Mayor Jenny Entitled White Woman

Mayor Jenny Entitled White Woman — Seattle started clearing CHOP this morning, July 1, after weeks of shootings, rapes, robberies and assaults.

Mayor Jenny Entitled White Woman
No luv from Mayor Jenny when they show up at her door

The final straw was when a mob showed up at Mayor Jenny Durkin’s home on Sunday.

Oh, these smelly people were scary she said. Think of my family. Yeah, just like the families and business owners stuck in CHOP when you let the mob take over six city blocks and a park on June 8.

You said it was going to be a “summer of love”. Not in your neighborhood though.

“Mayor Jenny” may be the most entitled, incompetent and least self-aware person to ever run a major U.S. city. At least west of New York. OK, west of Chicago.

Don’t vote Democrat. Ever.

And remember all those monuments being toppled and defaced last week? Funny how that seems to have stopped.

Mayor Jenny Entitled White Woman

One thought on “Mayor Jenny Entitled White Woman”

  1. This is what you get, when sex, skin color, perceived sexual orientation, are all bigger qualifications than common sense and talent.

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