across this county and they tell me that domestic issues are the most violent. 

This is one step in a process to halt domestic violence. Also for those who cannot afford child day care but work two hours away there are county services that are out there and need to be more readily available and if placed in the rules based on a Pre-Determined amount then we could have more children in day care while receiving assistance from the county and that helps families across the county in so many ways. Someone has started a whisper campaign to try to distort my message and say that I want to cap support at $400. This is wrong and not my message a clear distortion of it, so if you hear this then you will know it is false information and not coming from my campaign and is not part of my platform and never has been.

As they say in the military, if you are over the target that’s when you start tacking flack. Obviously someone thinks my message is resonating with the voters across Montgomery County I appreciate all of your support and now it’s onto the fall campaign and winning 

Gregg Richman Whisper Campaign Alleged
Gregg Richman Whisper Campaign Alleged

23 thoughts on “Gregg Richman Whisper Campaign Alleged”

  1. France Krazalkovich sent us a FB message that he is not involved with a whisper campaign. We responded by saying the best way to clear it up is endorse a straight R ticket on Nov. 5.

    1. Don’t vote for Zigmund. He’s a democrat out of Scranton who was put in this race as a plant to push and promote and get gun control passed in the Philadelphia suburbs. Please do not be fooled by him.

  2. As I wrote, France sent the MoreThanTheCurve article to me via Facebook Messenger. And he sent me the PDF file with the posts, three of which are screenshots that were written by the hacker back in 2015. The hacker kept them, not Gregg.

    You can see that I asked him why he sent it to me. I don’t know who else he sent it to, but he did disseminate the bogus info to me. That makes him involved.

    Right on, Bill. They can clear it up by endorsing a straight R ticket on Nov.5.

  3. Pauline. There are YouTube videos of Gregg saying the exact same things as his FB posts and much more. It’s on tape! Granted, they’ll likely be released soon. I would love to see what kind of excuse you come up with when it’s Gregg in the video.

    1. If they are already on YouTube they don’t have to be “released.”
      I went to YouTube. There is only one 5 second video under Gregg Richman and it is not this Gregg Richman.
      So send the link so I can see/hear what you are writing about or just go away.

    2. What’s your name, W. Norr. Republican? I love that all of this is generated by people with no name. So many cowards.

      1. Ey ey ey Pauline. The videos are now up on More than the Curve. Let’s see what you have to say? Was he hacked? Gregg’s evil twin? What now. Love to see how foolish you look.

        1. Still no name, coward?

          The video does not change my mind. As I stated in the thread on FB page, Wissahickon Politics, there will no bloodbath as long as the people who are trying to come into our country illegally, go home. If you want (please understand that these people are coming into our country illegally, meaning they are breaking the law) to continue the breakdown of our system, by all means, let them enter.

          Our legal, legitimate citizens are already suffering. We already have a Socialist party that is gaining traction.

          If you think socialism is so great, move to a country in South America. Take your pick. Why do you think these people are trying to get into our country? To get away from the Socialistic regimes of their own countries. By doing that, they are turning our country into exactly what they are running from.

          Here’s an analogy: People who suffer from severe allergies moved to Arizona, where the triggers for their allergies/asthma did not exist. Once they got there, however, they decided they missed the grasses, trees, and flowers. So they brought the vegetation to Arizona to make it seem more like home. Guess what? Now Arizona is not the safe haven they wanted it to be.

          Anyone who thinks it is a great “humanitarian” idea to have these people invade our country is the fool. We are being inhumane to the people who are here legitimately.

          1. So you’re admitting that a “bloodbath is ok”, even women and children… the children don’t really have a choice if they go with their mothers or father. Thanks for showing the world you are a sick pschyo. I bet you call yourself “pro-life” too. Advocating for a bloodbath of children, you sicko. Not even worth to reason with a sick person. Next.

  4. Regrettably, I made some accusations against France Krazalkovich. I understand that he is an upstanding, reputable member of our community and he did not deserve the comments I made about him.
    I apologize, France.

  5. Putting politics aside, what do you really know about Gregg? I’ve seen him in the courtroom and he has absolutely no idea what he is doing. He doesn’t even know the basics? Hoe did he get on the ballot? If you agree with his political ideologies that’s one thing (I don’t) but how about getting the best candidate for the job? He’s not it!!!

  6. According to Montgomery County, the man may not have ten cases under his belt. Where are the decades of case history?

  7. Hello. It’s hard to decipher fact from fiction here lately.

    Reading through the posts and articles, it seems like Counselor Richman wants to cut the bull, corruption and have full transparency. If these things are really true, why does he refuse to go through the same vetting process that all elected judges have before him? I think people will take him seriously if he sits down like the rest.

    Seems like talking from both sides of his mouth.

    We need a better Montgomery County!

  8. What’s being shared about Mr Richman is accurate…. I was privy to many of his statements in real time in 2016-17… He was not hacked… the video from Nov. 2018 supports his statements from 2016 screenshots.. If you choose to continue to follow Mr Richman that is your right.. If you have an issue with the method and sources in which this information was disseminated your issue is likely with yourself and that you’ve been deceived by Mr Richman. These things happen people… people are racist.. people lie to get ahead… Mr Richman appears to have these two unenviable traits… choice is yours

  9. It looks like the voters have spoken. The transparent man finished dead last. The bloodbath was in the numbers.

    Maybe next time.

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