Lumber Mills Return To USA

Lumber Mills Return To USA
Thank you, Mr. President

Lumber Mills Return To USA — The Wall Street Journal reported Oct. 25 that lumber mills are closing in British Columbia and opening in the USA.

Mills with capacity to produce 5.5 billion board feet a year are being built in the South, as well as facilities that turn trees into pulp for paper and cardboard, according to Weyerhaeuser Chief Executive Devin Stockfish.

Yes, that’s winning. Tariffs work.

Lumber Mills Return To USA

3 thoughts on “Lumber Mills Return To USA”

  1. President Trump has been a godsend to the USA. I wish Canada had a real PM like him, North America would then be back on track. Instead we had another fake election in Canada and the lies and smearing were the worst yet all run by the globalists with their left from the states too, Obama’s team was here, and now it looks as though our country is dividing again, I guess if your not for globalist lefty destruction you need out. Keep your wonderful President, he is a great man and keep all these illegal immigrants out of your country because they are corrupt like our lefty government is here in Canada and new ? un Canadians all voted for this.
    If Canada does not clean up this mess here, the USA will need another wall in the north I have never seen such corruption and crime in Canada before and this government changed our laws so there is little justice left, taxes sky high and going higher, fake climate “emergencies” bringing in as many LGBTQ as they can (I think this is because they don’t seem to care about a countries future) Canada is lost to Quebec control and British Columbia votes for this so if our still mostly real Canadian prairies (oil and gas being shut down) also now want to separate and Quebec will if we do not keep paying them to control and destroy us basically, simply put.
    So somehow you must keep President Trump he has MAGA.

    1. Thank you, Nancy W., for letting us know the dire straits Canada is in. I am sorry Canada is having such a difficult time.

      I hope the Democrats (Socialists) in the USA will pay attention to your plight and not keep voting for the destruction of our country.

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